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Table cf 


Campus Life 






Faculty W^Z&^'-^S': ' 1 ^H 1 


Clubs. . . . ^0:^^,;_.^;:l : 1 




Classes . ^H ^^^^^|H 


( enters H 1 1 


Closing ^^S^- 














: ;, .■'-' 

d*"*-' • * 


— * 
















• - 


A True Classic 

In this age of punk rock, radical reforms, 
and liberal ideas, it's nice to reflect on the 
themes of the past and ponder how today's 
concepts will one day be viewed. Will 
Prince compare to Clark Gable? MTV to the 
"talkies"? Computers to the first television? 

What about Northwest? Where will she 
fit into the scheme? As the world changes 
so does our school. She changes daily in 
size and number; yet with her honor, digni- 
ty, and traditions, it seems certain North- 
west will always be A TRUE CLASSIC. 

• 4* 

^^fl ■ ^^^^M 


I V^dfrSl If 



Northwest is made up of a variety of students. Either from 
down the road or across the globe, we all combine to make 
the student body of NWJC A TRUE CLASSIC. 

The main question on most students' minds is, "What are 
we going to do for fun?" The question is quickly answered. 
Whether by attending the Mid-South Fair, a party at the 
"Bottoms," or one of Northwest's own dances, our 
students will find a way to amuse themselves. If a good time 
is being had, either on or off campus, you can be sure a 
Northwest student is in the middle of it! 


People thought they were having a good time in the 
twenties; they only scratched the surface. At Northwest we 
all have a great time. At pep rallies, dances, barbecues, and 
other school activities, students and faculty really roar! 




Parades, carnivals, games, and fun were the major ingre- 
dients of this year's Homecoming — Celebration '84. The 
Rangers won by a score of 49-35 over arch-rival Northeast. Lin- 
da )ones, Homecoming Queen, reigned over the various ac- 
tivities of Ranger Week. This year's Homecoming pep rally 
featured football players and their version of the Homecoming 
Court. Celebration '84 was a smashing success and proved 
once again that Northwest is A TRUE CLASSIC. 

CLASS i -i 

A word common to the Ranger 
Band is class. The band, 194 
strong, brought pride to Nor- 
thwest with each glittering 



Are Rangers wild? Yes, we are!! With bosom buddies, 
fellow teammates, or "Just friends," we somehow manage 
to turn an ordinary outing into a Ranger Wild Time!!! 





When Rutgers and Princeton squared off in the first collegiate 
football game on Nov. 6, 1869, no one ever dreamed that football 
mania would reach the proportion it has today on college campuses 
throughout the nation. 

And Northwest is no exception to the rule. 

Whether it be a Thursday night or a Saturday afternoon, you're 
sure to find the Ranger faithful filling the stadium. The fight song will 
echo over the campus, and the cheerleaders will give their best yell. 
Of course, the football team will also do their part. 

All these ingredients combine to make Ranger football A TRUE 

;,. i.:,'..:;:,~l^.U.^.i 

j«»::.: |jp|t liftUigfl 


A classic scene on the Northwest campus is one 
where a student is seen stumbling down the sidewalk, 
reading a letter freshly removed from his/her mailbox. 

Unfortunately, this doesn't occur quite enough to 
please the average NWJC student. 

Rows and rows of empty boxes. For most North- 
west students, that's all they find when checking their 

If you happen to be one of the few who does come 
upon a piece of mail that isn't a Wal-Mart sales circular 
or one of ten thousand sweepstakes solicitations that 
guarantees wealth and glamour from here to eternity, 
consider yourself lucky. 

Day after day Northwest students scurry to the 
basement of the Administration Building in hopes of a 
letter from that "certain someone," and that doesn't 
mean Mom and Pop. However, even letters from the 
home front bring a smile to the face. 

There's just something about getting a letter that 
makes one feel special . . . loved. Even if it's a few lines 
your friend wrote while sitting in the most boring class 
on earth, it can turn an ordinary day into an extraor- 
dinary one. 


The Northwest Cafeteria, located on the first floor of 
the Union, gives NWJC students a place to eat hot meals 
and discuss the hottest news items around campus. 

The cafeteria provides students a refuge from a daily 
routine which often becomes monotonous and boring. 
Students mingle with each other while eating good meals 
and discuss the latest professor to make the Mafia's top- 
ten hit list. 

Sometimes discussions reach a plateau of high intellect 
as students share the latest methods in cheating on tests, 

copying homework, and various other ways to get by 
with doing the very least and still have a passing grade. 

And if the real Days of Our Lives or All My Children 
soap operas aren't being discussed, one can bet that the 
continuing saga of Northwest Jr. College is. The latest on 
who did what to whom can always be heard. A frequent 
phrase floating through the air is, "Did you know . . .?" 

Yes, our cafeteria projects a classic example of college 
life at NWJC. 




Dorm life. It seems a hassle, and we all complain. Yet, 
when spring ends, the car is packed, and the journey 
homeward begins, you can bet the times you'll 
remember most will have occurred in that one tiny room 
that was home for a year. 

Dorm life. An integral part of the college experience 
that makes Northwest A TRUE CLASSIC. 


Nothing can ever compare to the friendships that are 
initiated and bonded while attending college. 

A friend will go to the ''Bottoms" with you even 
though they're tired and could think of a dozen other 
places they'd rather be. A friend will run to Legge's and 
buy you a pack of cigarettes and then say they're con- 
cerned about your health. A friend will be there when a 
crisis arises at home or help you devise an elaborate ex- 
cuse for the F you got in English. 

At Northwest, friendships never fade. They continue 
to grow, until eventually they become classic friendships. 






Imagine a six-foot, 225 pound football player in full 
drag. Combine that with twenty-four beautiful dancing 
girls, an award-winning cheerleader squad, and a two 
hundred piece band and you've got a classic NWJC pep 

Held one day before each football game, students 
gather in the Union Gym or an open lot to boost team 
spirit in hopes of another Ranger victory. 







I' * 

- f z 


i T 



4 M ^*- 

4^ W^fj^S *" 






Vocational-Technical education has 
become an important part of the Northwest 
campus. Vo-Tech students learn the skills 
necessary to enter the job market immediate- 
ly. With competent and qualified instructors 
guiding them, students learn trades ranging 
from cosmetology to mortuary science. 

All of these components combine to make 
vo-tech education at Northwest A TRUE 









r. 1 j* 


. ' 

•" * 








CLASSIC BEAUTY!! Anyone present at the Fine Arts 
Auditorium on Oct. 23 could definitely agree with that 

Mitzi Swanson, an 18-year old graduate of Bruce 
High School, swept the judges and audience off their 
feet with her mystical dark eyes while capturing the ti- 
tle of Most Beautiful. A fashion merchandising major, 
Swanson won the contest over 36 other hopefuls. 

Four other contestants were also chosen as 
beauties. They included Monica Mitchell of 
Southaven, Penny Blair of Independence, Beth Sartor 
of Oxford, and Kalen Williamson of Marks. 

The emcee was Lacye Prewitt, a former Northwest 
student and the current Miss Memphis. 



What would we do without seasons to help alter the pace that leads 
us from day today? 

At Northwest, spring, fall, summer/'and winter all carry different con- 
notations that make our campus a real classic. 

One that brings about visions of bands marching at the weekly foot- 
bail games; students jumping at the opportunity to ride in a convertible 
or head to Sardis the minute the thermometer rises above 60 degrees. 
One where faculty and students can be seen conversing in nervous 
chatter in hopes that it will snow a foot deep, and therefore, cancel 
classes. And of course, summer brings visions of an almost deserted 
campus, and students working or playing until the cycle begins again in 



Thornton Wilder's Pulitzer Prize- 
winning play, "Our Town," was 
presented on the Senatobia campus 
Nov. 14-16. 

Under the direction of Jo Ellen Cox, 
Northwest speech instructor, the play 
featured NWJC students and children 
from Senatobia in leading roles. 
Characters with major parts included 
Angie Bryan and Chris McKell as Emily 
and George Webb; Chris House and 
Fane McMillan as Mr. and Mrs. Webb; 
and Scott Craig and Emily McCrary as 
Dr. and Mrs. Gibbs. 

The play allowed us to reflect on life's 
everyday events that so often are taken 
for granted. Although originally de- 
signed with simple props and costumes, 
"Our Town" was a classic presentation 
with the superb performances of 
NWJC's aspiring actors and actresses. 




The Northwest Bookstore, located in the 
basement of the Administration Building, serves 
many purposes for the NWJC student. 

Of course, the bookstore offers those dread- 
ed books we all hate to buy. But, the bookstore 
also offers various school and art supplies, 
Northwest souvenirs, munchies, and cigarettes. 

Managed by Sherman Hardin, the bookstore is 
an integral part of student life at Northwest. 





Campus beautification was a major undertaking on the North- 
west campus in 1985. 

Under the direction of Ann Lindsey, trees and shrubs were 
planted throughout the campus, sidewalks were repaired, a "no 
littering" campaign was initiated by the SGA, and buildings were 

The campaign was designed to make students take pride in 
Northwest and promote the college to its fullest potential. 



t^^Mm fl^A 



v 1 ^ 

1 i ' 





To commuters, the gameroom is a haven they 
couldn't live without. It offers pool tables, video 
games, or just a place of rest before the long ride 

Since Senatobia doesn't offer much entertain- 
ment, the gameroom is always full of NWJC 
students engaged in a hot gossip session or a friend- 
ly game of cards. Occasionally, you can even find a 
student involved in the outrageous act of studying. 

The gameroom is supervised by Mr. Mote and 
Mr. Stevens. 


















- A? 


$n .— 

•.* • ^* 






.. . ...» 


Fresh out of high 
school, it's hard to im- 
agine being an alumnus 
of anything besides the 
ole high school alma 

However, before you 
know it, those fun-filled 
college days are over, 
and you find yourself 
categorized under the 
heading ,% alumni." 
Although often thought 
of as old men with 
bifocals and ugly plaid 
coats, alumni are former 
members of an institution 
they love and cherish. 

No matter how corny it 
may seem, one day we'll 
all look back on the days 
spent at Northwest and 
smile. A fading glimpse of 
that cute blonde will 
come to mind, or you'll 
think about that time you 
became so "disoriented" 
after a trip to Memphis 
that you forgot where 
you lived, where you 
parked the car, or just 
whom it was you poured 
your heart out to. 

Yes, alumni and 
memories are an impor- 
tant link in the chain of 
college traditions that 
make Northwest A TRUE 




llliliiMIIIUI |» 









I COULDN'T MAKE IT BECAUSE ... is a collection of class cutting excuses from students and faculty, 
the many we were given, these are our favorites. ^ * | 


"Well, you see I tried, but then I turned around, and before I knew it, I just couldn't be here." 

"Something ate me in the cafeteria.' 

"I just naturally assumed that since it had snowed, there wouldn't be any classes. 

"My dog's uncle passed away. We're a very close family." , 

"Someone told me it was in another building. 

"The bus was hijacked to Grenada." 

"Do not listen to him, I do not even know where Como is. I had a migrain." 

"I couldn't make it to Psych because I had an appointment with my psychiatrist." 

"Wasn't it national potato week ? " 

"I swear a truckload of turkeys spilled all over the highway, just after the crop duster buzzed us." 

**These things happen when they let a foreigner drive a school bus." 

Duld you believe my roommate turned the alarm clock off ? " 

"The dog ran off with my little brother just as I was leaving. Naturally I had to chase them down. It was the 
>nly human thing to do." f^^i ^1 

"Someone wired the door to my room shut. It took me three hours to saw through the wire, 
an emory r#*ard." ' m 

you believe my roommate didn't even try to wake me up* 1 " 


Id a 24-hour brain virus." 
"No one told me to sign any stupid little list. 
"'They only have that sale once a month, and I had to have some new things 

one little cut do? Oka\ 


ffOh come on. We have at least 40 class meetings. What 



i, five little bitty 




"Alright then, these little green men from a flying saucer took me away for that time of the day." 

"No, I was not in orbit!" 

"My dog's aunt died. He was very distraught. We are a very close family." 

"Umm, . . . ah, . . . then, ... of course, . . . but, . . . and, ... uh, ... do you understand?" 

"I don't know what they are talking about. The Bottoms? Insane. I had a migrain." 

"The bottom floor of my dorm flooded, and my homework rode the crest of the flood waters right out in- 
to the storm. I didn't have time to redo it before class. I tried to, but I think the Tidy Bowl Man had 
something to do with it." ^ ^m,-—- 

"No, none of my dog's relatives died this time, my dog did." 

"Well, your class just happens to fall right on the PTH. Peak tanning hours." 

"I had the Polynesian flu, or was it the Indonesian, or the type A Russian?" 

"My roommate was bothered by a problem last night, so we talked it out. He's in the hospital now. The 
doctor said his leg should be fine." 

"My horoscope advised against my attending your class." 

"f thought it was Saturday. 

"I distinctly heard you say tr 

"Well, who was to know we were meeting in the library. I was not here that day." 

"I got a new dog, and I had to take him to the vet." 

"No, this dog doesn't have as many relatives as my last dog." 

"I was trying to break dance, and I think I broke something." 

"I wasn't in your 8:00 because you aren't even one of my teachers." 

"No, my sister's dog died, not my dog's sister. What kind of family do you think I come from?' 

"We were at Arkabutla, and we thought we sighted a giant monster in the lake. No, I don't believe its 
name was Budweiser." 











Northwest always takes pride in everything. WNJC keeps 
that tradition alive, being Mississippi's first radio station. 

Broadcasting with 20,000 watts in stereo, WNJC-FM 89 is 
the most powerful college-operated radio station in 
Mississippi. FM 89, an affiliate of National Public Radio, is 
dedicated to community and public service. The musical for- 
mat is adult contemporary/top 40, with a variety of classical 
and jazz on weekends. 

However, one of the station's most popular facets is the 
live broadcasts of Ranger football and baseball games, and 
Lady Ranger and Ranger basketball. Football and baseball 
coverage is provided by Ronnie Nichols, while lamie Mercer 
handles the basketball duties. 

A major advantage WNJC offers students is the actual 
participation in the station's operation. Danny Bradley, 
sophomore from Hickory Flat, handles the color commen- 
tary for Northwest basketball games on a volunteer basis. 
Both communications majors and non-majors are given 
hands-on experience in the day-to-day functions of an ac- 
tual radio station following training by FM 89's professional 

Staff members include: Nancy Patterson, station manager; 
Kathy Woods, program director; Ron Daniels, music direc- 
tor; Ray Ellis, production director; and Romania jones, 













"LAPy T*S 






Whew! That was the general reaction of most NW)C students and faculty members of the science department when the 
new Physical Science Building opened in the spring. With the building's opening, overcrowding in the Burks Building was 


The new facility contains three physical science laboratories, one computer lab, five lecture rooms, an office complex, and a 
teachers' lounge. The labs are furnished with the most modern chemical analysis equipment available. 

The first of a three-phase project, the building is another example of how Northwest is expanding academically to meet the 
needs of the students. 


Have you ever said the wrong thing at the wrong time, yet had too much pride to go back and undo the damage? 
Here is a poem we feel will help explain the benefits concerning talking. We hope it helps. 


TOJLy, coat eve ta£6? 

9 } ee£iety& tAatdct &e co*tvecfect f 

<dt£e cvocdct de muc& &etten>, 
*Kt*tct a£ U4e a, cOtecutt. 

4*vie eve ve oM fated, 
^>cttt6eUme& cveneftvi anct^eca, 
*} tvteA, %&*(> cattCd *?Z*to4<A ate, 

*7&e &Mct u&cdct &e 4foe*tyt6eaect f 
*76e Cove &*wt Puett towdct yn&ut, 

/4*tct t^e ouwdct ev&cdet teaMy ytotv. 








Northwest has had the distinction and 
honor of hosting the NJCAA Women's 
Basketball National Championship Tourna- 
ment for three straight years, and the 1985 
tournament proved to be the most successful 
to date. 

Twenty-four of the nation's finest women's 
basketball teams made the trek to Senatobia 
for the March 18-23 classic. The players and 
coaches were welcomed with a good taste of 
Southern hospitality at the Tip-Off Banquet 
which was held the Sunday before the tour- 
nament began. Each team was also assigned a 
Northwest host who provided our visitors 
with the ultimate in congeniality. 

A highlight of the tournament was the 
opening ceremony, a first for the classic since 
coming to Northwest in 1983. Held at 6:30 
p.m. on the tournament's first night, each 
team circled the coliseum floor with their 
respective state and school flags and were 
presented awards for their regional cham- 
pionships. Fine Arts Director Glenn Triplett 
wrote an original score for the ceremony. 

When the last ball bounced through the 
hoop, and the final horn sounded, Connors 
State, OK, was crowned number one. The 
Cowgirls snapped Odessa College's 37-game 
winning streak with a 73-71 triumph over the 
Lady Wranglers in the finals. Shelby State, TN, 
claimed third place; Truett-McConnell, CA, 
fourth; NORTHWEST, fifth; Crowder, MO, 
sixth; Gadsden State, AL, seventh; and Barton 
County, KS, eighth. 



Taking top honors in women's basketball is nothing new for 
Northwest, and the 1985 Lady Rangers kept that tradition alive with a fifth 
place finish in the national tournament. 

Coach Adair's charges opened tournament play with a heart-stopping 7i- 
72 win over quickly becoming arch-rival Tyler, TX. The Apachie Ladies were 
knocked out of title contention the previous year by Northwest and lost this 
year's contest when a rebound bucket was ruled as coming after the final 
buzzer sounded. 

The quarterfinals saw an emotionally drained Lady Ranger squad fall to 
Truett-McConnell, GA, 73-66. The loss dropped Northwest into the loser's 

Facing Barton County, KS, Northwest gave the Kansans a good ole 
fashioned 94-51 whipping. "KK" Mikes broke the tournament record for 
most points in a game as she blistered the nets for 52 points. 

In the game for fifth place, the Lady Rangers took control of the game ear- 
ly and never looked back in topping Crowder, MO, 86-71. 

"KK" broke three other tournament records, in addition to the single 
game scoring record. She had the most field goals in one game, 23; most 
field goals in a four-game series, 63; and most points in a four-game series, 

For her accomplishments, "KK" was named Most Valuable Player in the 
tournament. School officials retired her jersey, number 15, during halftime of 
the tournament finals. 











Revenge, how sweet it is. We've all heard the popular phrase, "Payback is Hell." Here is a listing of the ways we all 
use to get back at our friends, roommates, enemies. 

"Well, if my roommate made me angry, I would call her house and say that I was the Academic Dean and ask her 
parents where she had been the past two weeks." 

"My best friend irked me once, so I undid his bed from the posts and he crashed down onto his roommate. 

"1 got my roommate's friend back by putting itching powder on his toilet paper.' 

"One of my best friends, former that is, stole my boyfriend, so I fed her cat Ex-Lax and put it in her new car for 
three hours. It got the message across." J f£fchk 4M 

"My roommate listens to hard rock music all night. One day I tied him to a chair and made him listen to the sound- 
I track of The Giant Shrunken-Headed Woman That Ate New York' fifty times." 

f got mad at my roommate once so I tied her hair to the headboard of her bed and yelled 'fire'." 

"If our suitemates make us mad, we put cherry Kool-Aid in their shower stall. When they take a shower they think 
Aey are dying. It's great fun to hear their screams of horror, especially at six o'clock in the morning." 

T like to make my roommate think he has an eight o'clock on Tuesday and Thursday and he really doesn't. He has 
a habit of not really waking up until after he has a shower. He doesn't like it, but I think it's really fun. No, he hasn't 
tried it on me yet. I'd kill him."|§ 








We asked students and faculty this question, "What is most outstanding in your mind about Northwest?" Here are 
their answers: 

Heather O'Herron, a Paralegal Major 
from Olive Branch: 

"The Students. Everybody is so 
friendly. Everybody knows 
everyone. It's kind of like it's our 
own little town." 

Lee Locke, of Nashville, a Psychology 

"The diversity of the curriculum. 
They offer a varying number of 
courses and still maintain a jr. college 
status. A school of this size usually 
has become a university. There is a 
degree of relaxation that you can't 
find at a senior college." 

Marilyn Lawson, a Fashion Merchan- 
dising Major of Grenada: 

"How mixed up the computers 
are. They caused a four hour line at 
registration. I'll also remember all the 
fights my roommate had with her 


Lynette France, Northwest Faculty: 

"The friendliness of the student 
body and caring faculty who give 
personal attention to the students. 
We have a blending of different 
students with different backgrounds 
who form a smoothly blended 

Mary Roelke, a Paralegal Major from 

"The band. They are a group of 
talented people. Mr. Tripplett is real- 
ly great." 

Belinda Leggette, of Southaven, a 
Medical Secretary Major: 

"The football team is really great! I 
really enjoyed all hours I spent on the 
practice field with the band." 

Mike Robertson, Student Publications 

"At Northwest, the student body 
is just the right size. It is more like a 
family instead of a bunch of Social 
Security numbers." 

Lisa Klenk, a Pre-Pharmacy Major 
from Horn Lake: 

"The small campus makes it easy 
to meet everybody." 



Sharon Stockton, Psychology Major from 

"Bobo 114, 116, and 119. The true 
friendships I've gained amongst the friends 
I've made." 

Marilyn Comer, Northwest Faculty: 

"January 15; the day we publicly fixed 
Chris House for cutting class." 

Karen Huffstickler, a Psychology Major 
from Senatobia: 

"I think what I'll remember most 
about Northwest is the interest and 
genuine concern of the faculty." 

Robyn Ramsey, of Hernando, a Business 

"One acquires true friendship while 
attending Northwest a certain amount 
of time. One tends to think Northwest is 
a four year college." 

lackie Wheeler, a Pre-Nursing Major 
from Southaven: 

"The teachers here are really great, 
and that makes classes more interesting. 
I've really made a lot of great friends 
here, too." 

Sandy Miller, Off-Set Printing Major, of 
Miller Bottom: 

"The people. They are nice and fun 
to be around." 


Kim White, an Accounting Major 
from Hernando: 

"The food is classic; it's that old. In 
fact, it's older than classic, try 

Scott Woods of Grenada, an Ac- 
counting Major: 

"I'll remember the $10 dorm 
damage fee and the dead opossum 
in the showers." 

Denise Morron, an Office Assistance 
Major of Curtis Station: 

"The student and faculty relation- 
ships are better here than at a big 

Allison Goodnight, of Southaven, an 
Office Administration Major: 

"The game room helps you learn 
to communicate with all kinds of 

Chris McKell, a Communications Ma- 
jor from Horn Lake: 

"I've met some of the greatest 
people here, especially my roomate 
and the Public Relations group." 

Mechelle Reliford, a Fashion Mer- 
chandising Major from Holly Springs: 
"I like sharing my time with sweet 
Curtis Stevens and staring at my 
secret admirer Charlie T." 



Karen Hannah, a Fashion Merchan- 
dising Major from Holly Springs: 

"All the activities we have to take 
up the lonely dorm life." 

Pam Hightower, an Elementary 
Education Major from Bruce: 

'I like the friendly people and 

Vickie St. John, a Sociology Major 
from Hernando: 

"The people are nice, easy to get 
along with and fun to be around. I 
will always remember how they 
made me feel welcome." 

Holly Chapman, a Nursing Major 
from Water Valley: 

"The girls in Taylor Dorm are 
friendly and fun to be around." 

Rosie Perkins, an Elementary Educa- 
tion Major from Holly Springs: 

"I enjoy when the movies are 
shown once a month for campus 

Tina York, an Office Administration 
Major from Southaven: 

"The band is different and a lot 
more fun than a high school band." 


Wendy Edwards, an Accounting Ma- 
jor from Olive Branch: 

"Ail the football players I can't get 
my hands on." 

Rebecca Umberger, a Medical 
Technology Major from Olive 

"I'm proud of our new science 
building. I also appreciate Mr. Jamie 
Mercer and all the help he has given 

the students." 

As is evidently seen, we all have 
different reasons for loving North- 
west. The answers themselves give a 
clear picture of the wide diversity of 
students and faculty we have at 

No matter what the reason, it is 
clear that Northwest is special and 
will hold significant memories for all 

those who have come to know her 
for what she is — a unique college 
that caters to unique individuals. 

If, as someone once said, "beauty 
is in the eye of the beholder," then 
Northwest must be quite a beauty. 
We all have a different connotation 
of Northwest, but it can all be 
summed up in one statement — 
NWjC is definitely A TRUE CLASSIC!! 





Pictured above are nominees for the Hall of Fame. The highest honor a student can achieve, Hall of Fame recognition is bestowed only upon 
sophomores. Faculty members nominate students they feel worthy of this honor, and then select them by popular vote. A student must have a 3.0 
grade average to be eligible 








i vi i cr FAME 





ROBERT THOMAS BOB' HARRIS, agriculture economics major, is 
president of the Student Government Association; Mr. NWJC; second 
vice-president of Phi Beta Lambda; member of Alpha Phi Omega and 
Student Education Association; a sophomore favorite; state vice-president, 
Phi Beta Lambda. 

JUNE CAROL MOBERLY, majoring in busi- 
ness, was co-captain of the cheerleaders; a mem- 
ber of the Dozen plus Three and Northwest 
Singers; Homecoming Maid two years; Most 
Beautiful her freshman year and a beauty her 
sophomore year. As the reigning Miss North- 
west, she was a runnerup in the 1969 Miss 
Mississippi Pageant. 

Carol Baker 

Secretarial Science 

Star Tribble 

Outstanding Students 

Ann Womble, Jan Womble 

Modern Language 



Gunter Brewer 


Physical Education 

Frenchshella Archer 





Patricia Chandler 


Jessie Campbell 





Kim Crumpton 


Political Science 

Lisa Cox 
Potts Camp 
Child Care 



Christine Davis 



Randall Darby 
Electronic Technology 



Deanna Davis 
General Business 

Dave Devazier, jr. 


Drafting and Design 



Jeff Donaldson 


Lee Holland 


Auto Body Repair 

Cheryl Devereaux 




Angela East 

Friendship, TN 

Computer Science 

jimmy Dorr 




janine Ford 
Piano, TX 


Dianne Fugier 

Horn Lake 

Paralegal Education 



Scott Green 
Machine Shop 

Terrie Harris 



tt m 

H\ 1 

1 * 

^ ^* 


Kirk Kimmett 

Water Valley 

Law Enforcement 

Carla Herron 
Social Work 



Tammy Martin 



Fontaine Loven 
Offset Printing 





Not pictured: Penny Allgood, Elementary Education; Annette Bell, Art; Sherry Burns, Sociology; Geredine Bridgemon, Child Care; Angela Coforth Business and 
Office; Phyllis Shaw, Allied Health; Kelly Standard; Civil Engineering Technology; and Stephanie Stevens; Nursing. 



John Ungurait 

Valparaiso, Indiana 


Trina Still 


Word Processing and Shorthand 






- 1 ^ *>c V^v 



^H ^^^ 




LSHU" / ^ ijr/ s 


Robert Lowrance 
Commercial Art 





Pictured from top to bottom are: Ralph Lee Alexander, Grenada; Annette Bell, Dundee; Kay Ford Bramlett, Senatobia; 
joAnn Bratton, Southaven; Cunter Brewer, Oxford; Geraldine Bridgeman, Sledge; Mary Casoli, Southaven; Lisa Cox, 
Potts Camp; Deanna Faye Davis, Batesville; and Cheryl Devereaux. 




C* -7 


Pictured from top to bottom are: Dana Doles, Calhoun City; lanine Ford, Piano, TX; Sonja Bryant Graham, In- 
dependence; Terrie Lynn Harris, Sardis; Melinda Harrison, Southaven; Carla Dean Herron, Enid; Patricia Ann Hill, Ox- 
ford; Ritchie Hopper, Hickory Flat; Birtha Howard, Oxford; and Greg lames, Charleston. 

WHO'S wuc 


Pictured from top to bottom are: Kirk A. Kimmett, Water Valley, Sherry King, Sardis; Cheryl Kopf, Holly Springs; David 
H. Mock, Senatobia; Rhonda Kay Moore, Enid; Bobby ). Myers, Charleston, Peggy Penamon, Oxford; Phyllis Shaw, 
Como; Herbert Stanley, Batesville; and Tina Still, Pope. 

Not Pictured 

Virginia Kay Boehm 
Larry M. Charnes 
John H. Cook 
Susan Irons 

Gina Lehman 
Walter McLaurin 
Candy Minton 
Patsy Murphy 

Betty Jo Myrick 
Cynthia Patton 
Kenneth Pittman 
David Pratt 

Stephanie Stevens 
Joan Wooley 

Pictured here are Robin Tyler, Brookhaven, and Margie Weeks, Pittsboro. 




& t 




■,'./: ,' 

*•£"'. *'l 




k^ *^ 







With Linda Jones as queen, Homecom- 
ing Celebration '84 was definitely a classic. 

Jones, a sophomore administration ma- 
jor from Byhalia, was selected Homecom- 
ing Queen over a field of four finalists. She 
reigned over "Ranger Week" after being 
presented at a coronation held in the Fine 
Arts Auditorium. 

"Ranger Week" included such activities 
as a carnival and a barbecue on the 
Northwest farm. Spirits were high 
throughout the week, and that festive at- 
mosphere that only college campuses can 
emit, was ever-present. 

Coinciding with "Senior Day," where 
high school seniors from the North 
Mississippi area toured the campus and ate 
barbecue on the grounds, Homecoming 
proved to be one of the most successful in 
recent Northwest history. 

Of course, the climax of the week came 
on Saturday as the Rangers dealt arch-rival 
Northeast a crushing 49-35 defeat. 






Debbie Watson, the 18-year old 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Wat- 
son of Southaven, captured the title 
of Miss Northwest at the annual 
pageant held April 5 in Howard 

Also selected for the special talent 
award, Watson sang "Memories" 
from the musical "Cats" for her 
talent presentation. An advertising 
major, she went on to represent 
Northwest in the annual Miss 
Mississippi Pageant in Vicksburg. 

First alternate was Brenda Bierman 
of Hernando, an 18-year old 
cosmetology major. Patricia Ann 
Crow, a 19-year old foreign language 
major also of Hernando, was 
selected second alternate. 

Eighteen-year old Elizabeth Renee 
Elmore, a general college major from 
Lake Cormorant, was chosen third 
alternate. The pageant's fourth alter- 
nate was Marilyn Lawson, an 18-year 
old fashion merchandising major 
from Grenada. 

The theme for the contest was 
"Mississippi on My Mind," and the 
nine contestants performed a pro- 
duction number to "Mississippi 
Mud," "Way From My Door," and 
"Alabamy Bound." Emcee for the 
event was anchorman Dick Hawley 
from WMC-TV 5 in Memphis. 

Rebecca Minor, Miss Northwest in 
1983, and Lacye Prewitt, 1983's first 
alternate, provided entertainment, as 
did the Northwest jazz Band. 









m * 

* I 

' '" ' *' ~t to 




»'■ " -. ! . at 

l^;- v*r. jr<.- / V 1 


i.: . - ■ t '..Civ. 
















Carla Herron was elected Miss NW|C by popular 
vote of the student body. She is a 19-year old social 
work major and the daughter of Mr and Mrs. Jesse 
Herron. The sophomore beauty from Enid is a 
Science Club member and is listed in Who's Who 
Among Students in American junior Colleges 

Herron was chosen outstanding social work stu- 
dent by her instructors She plans to further her 
education at a senior college in Mississippi 














Henry B. Koon celebrated his tenth anniversary as presi- 
dent of Northwest on luly 1, N84 The fourth president of 
the college, this athlete, scholar, and master-administrator 
establishes institutional goals and works toward their ac- 
complishment with a fervor that sets a demanding pace for 
an energetic and dedicated staff. Farsighted and astute. 
President Koon has produced major accomplishments in the 
past decade 

When he came to Northwest in 1965, he was employed 
as head basketball coach and psychology instructor. Before 
relinquishing his coaching duties atter the 1972 season, he 
provided the college with its first State Championship in 
basketball. Prior to assuming the presidency, he served as 
Director of Financial Aids and Federal Programs for four 

Setting records in both athletics and academics as a stu- 
dent and mentor, Henry koon is most proud of those ac- 
complishments he has ade in a leadership role at 
Northwest, an institution long acknowledged as a pioneer in 
junior college education, but currently recognized as a 
bellwether institution setting educational trends. 


James H. Aldridge 

Sam Allison 

Douglas Autry 

Lawrence Autry 
Holly Springs 

Albert Broadway 

Donald M. Clanton 

Dudley R. Davis, )r. 

Daniel Edwards 

jimmy Eubanks 


Grady Ferguson 




■VI \ 

loan Gee 

William D. Gooch 

E. P. Gresham 
Hickory Flat 


Joe B. Hartley 

C. E. Henry 

Jamie Howell 

Leroy Matthews 

Jim Nelson 

Dr. B. H. Papasan 

Dr. Michael Shaheen 

Thomas E. Smith, Jr. 

Clarence M. Sparks, Jr. 

Not Pictured: 

J. M. Ash, Holly Springs 

W. L. Brewer, Vice Chairman 


Frank Brooks, Water Valley 

R. T. Ward 



Henry Womble 
Water Valley 

Ben Wynne 



Price Darby 
Dean of Vocational- 
Technical Education 

Richard Darby 

Director of Olive Branch 




- ** 

Dr. June Gardner 
District Director of 
Student Development 

Betty S. Guess 
Director of Lafayette- 
Yalobusha Center 

Kenneth Lindsey 
Director of Senatobia 

Marvin Reid 
Director of DeSoto 







Mitch Stone, Jr. 
Administrative Assistant 

Dr. Bruce Weigle 
Director of Personnel 

ar n# 

Dr. Ann Whitten 
Director of Public 




Mary Ann Burkhead 
Physical Education 

Bettina Caldwell 
Child Care 

Dr. Robert Campbell 

Howard Carpenter 

Jimmy Carr 

Civil Engineering Technology 

Don Castle 

Foundation Studies, Baseball 

Shirley Clanton 
Foundation Studies Director 

Dr. Jeptha Clemens 

Earline Cocke 

Dr. Greta M. Coger 

Jacqueline Collinsworth 
Social Science 

Dr. Marilyn Comer 
Education Director 



Dale Davis 

Richard Demuth 
Vo-Tech Agriculture 

Michael Dixon 
Electronic Servicing 

" ; 


Joe Elliott, Jr. 
Vo-Tech Counselor 

Frances Evans 

Jill Ferguson 
Home Economics 

Jayne Fields 

Dennis Fondren 
Distribution and Marketing 

Lynette France 

Greg Freeman 

Constance Gallant 

Deborah Gibson 

Keith Godbold 
Business Director 

Karen Gray 

Physical Education, Tennis 

Susan Hardy 
Practical Nursing 



Denton Jackson 

Deborah Kent 

Dwight Kent 
Math and Computer Science 


Robert King 

Science Dept. Director 

Fredric Koeppel 

Mary Catherine Koeppel 
Speech and Drama 

Paul Lawrence 

Forrest Lax 

Ellen Lomenick 

Mary Long 

Russell Lott 

Ferrell Lunceford 
Asst. Band Director 



)amie Mercer 

Joel Meredith 
Electronics Technology 

Curtis Mohundro 

Ag Equipment Technology 



Sheila Regan 
Vo-Tech Business 

Joan Reid 

Raymond Rogers 
Social Studies 




Kathleen Wait 

Marilyn Walker 
Vo-Tech Business 

Patti Warren 
Drafting and Design 


Anita Wilborn 

Chad Williams 

Claude Williams 
Science Lab 

Jane Williamson 
Vo-Tech Business 

Ronald Wilson 
Drafting and Design 

Ann Womble 
Learning Resources 

)an Womble 
Developmental English 

Everette Woolfolk 
Vo-Tech Math 

Dwight Yarbrough 
Aerospace Studies 

Jac Young 

Lawrence Young 
Vo-Tech Agriculture 

David Yount 
Auto Mechanics 


$TAffT PccrESSicNAL 




Betsy Farrow 

Administrative Secretary 

Gayle Ferguson 

Title III Secretary 

Tony Holmes 


Susan Kelley 

Loan Coordinator 

Janice Lunceford 
Administrative Secretary 
Chester Morgan 
Financial Aid 
Ann Neal 
Dorm Hostess 
Linda Ogg 

Jean Payne 
Accounts Payable 
Cathy Pierce 
Accts. Receivable Clerk 
Will Renfro 
Construction Asst. 
Angie Shows 
Data Entry Clerk 

Sandi Sowell 
Administrative Secretary 
Evelyn Stavig 
Dorm Hostess 
jack Tucker 
janetta Walters 
Business Office 


Shirley Welch 
Lisa Williams 
Personnel Clerk 
Kathy Wood 
WNJC Program Director 
Dorothy Woolfolk 
Dorm Hostess 



^i. «j»; 


■'ML***^ *" "•' 













1 w^JC^ ^ ~ 

W - ~ 


This club promotes interest and training in areas of agriculture through meetings and participation in 
special events such as field day and election of an "Ag Club Sweetheart." Meetings are held the first 
Monday of each month. 

Members include: Mark Stanford, president; Billy Scott, vice-president, Mike Lipsey, secretary; )amie 
Drake, treasurer; Mike Graves, reporter; Randy Davis; Terry Hardin, Jodie Peirce, Greg Coker; )oe 
Lipsey; and Dawn Russel. Advisors are Allen Holiday, Bud Young, and Curtis Mohundro. 


The American Society of Certified Engineering Technicians (ASCET) is comprised of students in 
engineering technology fields, and keeps them informed of new opportunities in their respective fields. 
Meetings are held the first and third Monday of each month. 

ASCET received their National Charter and club banner from Cliff Knezek of Austin, TX, National 
President of ASCET, in ceremonies at Sardis Lake. The members also attended the Memphis Industrial 
Productivity Conference and Exposition held in early October at the Memphis Cook Convention 

Officers include: Kelly Standard, president; Renee Havens, vice president; Kenny Dunlap, secretary- 
treasurer; and Lisa Standard, Senate representative. 

Members of the first-year club include: Darron Bailey, Forrest Bryan, Larry Charnes, Jim Cook, Dave 
Devazier, Kenny Dunlap, Don Ferguson, Kevin Harmon, Clint Harris, Mark Havens, Renee Havens, Win- 
ford Hill, Mark Huddleston, Kevin Kelly, Diane Reinking, Thomas Lofton, Thomas Malone, Chester 
McEwen, Perry Myrick, Gary Sanson, Danny Sawyer, Lee Shankle, Paul Smith, Kelly Standard, Lisa 
Standard, Monty Thomas, Andy Tindall, and Ron Wilson. Northwest instructors Patty Warren and Polly 
Cordon are also members. Advisors for the club are Jimmy Carr and Everette Woolfolk. 




The Baptist Student Union (BSU) organization is a denominational ministry on campus with the pur- 
pose of serving and helping to train students for effective Christian discipleship. It functions to remind 
students of their responsibility to Christ, their Church, their denomination, and their obligation as Chris- 
tian citizens to the world in which we live. The group meets on Tuesdays at 6 p.m. ad holds daily devo- 
tionals at noon. 

BSU council members include: Rick Alford, )ames Anderson, Danny Bradley, Paula Biggert, Mary 
Creasy, Jerry Eubanks, Lee Henderson, Lee Locke, Phelan Nichols, Staci Thomas, Margaret Walthall, and 
Margie Weeks. 


The Chess Club promotes interest in the game of chess. This club is affiliated with the Mississippi 
Chess Association (MCA) and the United States Chess Federation (USCF). Participation in this club gives 
students an opportunity to learn and/or improve their game and compete with students from other 
colleges. Meeting time is every second and fourth Monday. Advisor for the Chess Club is Russell Lott. 

Officers are: )immy Buchanan, president; leffery Robinson, vice-president; and Bobby Chamberlin, 

Members are: )immy Buchanan, Wayne Campbell, Bobby Chamberlin, Kelly Davidson, Greg Nash, 
Jeffery Robinson, David Sanders, Louie Smith, Mike Stewart, and Mark Wilkinson. 




Membership to the Commercial Art and Design Club is limited to students in the department. Its pur- 
pose is to broaden the social and cultural outlook of students. Meetings are held at 3 p.m. on the sec- 
ond Wednesday of each month. Dee Dukes is the advisor of the club. 

Members include: Chris Brogden, Carl Brown, Jeff Brownlee, Robby Ferguson, Thomas Crafe, Jay 
Green, Richie Hopper, Purnell Jones, Robert Lowrance, Dana Mansel, Eric Martin, Jackie Massie, Michael 
Patton, Essell Thomas, Derrick Wilborn, and Vera Woods. 


Striving for excellence in the profession, the Cosmetology Club builds good will and spirit for the stu- 
dent. Directed by Mary Long, the club meets on every Friday at 9 a.m., and membership is limited to 
those in the department. 

Members of the club include: Sherry Adair, Deborah Allen, Lisa Allen, |udy Andry, Arnetta Black, 
Sabrina Booker, Dorothy Bownes, Connella Brown, Clemistine Christian, )oyce Clark, Renee Cooper, 
Anthony Davis, Cassie Ferguson, Gracie Frost, Paulette Fuller, Julia Hall, Michelle Hillhouse, Phillip Ivy, 
Odessa King, Roberta Leatherwood, Joe L. Lewis, Patricia Lomax, Linda Mahan, Sherman Mahan, Bobby 
Malone, Melanie McDonald, Arlene McGowen, Kathy Moore, Carole Nunnery, Gloria Oliver, Irma 
Ramsey, Debbie Roach, Jacqueline Robertson, Demple Sanford, Marsha Sowell, Ashley Stout, Lou Ann 
Thomas, Burnadette Thornton, Allison Tillman, Stephanie Waller, Jeanie Willey, Romie Wortham, Given 
Wright, and Queen Wright. 

Advisors for the club are Mary Long, Vickie O'Dell, and Onia Renfro. 




Offering practice work with local business establishments, the Chamber of Commerce and other free 
organizations, Delta Epsilon Chi develops future leaders in marketing and distribution. It helps create a 
sense of competency, understanding and responsibility within the student. 

Members are: ]ohn Bradley, Keith Cantrell, Sandy Miller, Shirley Mills, Michael Rice, Gloria Street 
(reporter), Eva Tash (president), johnny Willis (vice-president), and Darrell Woodard 





The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is an interdenominational organization of young athletes who 
desire to exemplify the Christian life through strength and leadership. The advisor is Bud Young, and 
meetings are held Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. 

Members include: Billy Scott, )ames Drake, Danny )ones, Mike Lipsey, Greg Coker, Terry Hardin, and 
Bubba Nelson. 





This club centers around cultural and social events for law enforcement majors. The club meets at 3 
p.m. the second Wednesday of each month. Advisor is Robert Cox. 

Officers are: Julias Tate, president; Eric Smith, vice-president; Carl Shegog, second vice-president; 
Randy Brisendine, secretary-treasurer; Kirk Kimmit, sgt. at arms; and James Ridgeway, chairman of the 

Members include: Sissy Finneran, Linda Giles, Cliff Freeman, Billy Clark, Patricia McKinney, Tommy 
Tribble, Joe Conley, John Cook, Tracy Sawaya, Diane Johnson, and Pam Hunter. 


Les Fauves functions to promote art in the surrounding area. Among the projects of the club are art 
exhibits, an art sale, and campus beautification. Anyone who is taking at least one course in the Art 
department is eligible for membership. Les Fauves meets on the third Monday of each month. 

Members are: Ken Ambrose, Annette Bell, Janet Burns, Rubye Cox, Cheryl Devereaux, Flo Harris, 
Pernell (ones, )acquline Massie, Frances Poag, Dink Robinson, Elizabeth Tamke, Lori Tarver, Vera 
Woods, and Joey Yarbrough. 

Officers for the club are: Robert Lowrance, president; Robert Ferguson, vice-president; Lisa Mack, 
secretary-treasurer; and Jeffery Moore, SGA representative. Advisors are )ac Young and Lane Tutor. 




The main interest concerning MENC is promoting professional musical development, especially in 
music education. The organization is open to both music and non-music majors. 

Music Educator's National Conference officers include: Paul Gunter, president; Robert Riley, vice- 
president; Christel Schneider, secretary; and )ohn ungvrait, State vice-president. 

Members are: )ames Howard Barnes, Jr., Juna Brasher, Angie Bryan, Tommie Dorris, lames Embrey, 
Thomas Embrey, Paul Gunter, Valeria Newman, Robert Riley, Christel Schneider, )ohn Ungurait and 
Mark Woods. 

Advisors for MENC are: Rosemary Simmons, Rebecca Triplett and Deborah Kent. 





Phi Theta Kappa is a national leadership fraternity for two-year colleges. Limited to full time academic 
students working toward a bachelor of science or arts degree, membership is open to all students 
receiving a 3.5 grade point average and maintaining a 3.0 after receiving membership. Meetings are 
held the first and third Wednesday of each month. 

Officers for the club are: Deanna Davis, president; Penny Allgood, 1st vice-president; Danny Sawyer, 
2nd vice-president; Cheryl Kopf, secretary; Terrie Harris, treasurer. Advisors are: Forrest Lax, Constance 
Gallant, and Charles Insran. 

Members include: Penny Allgood, Kenneth Ambrose, Grace Brasel-Rowsey, Carol )eanette Cash, 
Mary S. Casoli, Patricia Chandler, Larry Charnes, Deanna Davis, Dave A. DeVazier, Jr., Angela East, 
Maudie Sue Goodrum, Emily Gullett, Terrie L. Harris, Valerie Hoskins, James A. Inman, Kirk Kimmett, 
Sherry D. King, Zandra Lauderdale, Fane McMillan, Rhonda Moore, Bobby Myers, Patricia Person, Ken 
Pittman, Pam Robinson, Thomas Rose, Danny Sawyer, Paul D. Smith, Kelly Standard, Vivian Tucker, 
John Ungurait, and Gay Wright. 


A national business organization, the Northwest chapter of Phi Beta Lambda is devoted to training 
business leaders to meet the industrial demands of today. Students compete on state and national levels 
with other college students in business. 

Serving as officers are: Trina Still, president; Robyn Ramsey, secretary; Tina York, treasurer; Dana Ray, 
reporter; and Susan Baker, Senate representative. Bob Campbell is advisor for the club. 

Members include: Cracie Allen, Susan Baker, Patricia Chandler, Beverly Floyd, Patrice Guy, John 
Parker, Dana Ray, Robyn Ramsey, Donna Steinberg, Trina Still, Annette Todd, Mike Watts and Tina 




Winner of several regional and national awards, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is a national music fraternity 
promoting music on campus and in the surrounding area. Membership is limited to those who meet the 
national fraternity requirements. It meets the second Thursday of each month, and Glen Triplett is the 

Members include: Rodney Mitchell, Thomas Embrey, Paul Gunter, Calvin Hibler, Stephen Holcombe, 
Clarence Neely, Jr., Chris O'Halloran, Paul Poole, Timothy Pruitt, Johy Ungurait, David Vick, and Ken- 
nedy Wright. 


P.E.M. is an organization of the physical education majors. The club works with campus intramural 
teams. One of their special services is to sponsor the Cancer Crusade on campus. The club meets on 
the fourth Wednesday of each month. The club is advised by Karen Gray. 

Club officers are: Michael Hargett, president; Casey Tuggles, vice-president; and Angie Whitsell, 

Members are: Gloria Armstrong, Howard Armstorng, Vance Austin, Reginald Black, Brad Bradshaw, 
Celest Buck, Tim Burris, Gunter Brewer, Terry Byrd, Danny Cole, Danny Collins, Ritchie Davis, Auther 
Fondren, Tim Golliday, Scotty Harris, Kelly Lott, Ricky McKee, Brian Newsome, Lacy Neyland, Mark 
Rich, Randy Steakley, Becky Stroupe, Ricky Towles, Tracy Vance, Kanjo Wallace, George Andre 
Wheeler and )ohn Wooten. 




The Players Club is an organization through which students strive to generate interest in theater. It 
aims to develop dramatic talents in all members. Membership is open to all students who are interested 
in theater. Advisor for the club is Mary Katherine Koeppel. 

Officers are: Paul Gunter, president; Donna Neely, vice-president; ]una Brasher, secretary-treasurer; 
and Emily McCrary, reporter. 

Members include: Charlie Mae Smith, Missy Mills, David Sanders, Timothy Pruitt, Michael Rice, 
Margaret Walthall, Brenda McKnatt, Chris O'Halloran, Mia Joiner, Sharon Price, Tommy Loftin, Amy Tin- 
dall, Daphne Morris, Robert Maddux, Thomas Embrey, Donald Neely, Chris McKell, Randall Barnes, Cari 
Lynn Thurber, Mark Mooneyham, Penny Blair, James Embrey, Paul Poole, Barbara Ford, Mike Daniels, 
Terry Lisenby, David Sanders, and Chris House. 

The ROCKETEER, the college's yearbook and the largest annual produced in the state of Mississippi, is 
staffed by students interested in recording the school's events. The annual has received top awards for 
their 1981, 1982, 1983, and 1984 editions from the Mississippi lunior College Press Association. Advisor 
is Mike Robertson. 

Members include: Chris House, Mark Armstrong, Phyllis Barnes, Patty Benefield, Pam Burks, Jeff 
Champion, Bo Hanback, Yolunda Jones, Robert Maddux, Rebecca Scott, James Turner, Jennifer Work, 
Bill Miller, Chris McKell and Mark Anderson. 




An affiliate of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association, the Rodeo Club promotes rodeo as an 
intercollegiate sport. Students compete against other Southeast region college students for standard 
rodeo events. Meetings are held the second Monday of each month. 

Members include: Billy Scott (president), Mike Lipsey (vice-president), Lisa Harbour (secretary), Mike 
Graves (reporter), Mark Stanford, Terry Hardin, Joe Lipsey, James Drake, Bubba Nelson, and Dawn 
Russell. Advisor for the club is Bud Young. 


The Science Club is open to any student interested in science. Included in its program to supplement 
course work are seminars on various subjects. Meetings are held the fourth Wednesday of each 
month. )erry Hollis is advisor to the club. 

Club officers are: Michael Wheeler, president; Jay Nix, vice-president; Mia Joiner, secretary; Cheryl 
Devereaux, treasurer; Phyllis Shaw, reporter; and Rosemary Grant, Senate representative. 

Members include: Steve Benton, Tyrone Davis, Cheryl Devereaux, Rosemary Grant, Carla Herron, 
Linda Hubbard, Frank Hudspeth, Mia Joiner, King Leslie, II, Cooper Lewis, Becky Lipscomb, Jane Massie, 
Jay Nix, Michael L. Raise, Jeffrey Robinson, Beulah Rowsey, Lamar Sanders, Rebecca Scott, Phyllis Shaw, 
Marty Sullivan, Patti Walker, Margaret Walthall, and Michael Wheeler. 




The Senate is comprised of representatives from all campus organizations. This group helps arrange 
elections, approves new clubs and various nominations for the Student Government Association. 

Members picured here include: Paul Gunter, lames Anderson, Dana Ray, Suzanne Howlett, Juna 
Brasher, Dorothy Hunt, Roberta Leatherwood, Heather O'Herron, Debbie Roach, Lisa Standard, 
Rodney Holley, Danny Bradley, Susan Baker, and Steve Morgan. 


Student Association of Legal Assistants is an organization of paralegal majors and students who have 
taken or are taking two or more para-legal courses. The club sponsors law-related campus activities, ex- 
plores employment opportunities, and demonstrates the work of legal assistants. Regular meetings are 
held on the second Tuesday of each month. )ep Clements is the club advisor. 

Members include: Pennie )o Avent, Theresa Gail Baldwin, Susan Baker, Shirley Elaine Barber, Anna 
Chrystene Douglas, Sherry A. Farese, Debbie L. Farris, Darlene Ferguson, Dianne Janet Fuglar, Mary Ann 
Hall, Dorothy Grace Matthews, Shelia Ann McClellan, Patricia Rae McKelroy, Heather Kathleen O'Her- 
ron, Charles Edward Ivy, Mary Lynn Roelke, Lisa Diane Shaw, Melissa Marie Tubbs, )amie Lou Vick, 
Donna Kay Vinson, and Sherry Lynn Williamson. 





Taking responsibility of all films and concerts, the Programming Board is comprised of students 
wanting to bring more life into Northwest with big-name stars, hit films, and well known singers. 
Advisor for the board is JoAnn Rone. 

The board consists of Thomas Embrey, Chris O'Halloran, and Paul Gunter. 





The Northwest Society of Student Broadcasters proposes to associate members of different fac- 
tions of the college community with the many facets of broadcasting for the mutual benefit of all. 
Membership is open to broadcasting majors, students enrolled in a broadcasting or journalism 
course, students interested in meeting with and working with the Society to advance broadcasting. 

The Society schedules guest speakers each semester from the Communications field to come and 
meet with any interested students. Recent guests include Brian Teigland, weatherman from WREG- 
TV in Memphis, and Steve Conley, disc jockey from WMC-FM 100 in Memphis. 

Officers are: Gary Higginbotham, president; Pam Burks, vice president; Russell Mauk; and Rodney 
Holley, Senate representative. 

Members include: Danny Bradley, Jimmy Buchanan, Pam Burks, Ron Daniels, Kelly Davidson, Den- 
nis Grant, Tammy Green, Gary Higginbotham, Rodney Holley, Robert Maddux, Russell Mauk, Cyn- 
thia McCain, Reba Umberger, and Rhonda Williams. 

Advisor for the club is lamie Mercer. 





THE RANGER ROCKET is comprised of journalism majors and students interested in learning any 
phase of newspaper work. The purpose of THE RANGER ROCKET is to promote professionalism and 
encourage members to develop their journalistic talents to the highest level. 

Staff members include: Danny Bradley, editor in chief; Dana Ray, news editor; Tammy Martin, special 
features; Gary Higginbotham, sports editor; Veronica Bynum, clubs editor; Robert Lowrance, adver- 
tisements; Bill Miller, photographer; Kim Crumpton and Chris House, writers, and Dr. Ann Whitten and 
Mike Robertson are advisors. 


VICA aims to develop progressive leadership in the field of trade, industrial and health occupations, 
education that is competent, aggressive, self-reliant and cooperative. The membership is open to all 
vocational and technical students. Advisors are Vickie O'Dell and Patty Warren. 

Officers include: David Devazier, president; Steve Morgan, vice-president; Odessa King, secretary; 
Roberta Leatherwood; and Diane Reinking, treasurer. 

Student members are: Allen Austin, Monty Montgomery, )ames Corruth, )ohn Holman, Gary Smart, 
Richard Winter, Kenneth Fellow, Scott Green, Bill Miller, Hozellda Rowsey, Frederick Simmons, Ward 
Beckwitch, Randy Darby, Patrick Carr, David Cooper, Donnie Ferguson, Renee Havens, Jimmy )ackson, 
Gary Lowery, Chester McEwen, Marvin Doddy, Sandy Sanders, Lee Shankle, Paul Smith, Sherry Adair, 
Connella Brown, Judy Andey, Cleminstine Christian, Christen Davis, Julia Hall, Michelle Hillhouse, Joe 
Lewis, Linda Mahan, Arlene McGowen, Kathy Moore, Irma Ramsey, Debbie Roache, Jacqueline Robert- 
son, Demple Sandford, Queen Wright, Darron Bailey, Kevin Kelly, Larry Pride, Clint Harris, Kelly Stand- 
ard, Lisa Standard, and Shirley Hicks. 

Professional members include: Mary Long, Jackie Brown, Everette Woolfolk, Jimmy Carr, Polly Gor- 
don, Billy Jackson, Frank Houck, Onia Renfro, Ken Lindsey, Price Darby, and Felix Robinson. 




Pictured below are the officers for the Legal Assistants Club. 






. i*" 










Cheerleading is fun! NWJC 
cheerleaders help carry out that 
classic tradition. 

Our cheerleaders helped boost 
spirit at football and basketball 
games. And while they had a 
good time, very few people 
realized the great deal of hard 
work they put into each cheer or 

The 1984-85 squad consisted of 
the following: Mark Anderson; 
Jeff Bechel; Karen Dillingham; Ran- 
dy Gaddy; Tony Hensley; Ellen 
howell; Sarah Key; Jakcie Robert- 
son; Harriet Sartor; Ronnie Tatum; 
Simone Weir; Clayton Williams; 
and Angie Whitsell. 

Sponsors for the group were 
Mary Ann Burkhead and Karen 


1 1„&. 4 . 






Football, basketball, baseball, or track — it 
makes no difference. If the Rangers are in- 
volved, you can count on fun, excitement, 
and the championship tradition that has made 
winning synonymous with Northwest. 

Quickly becoming the envy of junior col- 
leges across the nation, NWJC offers sports 
fans the best in intercollegiate athletics. 
Facilities such as Howard Coliseum and both 
the baseball and football fields are second to 

Athletes — Northwest has managed to 
recruit top-notch athletes from throughout 
the 1 1-county district, as well as Memphis and 
the nation. 

Winning — being on the short end of the 
scoreboard is not a common scene at Ranger 
sporting events. National, regional, and state 
championships have become 

At Nortwest, we pride ourselves in being 
winners; nothing else will do. 


1 «*?** *.-*" 







Under the direction of Head Coach Bobby Franklin, 
our 1984 football Rangers notched a 5-4-1 record. Faced 
with the loss of several key sophomores, the team bat- 
tled back from disheartening losses to claim third place in 
the North Division and finish above the .500 mark. 

The guidance and leadership of our coaches, a diverse 
group with more than adequate qualifications, helped 
develop a group of young men into strong individuals 
that made us proud. Zealous and hardworking, NW)C 
coaches are second to none. 

Bobby Franklin 
Head Coach 
Ole Miss 

Steve Caldwell 
Offensive Line 
Arkansas State 

Michael Joe Cannon 

Sam Guthrie 

Defensive Line 

Defensive Backs 

Memphis State 

Union University 

)oe Merrell 
Defensive Ends 

Hank Shows 
Offensive Coordinator 
Ole Miss 

Ron Stark 

Defensive Coordinator 

Missouri State 



Managers and Trainers 

Front row: Wes Blackwood, Bob Dunaway; 
Second: Bobby Park, Brad Frazier, lames 
Bolden, Mark Hendrix. 


Front row: Greg Newson, Jimmy Neal, Buck Fon- 
dren; Second: Anthony Leisure, lames Sutton, Sid 


w - -W 

« — ; -■ wi 

kl^ 2^l& 


Front row: Cunter Brewer, WB; Anthony Camp- 
bell, WB; David David Edmond, WB; Terry Hamp- 
ton, SE; Patrick Keys, SE; Kanjo Wallace, WB; 
Second: Dwight Spearman, WR; Wayne Mullen, 
WB, Troy Watson, SE; Terry Owens, SE; Curtis Jef- 
fries, SE. 


Front row: Ricky Barney, QB; Michael Edmonds, 
QB; Tony Lanham, QB; Ted Downen, QB; Sec- 
ond: Daron Cathey, TB; Anthony lackson, TB; 
lames Gipson, TB; James Gladd, FB; Doug Shaw, 
FB; Third: lames Wortham, FB; johnny Fondren, 
FB; Mike Bobo, FB; Robby Coolsby, TB 


Front row: Aaron Walls, C; lames Landreth, OC; 
Ritchie Davis, OC; lames Carruth, OC; Barry 
Coodall, OT; Second: Ryan Murphey, C, Danny 
lones, OT; |ohn Brown, OT; Larry Mosley, OG; 
Blaine Giddens, OC; Rob Sheets, OT; Third: Eric 
DeWitt, TE; Anthony Hendrix, TE; Don Seymour, 




Front row Michael Bradley, CB; Howard Arm- 
strong, SS; Greg lames, FS; limmy Ison, FS; Charles 
Thompson, SS; Lee Nabors, SS; Thomas Baker, CB; 
Second; Jeffrey Shegog, CB; Chris Holoman, CB; 
Kenny Hibbler, CB; Andre Gooden, CB; Michael 
Joiner, CB; Tracy Campbell, CB; Keith Miller, CB; 
Phillip Shook, SS. 


Anthony Woods, DE; Carl McKay, DE; Buddy 
Hawkins, DE; Phillip Vaughn, DE; Second: Lamar 
Brown, LB; Eric Lewis, DE; Cliff Young, DE; Isadore 
Randle, DE; Marty Algee, DE. 


Front row; limmy Corridon, NG; Eric Lewis, DE; 
James Carter, NG; Timmy Nickens, DT; Second: 
Paul Youngblood, NG; Brad Bradshaw, NG; Jimmy 
Hill, DT; Third: Tony Lowe, DT. 


Jones County — 33 Northwest — 7 

Thurs., August 30 
Ranger field 7:30 p.m. 


Northwest — 22 Holmes — 22 

Thurs., September 6 

Goodman 7:30 p.m. 

Northwest — 20 East Miss. — 17 
Thurs., September 13 
Ranger field 7:30 p.m. 

Pearl River — 38 Northwest — 

Sat., September 22 

Poplarville 7:30 p.m. 

Northwest — 4 1 Coahoma — 7 

Sat., September 29 

Clarksdale 7:30 p.m. 




Southwest — 35 Northwest — 16 
Thurs., October 4 
Ranger field 7:30 p.m. 

"" «■ "■ " " > 


Miss. Delta — 43 
Sat., October 13 
Moorhead 7:30 p.m. 

Northwest — 

Northwest — 49 
Sat., October 20 
Ranger field 
Homecoming 2:00 p.m 

Northeast — 35 

Northwest — 21 
Sat., October 27 
Ranger field 2:00 p.m 

Itawamba — 19 

Northwest — 23 East Central — 1 
Sat., November 3 
Decatur 7:30 p.m. 


When reflecting on the 1984 football season, one has 
to look at it with guarded optimism. Of course, 
expectations were high because of a national 
championship in 1982 and a trip to the state playoffs in 
1983. But, what few realized was the loss of several key 
performers would play a big role in the coming season. 

Although not attaining the 1982 and 1983 high levels 
of achievement, the 1984 Rangers provided Head 
Coach Bobby Franklin with his fourth consecutive 
winning season with a 5-4-1 overall record and 4-1-1 in 
the North Division, just one win shy of the state 

playoffs. Franklin's Northwest record now stands at 

Having a squad where freshmen outnumbered 
sophomores three to one will provide plenty of 
experience for the '85 Rangers. And talk about 
momentum, the Rangers won their last three straight, 
which will do nothing to hinder optimism for the 
coming season. 

The 1984 season began the way the 1983 season 
ended — a rematch with Jones County, a 21-14 winnei 
over the Rangers in the '83 state playoffs. Unfortunatel 


'he outcome was the same. The Bobcats left Senatobia 
vvith a 33-7 smarting of Northwest. 

Jones roared to a 20-0 halftime lead before the 
dangers ever got on track. Late in the third quarter, 
Northwest took over after a fumble recovery at the 
ones 42-yard line. The third quarter ended with 
quarterback Tony Lanham facing a third-and-one 
situation from the Bobcat 32. On the first play of the 
' : ourth quarter, Lanham hit tight end Anthony Hendrix in 
:he end zone, and Greg James added the point after to 
narrow the gap to 20-7. 

However, that was the end of the Ranger highlights, 
as Jones put the icing on the cake with two fourth 
period scores. 

Northwest then headed south to face Holmes in their 
first North Division contest of the young season. The 
outcome was different this time, but we still didn't win. 
The Bulldogs battled the Rangers to a 22-22 deadlock. 

Tailback Anthony Jackson got Northwest on the 
board first with a six-yard run. Holmes quickly retaliated 
with two touchdowns, and with the aid of a two-point 
conversion, found themselves in control of a 15-7 ball 



But the Rangers came storming back. Jackson 
returned a kickoff 94 yards for a touchdown, and 
Lanham hit Hendrix with the tying two-point 
conversion. Then, with 22 seconds left in the first half, 
Lanham hit wingback Gunter Brewer with a nine-yard 
scoring pass to give the Rangers a 22-15 halftime lead. 

Holmes added a touchdown midway through the 
fourth quarter and had a chance to win the game, but a 
46-yard field goal was just wide, and the two teams had 
to kiss sisters. 

Game number three found the Rangers back under 
the lights of Ranger field. The opponent was always- 
tough North Division foe East Mississippi. 

The Trojans were also looking for their first win and 
appeared to be headed in the right direction, as they 
held a 17-0 lead with just under 10 minutes left in the 
third quarter. 

However, led by an inspiring Sid Franklin interception 
the Rangers came to life. Lanham hit Jackson with a 
seven-yard touchdown pass, and Jary Tindall booted 
the extra point to make it 17-7. 


Again an interception served as the fire-starter, as 
Howard Armstrong picked off an enemy aerial to put 
the Rangers in business at their own 43. Jackson capped 
jthe 57-yard drive with a 24-yard jaunt into the end zone 
as the third quarter horn sounded. Tindall's extra point 
jmade it 17-14. 

Tindall knotted the score at 17-17 with a 24-yard field 
jgoal midway through the final period. The Ranger 
idefense then blocked an attempted Trojan field goal to 
jset up some game-winning heroics by Tindall, who 
nailed a 42-yard three-pointer with 1:11 left to give 

Northwest its first win in three outings. 

Traveling to Poplarville to face the Pearl River 
Wildcats turned out to be quite a humbling experience 
for Franklin's charges. The Wildcats sent the Rangers 
back to Senatobia with a 38-0 pelting under their belts. 

With a 1-2-1 record, Northwest now had to face a 
vastly improved Coahoma ball club in Clarksdale. 
Somebody, however, forgot to tell Northwest they 
were in for a "toughie," as the Tigers fell victim to a 41-7 
drubbing by the Rangers. 

James Gipson initiated the scoring with a 14-yard run, 


and shortly thereafter, Lanham hit Marty Algee with a 
six-yard scoring strike to put the Rangers ahead 14-0. 

Coahoma made things a big edgy with a 37-yard 
scoring toss, but Tindall added a 27-yard field goal for a 
17-7 halftime lead. 

The second half was all Northwest as Mike Bobo 
added touchdown runs of three and 19 yards, and 
quarterback Rickey Barney teamed with Brewer on a 
10-yard touchdown pass. Tindall also hit a 43-yard field 
goal, and the Rangers improved to 2-2-1. 

In 'The Best of the West Battle," Northwest would 

have done fine if they just hadn't had to kickoff . 
Southwest Bear return man Denny Hughes raced 99 anc 
94 yards with kickoffs for two scores in a 35-16 besting 
of the Rangers. 

Ranger tallies came on a 44-yard James field goal, a 
25-yard pass from Barney to Brewer, and a 14-yard 
Barney to Anthony Campbell scoring pass. 

State playoff participant Mississippi Delta was next fo 
the Rangers, and the outcome from Moorhead wasn't 
one that caused great joy. The Trojans scored 29 secon< 
half points to smother the Rangers, 43-0. 


Homecoming was next, and arch-rival Northeast was 
the opponent. The Rangers held off a furious Tiger rally 
late in the game to post a 49-35 win. 

The game appeared to be a runaway in the early- 
going, with Northwest jumping to a 28-0 first period 
lead. Bobo scored from 43 yards out on the Rangers' 
first offensive play. Brewer hauled in a five-yard scoring 
strike from Barney, and Barney then scored on runs of 
12 and seven yards, respectively. Tindall was good on all 
four conversion attempts. 

Northeast quarterback Lamar Kieth slammed in from 

the one-yard line late in the second quarter. Early in the 
third quarter, Jackson scored on a 48-yard jaunt. Leslie 
Harrelson then returned a blocked punt 15 yards for 
another score and a seemingly insurmountable 42-7 

The Tigers came storming back though, and with less 
than three minutes remaining, had narrowed the gap to 
42-35. However, Bobo secured the win with a 42-yard 
run. The Rangers still had playoff hopes with a 3-1-1 
North Division record. 

Itawamba came to town next, and Ranger fans were 


treated to one of the most exciting contests of the year. 

Jackson got the Rangers on top with a 20-yard run at 
the 7:28 mark of the first quarter. Tindall's extra point 
attempt was blocked, and the score remained 6-0. 

Midway through the second quarter, the Indians took 
their first and only lead of the day when split end Pat 
Smith hauled in an eight-yard scoring strike from 
quarterback Mitch Rubank. Calvin Thompson's 
converted extra point gave the Indians a precarious 7-6 
lead which they held until halftime. 

Barney hit Campbell on a 24-yard scoring reception, 

and Bobo slammed in for the two-point conversion and 
a 14-7 Ranger lead at the 7:08 mark of the third quarter, i 

Itawamba cut the lead to 14-13 late in the third 
quarter before Bobo bulled in from the 11 with 11:35 
remaining in the game. Tindall added the extra point to 
give the Rangers a 21-13 lead. 

The Indians took advantage of a missed field goal 
attempt and drove 78 yards to make it 21-19 with 58 
ticks left on the clock. Opting for the two-point 
conversion, the Indians almost made it. Eubank fired a 
pass to Thompson, who had managed to break free 


from the Ranger coverage. At the last moment, Michael 
Bradley made a diving leap and knocked the ball 
harmlessly to the ground to preserve the win. 

In the final game, Franklin's troops headed to Decatur 
to face East Central in a game that would determine if 
the Rangers could finish above the .500 mark. The trip 
proved to be successful as Northwest slapped the 
Warriors with a 23-10 defeat. 

Bobo and Jackson each ran for a touchdown, and 
Tindall booted two field goals, and James added 

The season ended, but the honors continued. Fifteen 
outstanding athletes were placed on the All-Star, All- 
State, or All-Region lists. Six Rangers were named to 
more than one list, with Charles Thompson capturing a 
position on all three. 

Brewer, Jackson, Anthony Woods, Ritchie Davis, and 
Blaine Giddens were selected both All-State and All-Star. 
Also named All-State were Hendrix, Campbell, Barney, 
James, Jimmy Corridon, Ryan Murphey, James Sutton, 
Anthony Lesure, and Bobo. Campbell and James were 
selected All-State in two positions. 


The Northwest coaching staff, by virtue of a third 
place finish in the North Division, was chosen to coach 
the North All-Stars in the annual classic held in Tupelo. 

Our football team made us proud by never giving up 

and keeping intact that championship tradition for 
which Northwest is so well know. The '84 football team 
- definitely A TRUE CLASSIC! 

















Debra Crutcher 

6-1 Center 

Memphis Central 

Pam Coke 
5-7 Guard 

Terri Cochran 
5-8 Guard 

Shannon Adams 

5-8 Guard 

Magnolia Heights 



Angela East 
6-0 Forward 
Friendship, TN 

Linda Hulbert 
5-2 Guard 
Fayette Ware, TN 

Jackie Joiner 
5-9 Forward 
Memphis Woodale 

Linda Liggins 
5-10 Center 


Valerie Martin 

5-8 Guard 

Lafayette County 

Rhonda Mikes 

5-7 Guard 

Chattanooga, TN 

Hope Mitchell 
5-4 Guard 

Paulette Pitts 
5-5 Guard 


-■ ' 


Sharon Price 
5-11 Center 
Lafayette County 

Vanesta Reaves 
5-8 Forward 

Evelyn Willingham 
5-10 Forward 
North Panola 


Asst. Coach 
Ronnie Nichols 

Head Coach 
Harry Adair 







Clarke College 




Southern Baptist, AR 








Dyersburg State, TN 

Dyersburg, TN 
















Miss. Delta 




Paducah, KY 

Blytheville, AR 








East Mississippi 










2-0 (forfeit) 







Miss. Delta 












East Mississippi 









If there's one word that sums up women's 
basketball at Northwest, it's tradition. 

Prior to the 1984-85 season, Head Coach 
Harry Adair has led the Lady Rangers to five 
North Division championships, four State 
crowns, three Region titles, and a National 
Championship, as well as a second and third 
place finish in the National Tournament. 

Since coming to Northwest, Adair's charges 
have won better than 90 percent of their games. 
He is listed as one of the winningest coaches in 
NJCAA history. 

This season proved no different. Heading into 
tournament play, the 19-1 Lady Rangers record- 
ed another regular season division crown and a 
number four national ranking. 

To opponents, the name of the Northwest 
Lady Rangers brings about premonitions of cer- 
tain doom. Full of tradition, honor, and national 
prominence, NWJC has a definite classic in the 
Lady Rangers. 




After finishing second in the 1984 National Tournament, 
prospects for te 1985 season looked very promising for the 
Lady Rangers. They didn't let us down. 

Led by two returning All-National Tournament players 
and an All-American, the Lady Rangers breezed to a 19-1 
regular season mark. 

Rhonda Mikes of Chattanooga, TN, better known as 
"KK," did little to taint her image as the nation's premier 
junior college player. The NjCAA and Kodak All-American 
again led the nation in scoring with a 30 point-per-game 

KK had plenty of help though. All-National Tournament 
cagers Angela East, a 6-0 forward from Friendship, TN, and 
Jackie Joiner, a 5-9 forward from Memphis Woodale, gave 
the Lady Rangers plenty of fire power. Combined with the 
efforts of 6-1 center Debra Crutcher, a Delta State transfer, 
NWJC had one of the most potent inside games in the state. 
Hope Mitchell, a 5-4 freshman from Vardaman, added her 
excellent ball handling skills to round out five of the best 
athletes the nation has to offer. 

After racing through the first half of the season, the Lady 
Rangers had hopes of an undefeated season. Unfortunately, 
a one month layoff took its' toll, as Itawamba handed the 
ladies a 64-62 defeat in the first game after Christmas break. 
However, the team bounced back and polished off the rest 
of their opponents, including an 86-66 pasting of Itawamba 
in Fulton. 

Our Lady Rangers represented classic basketball at its' 


Rickey Barrett 

6-0 Guard 

Memphis Mitchell 

Tyrone Davis 

5-10 Guard 


Auther Fondren 

6-1 Guard 

South Panola 

Timothy Goliday 

6-2 Forward 




Peter Gonnella 
6-3 Guard 
Wakefield, MA 

Herbert Harris 
6-1 Guard 

johney Jackson 
6-4 Center 

Ronnie Miller 
6-0 Guard 


Floyd Neal 

6-5 Forward 

Fayette Ware, TN 

Darryl Newson 
5-9 Guard 

Greg Payton 
6-3 Forward 
Olive Branch 

Kelvin Reed 

6-5 Center 




Curtis Stephen 
5-11 Guard 

Casey Tuggles 
6-5 Center 

Tony Howell 



Daren Todd 










Clarke College 




Southern Baptist, AR 








Dyersburg State, TN 

Dyersburg, TN 
















Miss. Delta 




Mississippi County, AR 

Blytheville, AR 








East Mississippi 

















Miss. Delta 






82-78 (OT) 






East Mississippi 







Asst. Coach 
Don Edwards 

Head Coach 
Kenneth Robbins 

Asst. Coach 
Gaylon Baird 


Led by Region 23 scoring champ Rickey 
Barrett, the Rangers gave fans plenty to 
yell about this year. 

Coach Kenneth "Cat" Robbins' charges 
lost two of their first six games, (Utica and 
Northeast) but bounced back to finish 
second in the North Division. 

After losing to Mississippi County, AR, 
and Holmes, Northwest decided to play 
the revenge game. Included in their 
season-ending six straight wins were vic- 
tories over Holmes and Northeast. 

The Rangers' starting five gained ex- 
perience throughout the season and by 
the year's end, looked like a group of 
seasoned veterans. 

The starters consisted of Ronnie Miller, a 
6-0 guard from Hernando; Auther Fon- 
dren, a 6-1 guard from South Panola; Bar- 
rett, a 6-0 guard from Memphis Mitchell; 
Herbert Harris, a 6-1 guard from Hernan- 
do; and Casey Tuggles, a 6-5 center from 

That lineup proved their worth, as the 
Rangers battled back after being ousted in 
the North division finals to capture the 











The Northwest Farm, located on Highway 4, just west of 
the Senatobia city limits, is a "hot spot" for area rodeo en- 
thusiasts. Found on the farm is the college's rodeo arena, the 
site of National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association 

"Buck-outs," or practice rodeo sessions, are also held at 
the arena. Popular among NWJC students, buck-outs offer 
an alternative in entertainment for sports fans. 

The rodeo team is comprised of the following students: 

Billy Scott, Arkabutla; Mike and )oe Lipsey, Nesbit; Terry Har- 
din, Nashville, TN; George Nelson, Coffeeville; and lames 
Drake, Puckett. The group is under the direction of 
Lawrence "Bud" Young. 

Consisting of teams from Mississippi, Arkansas, Ten- 
nessee, Missouri, Kentucky, Alabama, and the northeast sec- 
tion of Louisiana, Northwest is a member of the Ozark 

In addition to Mississippi, the 1984-85 rodeo schedule 




found the team participating in rodeos held in Arkansas, 
Kentucky, and Tennessee. The schedule went as follows: 
Murray State University, Nov. 19-21; Mississippi State 
University, Feb. 28-March 2; Murray State, March 21-23; 
Southwest Missouri State University, March 29-30; Southern 
Arkansas University, April 11-13; Central Missouri State 
University, April 25-27; and University of Tennessee at 
Martin, May 17-19. 

More often than not, the rodeo team doesn't receive the 
recognition it has earned and deserved. However, through 

the efforts of Coach Young and the team, rodeo is making a 
name for itself at Northwest. 




ri n i 

2 zav 



^*ZM#&*: . ?* * 



Melissa Freeman 

Eddie Hitt 

Kelly Lott 

Gary May 

Steve McLendon 












Mikie Rowan 
Head Coach 

Gunter Brewer 
Pole Vault 


Benni Abram 
Middle Distance 

Houston Agnew 

Leonard Burton 
Shot Put 

Daron Cathey 

Greg Hayes 
Middle Distance 

BfK ll 

Derwin Jackson 
Middle Distance 

Cedric Lancaster 

Luther Barksdale 




Michael Chalmers 
Middle Distance 

Ryan Murphy 
Pole Vault 




o 1 

Tim Patrick 

Pole Vault 

Steve Serpas 

Len Shegog 




mi i 

Charles Thompson 




. ^ 




)im Sisco 
Second Base 

Dan Thornton 
Third Base 

Ricky Sommers 

- - 

Scott Treadway 
First Base 

Wayne Thompson 

David Hinson 








David Adams, Tillatoba 

Mattie Adams, Darling 

Ralph Alexander, Grenada 

Retha Alexander, Coffeeville 

Margaret Alford, Batesville 


Cracie Allen, Southaven 
Teretha Allison, Glendora 
Kenneth Ambrose, Byhalia 
lames Anderson, Holly Springs 
Thomas Anderson, Hernando 

Mary Andry, Southaven 
Pamela Ashby, Southaven 
Charlie Ashford, )r , Coldwater 
Laura Ashley, Southaven 
Lucinda Armstrong, Coffeeville 

Malcolm Arnold, Charleston 
Mike Arnold, Batesville 
Donna Austin, Lambert 
Kim Austin, Germantown, TN 
Patrick Austin, Senatobia 

Randy Austin, Darling 
Linda Azlin, Southaven 
Darron Bailey, Crowder 
leanie Baker, Senatobia 
Kurt Baker, Senatobia 

Martha Baker ,Courtland 
Dora Balfour, Holly Springs 
Cheryl Baptist, Nesbit 
Rickey Barrett, Memphis 
Christopher Beaver, Hernando 

leffrey Bechel, Hernando 
Teresa Belfour, Holly Springs 
Annette Bell, Tunica 
lames Bell, Water Valley 
Timothy Bell, Marion, AR 


Patricia Benefield, Southaven 
Susan Benjamin, Senatobia 
Steve Benton, Pine Bluff, AR 
Alice Berry, Senatobia 
Dennis Beverly, Webb 


Paula Biggert, Como 

Brenda Black, Como 

Julius Black, Como 

Pam Black, Sardis 

Reginald Black, Como 

Sandra Black, Como 

Clara Blackmon, Holly Springs 

Joyce Blackmond, Holly Springs 

Lorie Blackwe'der, Calhoun City 

Wess Blackv ^od, Water Valley 

Mike Bobo, Crossville, AL 

Vicki Bolen, Batesville 

Sabrina Booker, Coldwater 

Sue Boothe, Sardis 

Cindy Botto, Southaven 

)ohn Bowdre, Hernando 

Tammy Bowen, Hernando 

Leeman Boyd, Independence 

Tammy Boyd, Independence 

Curtis Bradley, Hickory Flat 

Michael Bradley, Senatobia 

Teresa Bramlett, Senatobia 

Kay Bramlitt, Germantown, TN 

Tommy Bray, Hernando 

Rodney Brazeal, Hughes, AR 

Gunter Brewer, Oxford 

Patricia Brewer, Senatobia 

Ceredine Bridgemon, Sledge 

Charles Britt, Senatobia 

Michael Broadway, Olive Branch 


Sharon Brooks, Holly Springs 

Connella Brown, Darling 

Loretta Brown, Holly Springs 

Priscilla Brown, Byhalia 

Tammie Brown, Batesville 

I h 


Tommy Brown, Batesville 
Walter Brown, Como 
Jeffrey Brownlee, Senatobia 
Forrest Bryan, Taylor 
Bessie Bryson, Holly Springs 

Karen Buchanan, Bruce 
Renee Buckley, Potts Camp 
Cara Buford, Oxford 
Willie Buford, Oxford 
ludy Bullard, Nesbit 

Amy Burnett, Hernando 
jerry Burney, Coffeeville 
Robert Burney, Coffeeville 
Susan Burns, Oakland 
Sherry Burns, Batesville 

Charlotte Bursi, Memphis 
Linda Burt, Oxford 
Carla Byford, Coffeeville 
Domingo Calabro, Venezuela 
Steve Calvert, Memphis 

Kenneth Campbell, Hernando 
Tracy Campbell, Tutwiler 
Charles Cantrell, Southaven 
Keith Cantrell, Bruce 
Sarah Carlisle, Batesville 

Patrick Carr, Coldwater 
Tommy Carr, Hernando 
Larry Carter, Oxford 
Marsha Carter, Tunica 
Mary Carter, Southaven 

Carol Cash, Holly Springs 
Mary Casoli, Southaven 
jimmy Cathey, Coldwater 
jacquelyn Catron, Memphis 
Lillie Certion, Oxford 


Michael Chalmers, Nesbit 

Carolyn Chaffin, Coldwater 

Bobby Chamberlin, Hernando 

Melvin Chandler, Batesville 

Pat Chandler, Batesville 

Rhonda Childress, Byhalia 

Chris Chrestman, Crowder 

Delane Clark, Senatobia 

Shirley Clark, Tunica 

Lisa Clements, Calhoun City 

Bradley Cline, Nesbit 

Terri Cochran, Nesbit 

Pam Coke, Arkabutla 

Marcieta Cole, Glendora 

Greg Coker, Memphis 

Carlean Collins, Holly Springs 

Danny Collins, Tunica 

Robert Collier, Batesville 

Cindy Conner, Oxford 

Sheila Conrad, Como 

)ackie Cooper, Lake Cormorant 

)immy Lee Cook, Oakland 

Randy Cook, Batesville 

David Cooper, Horn Lake 

James Corridon, Oakton, VA 

David Corrothers, Oxford 

)ohn Cotter, Coldwater 

Chris Cox, Crowder 

Lisa Cox, Hickory Flat 

Lisa Coughran, Hernando 


lames Covington, Water Valley 

Leslie Craig, Senatobia 

Evelyn Crane, Holly Springs 

Faila Crawford, Walls 

Lynne Crawford, Tillatoba 


Mary Creasy, West Memphis, AR 
Patty Crow, Hernando 
Miranda Curry, Waterford 
lames Curtis, Charleston 
Gala Dandridge, Coldwater 

Micheal Daniels, Memphis 
Ralph Daniels, Oxford 
Ronald Daniels, Bruce 
Woodrow Daniels, Water Valley 
Randy Darby, Southaven 

Mike Davidson, Nesbit 
Darvita Davis, Senatobia 
Deanna Davis, Batesville 
Felecia Davis, Crowder 
Kevin Davis, Coldwater 

Richie Davis, Oxford 
Shirley Davis, Sardis 
Sherry Dean, Looxahoma 
Brenda Denio, Senatobia 
Rose Dennis, Memphis 

Cindy Denton, Calhoun City 
lames Dettor, Batesville 
Dave DeVazier, |r , Batesville 
Cheryl Devereaux, Coldwater 
Tina Dickerson, Senatobia 

Jennifer Dickson, Senatobia 
Renee Dockery, Tunica 
Jeff Donaldson, Arkabutla 
Kenneth Donaldson, Batesville 
lames Dorr, Sardis 

Tommie Dorris, Crowder 
lames Doss, Memphis 
Betty Dover, Lambert 
Linda Doyle, Crowder 
Bryon Drannon, Batesville 


Paula Dubois, Senatobia 

William Dugger, Batesville 

Brenda Dukes, Hernando 

William Dunaway, Lake Cormorant 

Lynette Duncan, Oxford 

Linda Dunlap, Crenshaw 

Tommy Dunlap, Hernando 

David Durham, Batesville 

Cina Durley, Tunica 

Tamela Dye, Senatobia 

Angela East, Friendship, TN 

Melissa East, Oxford 

Cassandra Echols, Memphis 

Joseph Echols, Holly Springs 

Anne Edington, Oxford 

Darrell Edwards, Olive Branch 

Robert Ellis, Courtland 

Renee Elmore, Lake Cormorant 

Larry Eloby, Coahoma 

Thomas Embrey, Coldwater 

Faye Erins, Crenshaw 

Jerry Eubanks, Senatobia 

Karen Fair, Sledge 

Debbie Farris, Hernando 

Connie Farrow, Coldwater 

Jacqueline Faulkner, Holly Springs 

Darlene Ferguson, Hernando 

limmy Ferguson, Senatobia 

Mark Ferrell, Memphis 

Berneal Dorse, Michigan City 


Norris Fields, Jr., Memphis 

Lena Finley, Holly Springs 

Larry Fisher, Jr., Batesville 

Dana Floyd, Bruce 

Daphne Guy, Hernando 



Charles Fondon, Water Valley 
Auther Fondren, Batesville 
Janine Ford, Senatobia 
Steve Fowler, Sardis 
Sid Franklin, Tunica 

Cheryl Frazier, Marks 
Michael Freely, Elliott 
Dianne Fugler, Horn Lake 
Tammy Fuller, Abbeville 
Kathy Fullerton, Senatobia 

Ricky Garrett, Coldwater 
Sandra Garrett, Hernando 
Michael Garrison, Holly Springs 
Wendy Garrison, Coldwater 
Juanita Gates, Bruce 

Laurie Gee, Pleasant Grove 
Melvin George, Sumner 
Denise Gholson, Holly Springs 
Blaine Giddens, Senatobia 
Andre Gooden, Tunica 

Greg Gordon, Tunica 
Barbara Govan, Holly Springs 
Gwyn Goza, Hernando 
Sonja Graham, Independence 
Wanda Graham, Abbeville 

Rosemary Grant, Batesville 
Gaylon Gray, Coffeeville 
Patricia Gray, Holly Springs 
Cynthia Greer, Harmontown 
Julia Griffin, Batesville 

Sheley Griffin, Batesville 
Beatrice Guest, Bald Knob, AR 
Emily Gullett, Holly Springs 
Paul Gunter, West Memphis, AR 
Patrice Guy, Sledge 


Julia Hall, Lambert 

Annie lean Hame, Michigan City 

Lyndra Hammond, Senatobia 

Betta Hankins, Hernando 

Karen Hannah, Memphis 

Michael Hapt, Water Valley 

Lisa Marie Harbour, Coffeeville 

Terry Hardin, Nashville, TN 

Michael Hargett, Charleston 

Clyde Harper, Ashland 

Craig Harris, Coffeeville 

Debbie Harris, Oxford 

Herbert Harris, Hernando 

Scotty Harris, Coffeeville 

Terrie Harris, Sardis 

Thomas Harris, Senatobia 

Edmund Hawkins, Como 

Kelly Hayes, Jackson 

Lee Henderson, Booneville 

Anthony Hendrix, Vardaman 

Jo Ann Henry, Memphis 
David Herod, Abbeville 
Carla Herron, Enid 
Timothy Hester, Nesbit 
Calvin Hibler, Senatobia 

Teresa Higgenbottom, Independence 

Gary Higginbottham, Bruce 

Winda Hill, Oxford 

Lisa Hillhouse, Mt. Pleasant 

Sandra Hillhouse, Oxford 

f^v ^J ^T 5? 


Eddie Hitt, III, Calhoun City 

Jonette Hodge, Senatobia 

Bobby Holcome, Crowder 

Angie Holden, Como 

Lee Holland, Savage 



lanice Holley, Abbeville 
Vicki Holloway, Hernando 
Jerdean Holmon, Oxford 
Lisa Hood, Senatobia 
Ritchie Hopper, Hickory Flat 

Kevin Home, Batesville 
Chris House, West Memphis, AR 
Paula Howe, Arkabutla 
Calvet Howell, Waterford 
Catherine Howell, Holly Springs 

Carieann Howell, Senatobia 
Ellen Howell, Hernando 
Hope Hubbard, Holly Springs 
Cynthia Hudson, Tutwiler 
Will Hudspeth, Senatobia 

Billy Huffstatler, Olive Branch 
Barbara Humphreys, Senatobia 
Dorothy Hunt, Ashland 
Linda Hurt, Sardis 
jimmy Inman, Lambert 

A. B. Jackson, Senatobia 
Anthony lackson, Memphis 
Donald lackson, Senatobia 
limmy lackson, Brandon 
Mary lackson, Coffeeville 

Vincent lackson, Nesbit 
Virginia Jackson, Oxford 
Wendell lackson, Memphis 
Carter lames, Tunica 
Greg lames, Charleston 

Alonzo leans, Olive Branch 
Essie Jefferson, Memphis 
Laura lenkins, Nesbit 
Charles lohnkin, Clendora 
Barbara Johnson, Marks 


Chuck Johnson, Batesville 

Debbie Johnson, Pope 

Dietrick Johnson, Como 

Dorothy Johnson, Water Valley 

Linda Johnson, Oakland 

Percy Johnson, Dundee 

Robbie Johnson, Batesville 

Phyllis Johnson, Courtland 

Robyn Johnson, Hernando 

Sandra Johnson, Coldwater 

Sherrion Johnson, Byhalia 

Terrence Johnson, Marks 

Bettie Joiner, Batesville 

Jacqueline Joiner, Memphis 

Charles Jolley, Walls 

Chester Jones, Coffeeville 

Danny Jones, Nesbit 

Don Jones, Southaven 

Linda Jones, Byhalia 

Linda Jones, Senatobia 

Mark Jones, Coldwater 
Mary Lou Jones, Sardis 

Myra Jones, Forrest City, AR 
Pernell Jones, Oxford 

Randale Jones, Michigan City 

Rodney Jones, Horn Lake 

Rose Jones, Nesbit 

Vincent Jones, Robinsonville 

Carol Joy, Oxford 

William Kelly, Senatobia 



* * 


Caroline Kennell, Coldwater 

Ronnie Keys, Tunica 

Pat Kiefer, Fairfax, VA 

Kirk Kimmett, Water Valley 

David King, Horn Lake 


Joe Bob King, Memphis 
Patricia King, Senatobia 
Robbie King, Bruce 
Sherry Lynn King, Marks 
Sherry D King, Sardis 

Sherry King, Sledge 
Stacy King, Lambert 
Ellen Kitchens, Southaven 
Suzanne Klepzig, Abbeville 
Henry B Koon, |r., Hernando 

Cheryl Kopf, Senatobia 
Fred Kramer, Foxmill, VA 
Keith Kueter, Sardis 
Linda Kuykendall, Hickory Flat 
Deborah Lacefield, Strayhorn 

Charles Lackey, Senatobia 
lames Ladd, Batesville 
Alice Lake, Charleston 
Michelle Lambert, Como 
Patricia Lane, Grenada 

Tony Lanham, Louisville, KY 
Kim Larson, Oxford 
Zandra Lauderdale, Hernando 
Cedric Lawrence, Memphis 
lames Lawrance, Coffeeville 

Dorothy Lawson, Batesville 
Marilyn Lawson, Grenada 
Angela Leake, Hernando 
Carol Leasure, Holly Springs 
Linda Lee, Hernando 


Ketrina Lester, Batesville 
Brenda Lewis, Coffeeville 
|im Lewis, Charleston 
Lynn Lewis, Senatobia 
Treesa Lewis, Senatobia 


Lavelta Liggins, Holly Springs 

Max Llndsey, Sarah 

Joe Lipsey, Nesbit 

Mike Lipsey, Nesbit 

Walter Lipsey, Marks 

Tony Lisenby, Horn Lake 

David Little, Vardaman 

Billy Love, Pope 

Eugene Love, Pope 

Thomas Lovelady, Water Valley 

Gina Luellen, Lamar 

Elizabeth Mack, Hernando 

Malvin Mackey, Como 

William Mac key, Como 

|o Nell Maness, Coldwater 

Sandra Marshall, Batesville 

Sue Martin, Southaven 

Michael Martindale, Courtland 

Jacqueline Mason, Bruce 

lames Mason, Lamar 

Jacqueline Massie, Nesbit 

Cathy Matthews, Como 

Sissy Mayo, Crenshaw 

Ralph McCain, Pope 

Joni McArthur, Marks 

Kay McCarley, Batesville 

Amy McCullar, Water Valley 

)une McDaniel, Courtland 

lames McDermott, Hernando 

lames C. McDowell, Batesville 


Laura McElroy, Senatobia 

Chester McEwen, Oxford 

|ohn McFerrin, Charleston 

Anthony McCee, Tunica 

William McCee, Coldwater 


John McGough, Batesville 
Steve McLendon, Tillatoba 
Ardelia Mcjunking, Oxford 
Chris McMasters, Como 
Fane McMillan, Lambert 

Scott McMinn, Water Valley 
David McNeal, Sardis 
Carl McKay, Coldwater 
Mike McNeil, Southaven 
Karen Mea, Southaven 

Angela Merriman, Batesville 
Wininfred Merritt, Coldwater 
Adam Mickens, Senatobia 
Robie Middleton, Senatobia 
Scarlett Miller, Senatobia 

William Miller, Horn Lake 
Melanie Mills, Potts Camp 
Barry Minor, Water Valley 
Delenda Mitchell, Waterford 
Monica Mitchell, Southaven 

Linda Mize, Senatobia 
Rita Mobley, Olive Branch 
Terry Modica, Chicago, IL 
Zorelia Montenegro, Maracaibo 
Lionel Moore, Red Banks 

Rhonda Moore, Charleston 
Terry Moore, Southaven 
Steve Morgan, Bruce 
Norris Morris, Charleston 
Tracy Morris, Batesville 



Valorie Morton, Tunica 

loann Mosley, Sledge 

Larry Mosley, Coldwater 

Charles Mothershed, Sardis 

Valera Mothershead, Pleasant Grove 


Robert Mullen, Vardaman 
Ryan Murphey, Tippo 

Bobby Myers, Charleston 
Perry Myrick, Water Valley 
Terry Nabors, Holly Springs 

Richard Neeley, Horn Lake 

Lee Newman, Calhoun City 

Travis Newsom, Jr., Collierville, TN 

Marsha Newson, Holly Springs 

William Newton, Enid 

Lacy Neyland, Lambert 

Phelan Nichols, Olive Branch 

Sheri Nichols, Olive Branch 

Don Nix, Bruce 

Jay Nix, Sardis 

Greg Nobles, Senatobia 

Kathy Nolan, Tunica 

Donna Norwood, Water Valley 

Chris O'Halloran, Memphis 

Bridgett Oliver, Hernando 

Johnie Oliver, Memphis 

Pamela Oliver, Hernando 

Chris Ostrander, Water Valley 

Patricia Paige, Ashland 

Cindy Parham, Southaven 

Bobby Park, Jackson 

Bunnie Parker, Prentiss 

John Parker, Southaven 

Larry Parker, Bruce 

Jeryl Pass, Holly Springs 


Charles Patterson, Hornbeak, TN 

Jesse Patterson, Atlanta, GA 

Michael Patton, Batesville 

Penelope Peeples, Coffeeville 

Ca jewel Pegues, Holly Springs 



Patricia Pegues, Holly Springs 
Susan Penninger, Memphis 
Pam Person, Southaven 
Phyllis Phillips, Holly Springs 
)odie Pierce, Senatobia 

Ken Pittman, Hernando 
Randa Pittman, Tutwiler 
Michelle Pollan, Sledge 
Rodney Pollan, Scobey 
Sharon Pollard, Batesville 

Paul Poole, Horn Lake 
Gussie Porter, Byhalia 
Roy Powers, Holly Springs 
Sharon Poynor, Oxford 
Donald Pride, Batesville 

Larry Pride, Crenshaw 
Willie Pride, Batesville 
Timothy Pruitt, Senatobia 
Melodye Purdy, Coffeeville 
Salah Qawsmi, Coldwater 

Sandra Quinn, Memphis 
Robyn Ramsey, Hernando 
Shannon Ramsey, Holly Springs 
Dana Ray, Horn Lake 
Phyllis Ray, Coldwater 

Casey Rayborn, Nesbit 
Van Reaves, Ashland 
Mildred Reed, Senatobia 
Donna Rhodes, Como 
Michael Rice, Hernando 

Wallace Rich, Coldwater 
Juliet Richard, Coldwater 
Keith Richard, Coldwater 
loyce Richardson, Earle, AR 
Michael Riley, Water Valley 


Venail Roberson, Coldwater 

Linda Robinette, Hernando 

Debbie Robinson, Holly Springs 

Mary Ann Robinson, Senatobia 

Pam Robinson, Como 

Dorothy Robertson, Pope 

Jacqueline Robertson, Hernando 

Timmy Rodgers, Senatobia 

Andrew Rogers, Byhalia 

Wanda Roland, Coffeeville 

Lois Rooker, Batesville 

Thomas Rose, Hernando 

Anne Ross, Coffeeville 

Connie Ross, Como 

Melvin Ross, Hernando 

Hozelda Rowsey, Oxford 

Carrie Rounds, Calhoun City 

Lorretta Rucker, Marks 

Wanda Rudd, Batesville 

Norma Rushing, Tunica 

Dawn Russell, Lambert 

Brian Rush, Alexander 

Betty Russom, Waterford 

Deosha Sanders, Hernando 

Fred Sanders, Courtland 

David Sanders, Senatobia 

Lamar Sanders, Batesville 

Tony Sandridge, Coldwater 

Beth Sartor, Oxford 

Danny Sawyer, Hernando 


Roy Scallorn, Sardis 

Linda Schmitz, Water Valley 

Christel Schneider, Mandeville, LA 

Carl Schultz, Memphis 

Daryl Scott, Batesville 






ieraldine Scott, Batesville 
Mary Scott, Coldwater 
William Scott, Coldwater 
Steve Scruggs, Batesville 
Robert Seale, Holly Springs 

Scarlett Seely, Belen 
Pamela Selby, Oakland 
Steve Serpas, Independence 
|ohn Shankle, Charleston 
Eone Shannon, Hernando 

Thomas Shannon, Coffeeville 
Kim Shaw, Holly Springs 
Phyllis Shaw, Harmontown 
Robert Shaw, Como 
Rob Sheets, Grove City, OH 

Jeanette Shegog, Pope 
Len Shegog, Pope 
Eddie Sheild, Tunica 
Steven Shipman, Senatobia 
Lynelle Simmerman, Batesville 

Frederich Simmons, Charleston 
Albert Slater, Crenshaw 
Norfleet Sledge, Como 
Garry Smart, Senatobia 
Claudia Smith, Water Valley 

Donna Smith, Sardis 
Eric Smith, Holly Springs 
Leotis Smith, Coldwater 
Lisa Smith, Senatobia 
Louie Smith, Hernando 

Marcel Smith, Olive Branch 
Mona Smith, Potts Camp 
Paul Smith, Pope 
lerry Smith, Water Valley 
Teri Smith, Senatobia 


Randall Smith, Southaven 

Rene Smith, Charleston 

Roger Smith, Memphis 

Russell Smith, Oxford 

Shelia Smithson, Bruce 

Queen Snow, Holly Springs 

Lynda Sowell, Tunica 

Marsha Sowell, Coldwater 

Tamera Sowell, Olive Branch 

Malinda Sparkman, Coldwater 

Kelly Standard, Enid 

Randy Standard, Pope 

Diane Stanford, Holly Springs 

Mark Stanford, Senatobia 

Darrell Starks, Oxford 

Donna Steinberg, Senatobia 

Anita Stewart, Marks 

loan Stewart, Batesville 

Ernistine Stone, Memphis 

Regina Story, Hernando 

Gloria Street, Senatobia 
Stan Sullivant, Batesville 

James Sutton, St. Louis, MO 
Eva Tash, Horn Lake 

Willie Ruth Tate, Hernando 

Jean Taylor, Coldwater 

Kathryn Taylor, Olive Branch 

Terry Taylor, Tunica 

Richard Tedford, Marks 

Angela Thomas, Robinsonville 


Bettie Thomas, Batesville 

Cynthia Thomas, Sardis 

Essell Thomas, Como 

Gerald Thomas, Memphis 

Kellye Thomas, Batesville 



Sherri Thomas, Robinsonville 
Staci Thomas, Charleston 
Susan Thomas, Holly Springs 
Charles Thompson, Webb 
Charles Thornton, Covington, TN 

Annette Todd, Hernando 
Charles Toole, Grenada 
Lee Troutt, Charleston 
Shelia Tuggle, Nesbit 
Jan Turman, Sardis 

Michael Turner, Charleston 
Nellie Turner, Senatobia 
Stacy Turner, Crowder 
Susie Tubbs, Oxford 
Valeria Tucker, Holly Springs 

Annette Tuggle, Hernando 
Casey Tuggles, Holly Springs 
Robin Tyler, Brookhaven 
Annie Usher, Bruce 
Thomas Veazy, Senatobia 

David Vick, Senatobia 
Jamie Vick, Oxford 
Kay Vinson, Shannon 
Anita Walls, Courtland 
Doris Walker, Bruce 

Jimmie Walker, Clarksdale 
Patti Walker, Grenada 
Jerry Walters, Nesbit 
Russell Walters, Nesbit 
Jerita Walton, Senatobia 

Thomas Walton, Tunica 

Larry Ward, Sardis 

Oliver Washington, Darling 

Sherrye Washington, Holly Springs 

William Washington, Marks 


William Watson, Memphis 

Paul Weathersby, Marks 

Margie Weeks, Pittsboro 

Brandi Welch, Sarah 

Carmen Welch, Sarah 

Patsy Welch, Preston 

John Wellington, Tunica 

Lenora Wells, Red Banks 

Susan Wells, Coldwater 

Darlene Westmoreland, Sardis 

Michael Wheeler, Charleston 

Evonne White, Charleston 

Jacqueline White, Oxford 

)anice White, Hernando 

Kathy White, Crowder 

Kenneth White, Senatobia 

Missy White, Hernando 

William White, Nesbit 

Mary Whiteside, Water Valley 

James Whiting, Como 

Angie Whitsell, Batesville 

Russell Whitting, Coldwater 

Roaslind Wiley, Lambert 

Frank Williams, Boca Raton, FL 

Lisa Williams, Oxford 

Ralph Williams, Coldwater 

John Williamson, Grenada 

Kalen Williamson, Marks 

Johnny Willis, Coffeeville 

Bedeliah Wilson, Courtland 


Johnie Witham, Byhalia 

Darell Woodard, Tunica 

Faye Woodard, Batesville 

Anthony Woods, Southaven 

Doris Woods, Tunica 


Kenneth Woods, Nesbit 
Vera Woods, Tunica 

Donna Woolfolk, Senatobia 
lames Wooten, Coffeeville 

Jennifer Work, Hernando 
Gay Wright, Coldwater 

Cwen Wright, Earle, AR 
Kennedy Wright, Coldwater 

Stanley Wright, Coffeeville 
Dave Yarbrough, Water Valley 

Alice Young, Batesville 
Wanda Young, Oxford 

Winfred Young, Holly Springs 
Willie Mae Zinn, Robinsonville 


Freshman Class officers are President Chris McKell and Vice President Donna Neeley, 
both of Horn Lake. 


Elias Abraham, Oxford 

Bill Adair, Independence 

Sherry Adair, Southaven 

Alice Adams, Bruce 

Brenda Adams, Oxford 


Joyce Adams, Marks 
Phyllis Adams, Coldwater 
Shannon Adams, Senatobia 
Virginia Adams, Coffeeville 
Doris Aden, Holly Springs 

Alisa Aherns, Charleston 
Vickie Aldridge, Crowder 
Kamel Al Ejel, Memphis 
Bobby Alexander, Water Valley 
Anthony Alford, Nesbit 

Marty Algee, Southaven 
David Allen, Courtland 
Tony Allen, Batesville 
Valerie Allen, Memphis 
Tracy Allison, Coldwater 

Michael Arbuckle, Oxford 
Frenchie Archer, Courtland 
Patricia Ard, Courtland 
Rosa Lee Armstead, Batesville 
Dana Armstrong, Sarah 

Euarl Armstrong, Marks 
Gloria Armstrong, Vardaman 
Jamie Arnold, Grenada 
Charles Austin, Lambert 
Dianne Austin, Oxford 

Vance Austin, Courtland 
Ebby Autry, Ashland 
Windolyn Avant, Senatobia 
Gary Babbs, West Memphis, AR 
Terry Babb, Memphis 

David Baggett, Oxford 
Nancy Bailey, Oxford 
Terry Bailey, Coldwater 
Dawn Baker, Southaven 
Murry Baker, Bruce 


Susan Baker, Courtland 

Thomas Baker, Olive Branch 

Paul Bakke, Memphis 

Jeff Baldwin, Memphis 

Glenda Ballard, Cascilla 

Jacqueline Bandy, Holly Springs 

Ben Bane, Dyersburg, TN 

Demetria Banger, Crenshaw 

Elaine Barber, Holly Springs 

James Barnes, West Memphis, AR 

Phyllis Barnes, Grenada 

Randall Barnes, Oxford 

Kerry Barnett, Senatobia 

Mary Barnett, Coldwater 

Ronald Barnett, Walls 

Rickey Barry, Dayton, OH 

Jacqueline Beard, Oxford 

Vickie Beard, Horn Lake 

Linda Beaver, Horn Lake 

Earnest Beckwith, Greenwood 

Maria Belcher, Crockett 

Ronald Belk, Tunica 

Louis Bell, Sledge 

Barbara Bennett, Oxford 

Bruce Benson, Oxford 

Ronald Berry, Sarah 

limmy Berryhill, Batesville 

Mark Best, Batesville 

Kerry Biles, Cordova, TN 

Tim Billingsley, Como 

. A 


Arnetta Black, Sardis 

Barbara Black, Como 

Suzzette Blackmon, Water Valley 

Penny Blair, Coldwater 

Randy Blair, Batesville 


Loyce Blake, Batesville 
Susan Blankenship, Southaven 
Cina Blaylock, Cascilla 
Amanda Boatright, Oxford 
Cynthia Bobo, Sardis 

James Bolden, Memphis 
Shastris Bolden, Memphis 
Tamela Bond, Bruce 
Tanya Booker, Senatobia 
Kenny Bowen, Senatobia 

Mark Bowens, Tunica 
Patricia Bowles, Hernando 
Evie Boyd, Senatobia 
Mardie Boyd, Coldwater 
Patte Boyd, Crowder 

Bunny Bradford, Tippo 
Deborah Bradford, Cascilla 
)oe Bradshaw, Charleston 
Mark Brandon, Southaven 
Patrick Branson, Erwin, NC 

Sonja Brantley, Shreveport, LA 
Brian Brasher, Hernando 
Duane Brasher, Charleston 
Juna Brasher, Batesville 
Gregory Brasell, Oxford 

Sam Braswell, Hernando 
Alice Braxton, Cascilla 
Hugh Brewer, Senatobia 
Robert Brewer, Coffeeville 
Susan Brewer, Oxford 

Rodney Bright, Memphis 
Lisa Briscoe, Oxford 
Arthur Brisendine, Walls 
Scottie Brister, Coldwater 
Francis Britt, Oxford 


Chris Brogdon, West Memphis, AR 

Annette Brown, Marks 

Billy Brown, Oxford 

Carl Brown, Batesville 

]ohn Brown, Fort Pierce, FL 

Lamar Brown, Water Valley 

Margaret Brown, Senatobia 

Steve Brown, Sardis 

Tina Brown, Arkabutla 

Virgia Brown, Water Valley 

Ralph Bruce, Oxford 

Wendy Bruckner, Crenshaw 

Michael Brundage, Horn Lake 

David Brunson, Charleston 

Angie Bryan, Batesville 

Karen Bryant, Sarah 

Leah Bryant, Marks 

Angelia Bryson, Holly Springs 

James Buchanan, Frayser, TN 

Celestine Buck, Crenshaw 

Gwendolyn Buckley, Batesville 

Cynthia Bullock, Tunica 

Brian Burford, Senatobia 

Tommie Burgess, Batesville 

Tammy Burkley, Senatobia 

Linda Burns, Oxford 

Timothy Burns, Charleston 

lames Burris, Coldwater 

Forrest Burt, Vardaman 

Robert Burwick, Myrtle Beach, SC 


Brenda Butler, Sardis 

David Burler, Marks 

Edward Butler, Batesville 

Edward Butler, |r., Sardis 

Kimberly Butler, Sardis 


Leroy Butler, )r., Lambert 
Rita Butler, Senatobia 
Sheila Butler, Senatobia 
Susan Butler, Sardis 
Carolyn Butts, Como 

lean Bynum, Charleston 
Veronica Bynum, Charleston 
Terry Byrd, Hernando 
Tim Byrd, Hernando 
Tammy Caldwell, Senatobia 

Anthony Campbell, Calhoun City 
Chris Campbell, Senatobia 
Glen Cardwell, Memphis 
Mark Carnes, Midlothiam, VA 
Suzanne Carr, Memphis 

lames Carruth, Coldwater 
Shelia Carter, Sarah 
Richard Carwyle, Oxford 
Scott Cash, Southaven 
Eric Cassell, Charleston, MO 

Brian Chapman, Southaven 
Cynthia Charrier, New Orleans, LA 
)eff Champion, Charleston 
Eric Chapman, Pope 
Stacy Chapman, Pope 

lack Cheney, Darling 
Robert Cheney, Oxford 
Randy Cheshier, Southaven 
Lois Christal, Walls 
Cleminstian Christian, Nesbit 

Arbedlla Clark, Holly Springs 
lerry Clark, |r ., Marks 
Larry Clark, Marks 
Marvin Clark, Olive Branch 
Theresa Clay, Como 

\Hf V* *c 


Erma Cleveland, Como 

Johnny Clolinger, Charleston 

Derwin Cobb, Victoria 

Randy Cobb, Hernando 

Chris Coker, Lambert 

Catherine Cole, Batesville 

Shirley Clark, Olive Branch 

lohnny Cole, Senatobia 

Scott Cole, Coldwater 

Alicia Coleman, Oxford 

Craig Coleman, Senatobia 

Sid Coleman, Senatobia 

Cynthia Collins, Charleston 

Jackie Collins, Hernando 

Evelyn Conley, Tunica 

Joe Conley, Coldwater 

Greg Conn, Minerva, OH 

Barry Cook, Charleston 

Chris Cook, Memphis 

Chuck Cook, Batesville 

James Cook, Sledge 

Martha Cook, Crenshaw 

Ruth Cook, Water Valley 

Renee Cooper, Byhalia 

Vanessa Cooper, Crenshaw 

David Cotten, Bruce 

Robin Cotten, Senatobia 

Staci Countiss, Bruce 

Jerry Cox, Courtland 

Maxine Cox, Crowder 

riLM MfN 

Cretchel Crane, Holly Springs 

Susan Crook, Byhalia 

Tyrone Crowder, Darling 

Bertha Crump, Charleston 

James Crump, Batesville 

£ r J* 


Debra Crutcher, Memphis 
Michael Culver, Potts Camp 
Richard Culver, Coldwater 
Chris Cunningham, Memphis 
Jeff Dalton, Oxford 

Mary Daniel, Senatobia 
Karen Dantzler, Vicksburg 
Gary Darby, Como 
Kelly Davidson, Memphis 
Angela Davis, Clarksdale 

Cynthia Davis, Lambert 
Deborah Davis, Crenshaw 
Debra Davis, Byhalia 
Dorothy Davis, Byhalia 
Emily Davis, Cascilla 

Sherman Davis, Senatobia 
Terry Davis, Oxford 
Angela Dean, Sarah 
Fred Dean, Independence 
Ricky Dean, Senatobia 

Leah Dennis, Hernando 
Vicky Dewberry, Oxford 
Eric Dewitt, Myrtle Beach, SC 
Karen Dillingham, Walls 
Tim Distel, Shalimar 

Sharon Dodson, Holly Springs 
Penny Doles, Calhoun City 
Loretta Davis, Marks 
Mitch Davis, Senatobia 
Patrick Davis, Senatobia 

Randy Davis, Cascilla 
Dewilda Dorris, Crowder 
Shelia Dorsey, Olive Branch 
Cheryl Douglas, Vardaman 
Debrah Douglas, Charleston 


Nancy Douglas, Marks 

Ted Downen, Olive Branch 

Renee Downs, Oxford 

lames Drake, Brandon 

Robert Dunaway, Lake Cormorant 

Kenneth Dunlap, Olive Branch 

Lesley Durham, Senatobia 

)oy Durrett, Batesville 

Ivan Dye, Senatobia 

George Echols, Holly Springs 

)ohn Echols, Southaven 

David Edmond, Calhoun City 

)ohn Edmonds, Phenix City, AL 

Allie Edwards, Charleston 

Patricia Edwards, Lake Cormorant 

Pricilla Edwards, Charleston 

Priscilla Edwards, Lake Cormorant 

Wendy Edwards, Olive Branch 

Darin Elion, Coldwater 

William Eliott, Hernando 

James Embrey, Independence 

Chris Erber, Senatobia 

Loyd Estes, West Memphis, AR 

Brady Eubanks, Senatobia 

Claire Evans, Senatobia 

Percy Evans, Holly Springs 
Barbara Everett, Coldwater 

Walter Everton, Memphis 

James Fair, Delray Beach, FL 

Ann Farmer, Coldwater 


Calvin Faulkner, Senatobia 

James Faulkner, Oxford 

Jerry Faulkner, Holly Springs 

Romus Faulkner, Senatobia 

Sandra Faulkner, Holly Springs 


Kenneth Fellows, Batesville 
Denise Fennell, Robinsonville 
Don Ferguson, Coldwater 
Robby Ferguson, Oxford 
Rex Fields, Starkville 

Danny Finley, Holly Springs 
Pearly Finley, Holly Springs 
Jeff Fitch, Hernando 
Shirley Flax, Falcon 
Beverly Floyd, Batesville 

Kim Floyd, Holly Springs 
Buck Fondren, Oxford 
Deborah Fondren, Batesville 
Freda Fondren, Oxford 
Johnny Fondren, Oxford 

Linda Fondren, Oxford 
Deborah Fonderson, Marks 
Tommy Fondon, Water Valley 
Barbara Ford, Senatobia 
Robin Forsythe, Tunica 

Kitty Foster, Hernando 
Randall Fowler, Covington, TN 
Elouise Franklin, Tunica 
Robert Franklin, Independence 
Shirley Franklin, Memphis 

Michael Frazier, Charleston 
|. B. Freelon, Bruce 
Jackie Freeman, Water Valley 
Georgia Frierson, Oxford 
Joseph Frush, Senatobia 

Brenda Fuller, Hernando 
Randy Gaddy, Byhalia 
Brent Gaines, Coldwater 
Sheryl Gaines, Senatobia 
Joseph Garaffa, Germantown, TN 


Dorothy Gardner, Como 

Shawn Gardner, Oxford 

)anet Garrett, Senatobia 

Mike Garrity, Nesbit 

Chas Gary, Senatobia 

Greg Gary, Charleston, MO 

Mitchell Gates, Charleston 

Milo Gatewood, Byhalia 

Bobby George, Coldwater 

Ronnie Geter, Coldwater 

Susan Gibson, Bruce 

Deloris Giles, Batesville 

Frankie Gill, Oxford 

Louanne Gilliam, Potts Camp 

lames Gipson, Como 

Reginald Gipson, Como 

Kevin Glass, Byhalia 

Alice Glover, Holly Springs 

Theresa Goad, Marks 

Angela Goforth, Batesville 

Joan Gooch, Oxford 

Michael Gooch, Water Valley 

Paul Gooch, Hernando 

Barry Goodall, Louisville, KY 

John Goodman, Tunica 

Carolyn Goolsby, Oxford 

Robby Goolsby, Hickory Flat 

Willie Goolsby, Oxford 

Timothy Gowen, Enid 

Thomas Grafe, Southaven 


lohnnie Graham, Senatobia 

Michael Graves, lackson 

Angela Gray, Batesville 

Bruce Gray, Water Valley 

Dee Gray, Holly Springs 


Richie Gray, Batesville 
Ruth Cray, Water Valley 
Adrant Green, Memphis 
Caroline Green, Memphis 
John Green, Sardis 

Scott Green, Oxford 
Tammy Green, Olive Branch 
Delinda Greer, Como 
Ray Gregory, Oxford 
lames D. Griffin, Batesville 

Pam Griffin, Houlka 
Pattie Griffin, Batesville 
Stephen Gullett, Hernando 
Barbara Hairston, Oxford 
Billy Hale, Walls 

Rusty Hales, Sledge 
Lawrence Haley, Lambert 
Patsy Hall, Batesville 
Tony Hall, Tunica 
Randy Hamilton, Tunica 

Cynthia Hammond, Senatobia 
Dorothy Hammond, Horn Lake 
)anet Hammond, Senatobia 
Robin Hammond, Southaven 
Tamme Hammond, Senatobia 

Vivian Hammond, Senatobia 
Terry Hampton, Tunica 
Luther Hanback, Senatobia 
Shueri Handal, Honduras 
Ashley Hankins, Charleston 

Maurice Hankins, Charleston 
Felicia Hannah, Holly Springs 
Stephine Hannah, Holly Springs 
Darrell Hardy, Dundee 
Eva Hardy, Courtland 


Angela Hargrow, Tunica 

John Harmon, Paris 

Kevin Harmon, Water Valley 

Eldridge Harper, Independence 

Martha Harper, Tunica 

Gloria Harrell, Coldwater 

Leslie Harrelson, Calhoun City 

Erma Harris, Tutwiler 

Harlen Harris, Sardis 

lerry Harris, Tillatoba 

Marvin Harris, Senatobia 

Stacy Harris, Coffeeville 

Deborah Harrison, Courtland 

Mark Havens, Oxford 

Renee Havens, Oxford 

Kelvin Hayes, Tunica 

Randy R. Heard, Vicksburg 

Clara Hearon, Crowder 

Kelly Heimback, Hernando 

Rebecca Helums, Lake Cormorant 

Caroline Henderson, Sardis 

lean Henderson, Coldwater 

Ruby Henderson, Tunica 

Mark Hendrix, Vardaman 

)ohn Henley, Marks 

Tony Hensley, Southaven 

Patricia Henson, Senatobia 

Rhonda Henson, Sardis 

Jeff Hentz, Batesville 

Rodney Hentz, Courtland 


Ruby Herod, Abbeville 

Bruce Herring, Sardis 

Louis Herring, Southaven 

Amy Herron, Courtland 

Debra Herron, Hernando 


James Herron, Senatobia 
Michael Herron, Marks 
Sharon Herron, Hernando 
Shelia Herron, Coldwater 
Amy Hester, Sardis 

Jeffery Hester, Sardis 
Charane Hewttle, Marks 
Kenneth Hibbler, Senatobia 
Tear Hibbler, Senatobia 
Eric Hicks, Senatobia 

Shirley Hicks, Senatobia 
Pamela Hightower, Bruce 
Jimmy Hill, Charleston 
Rhonda Hill, Oxford 
Deborah Hodges, Tunica 

Erik Hodges, Forrest City, AR 
Clifford Holbrook, Holly Springs 
Steve Holcombe, Senatobia 
Lee Holiday, Senatobia 
Shirley Holland, Oxford 

Rodney Holley, Batesville 
Randy Hollifield, Byhalia 
Marvin Hollis, Lagrange, GA 
Chris Holloman, Myrtle Beach, SC 
Tim Holloway, Derma 

Roger Holmes, Oxford 
Robert Holub, Coldwater 
Richard Hopper, Hernando 
Sylvester Hopson, Marks 
Valarie Hoskins, Batesville 

Yvonne House, Sardis 
Kirby Houston, Oxford 
Marilyn Houston, Oxford 
Marty Houston, Sarah 
Birtha Howard, Oxford 


Walter Howard, Batesville 

Gina Howell, Potts Camp 

Monty Howell, Potts Camp 

Rosie Howell, Lamar 

Tony Howell, Hernando 

Linda Hubbard, Sardis 

Wanda Hubbard, Pope 

Mark Huddleston, Ashland 

Sherry Hudson, Memphis 

Frank Hudspeth, Crenshaw 

Caren Huffstickler, Senatobia 

Bridget Hunt, Sarah 

lames Hunt, Water Valley 

Pam Hunter, Senatobia 

Lanier Hurdle, Holly Springs 

Susan Hutchison, Coldwater 

Phyllis Irby, Coldwater 

Earnest Isabell, Tunica 

Jimmy Isom, Bolivar, TN 

Charles Ivy, Como 

Charles Jackson, Tunica 

Christine Jackson, Lambert 

Dorothy Jackson, Tunica 

Jenette Jackson, Sarah 

Marcia Jackson, Grand Junction, TN 

Robert Lee Jackson, Tunica 

Sandra Jackson, Glendora 

Sandra Jackson, Hernando 

Willie Jackson, Tunica 

Edward James, Charleston 


Ronald James, Jr., Walls 

Shelia James, Batesville 

Stacy James, Grenada 

Christopher Jamison, Independence 

Milton Jamison, Tunica 


Shirley Jamison, Oxford 
Yvonne Jamison, Marks 
Eddie jarrell, Coffeeville 
Rhonda Jaudon, Batesville 
Tommy Jaynes, Southaven 

lane Jefferson, Red Banks 
Janie Jeffress, Oxford 
Bertha Jeffries, Holly Springs 
Curtis Jeffries, Louisville, KY 
Daniel Jeffries, Sarah 

Earnestine Jeffries, Holly Springs 
Patricia Jeffries, Holly Springs 
Danny Jenkins, Southaven 
McKell Jenkins, Marks 
Audrey Johnson, Dundee 

Carlos Johnson, Holly Springs 
Carolyn Johnson, Dundee 
Cherie Johnson, Charleston 
Cindy Johnson, Potts Camp 
Cleveland Johnson, Oxford 

Dwain Johnson, Sardis 
Elizabeth Johnson, Grenada 
Florence Johnson, Tutwiler 
Gloria Johnson, Batesville 
James Johnson, Marks 

Josef Johnson, Mound Bayou 
Patricia Johnson, Byhalia 
Ricky Johnson, Marks 
Rita Johnson, Batesville 
Ronald Johnson, Clarksdale 

Shirley Johnson, Grenada 
Vakita Johnson, Batesville 
Jeff Johnston, Como 
Jerry Johnston, Coldwater 
Mia Joiner, Batesville 


Michael Joiner, Oxford 

Pamela joiner, Courtland 

Sharon loiner, Tunica 

Anna )ones, Panola 

Betty Jones, Mt. Pleasant 

Carolyn Jones, Marks 

Chris Jones, Senatobia 

Debra Jones, Batesville 

Elton Jones, Victoria 

Gwen Jones, Hernando 

Jacoby Jones, Senatobia 

Johnnie Mae Jones, Holly Springs 

Joyce Jones, Marks 

Judith Jones, Crenshaw 

Kenneth Jones, Columbus 

Lottie Jones, Charleston 

Minnie Jones, Darling 

Nora Jones, Taylor 

Penny Jones, Byhalia 

Shari Jones, Sardis 

Shirley Jones, Marks 

Stan Jones, Potts Camp 

Vuanita Jones, Senatobia 

Yolunda Jones, Grenada 

Melissa Joyner, Water Valley 

Tad Keith, Memphis 

Pamela Kendall, Charleston 

Cheri Keough, Independence 

Jerome Kerney, Como 

Patrick Kerney, Como 

® 9 f $ 

fH Ml™ 


Sarah Key, Hernando 

Bonanza Keys, Tunica 

Patrick Keys, Tunica 

Rich Kimbrell, Walls 

Abigail Kimmons, Marks 


Leslie King, Holly Springs 
Odessa King, Crowder 
Rufhie King, Bruce 
Lisa Klenk, Horn Lake 
Leah Klepzig, Abbeville 

Karen Knight, Oxford 
Anthony Kyles, Tunica 
Tony Lacook, Water Valley 
David Lail, Germantown, TN 
)oe Lambert, Hernando 

James Landreth, Vardaman 
Carolyn Lane, University 
)oann Langkwel, Coffeeville 
Frank Laster, Batesville 
Cassandra Lawrence, Lambert 

Angela Layrock, Hernando 

Lisa Leak, Lamar 

Roberta Leatherwood, Independence 

Lela Ledford, Oxford 

lames Lee, Sumner 

Kevin Lee, Marks 
Linda Lee, Memphis 
Pamela Lee, Courtland 
Regina Lee, Marks 
Belinda Leggette, Southaven 

Vickie Lemons, Holly Springs 
Annette Lenard, Sardis 
Patricia Lester, Memphis 
Anthony Lesure, Coldwater 
Elaine Leverson, Coldwater 

Cooper Lewis, Sardis 
Donald Lewis, Tunica 
Eric Lewis, Dayton, OH 
Eva Lewis, Sardis 
Joe Lewis, Oxford 


Linda Liggins, Oxford 

Pamela Lipford, Senatobia 

Rebekah Lipscomb, Como 

Terry Lisenby, Horn Lake 

Aubrey Locke, Oakland 

Tommy Lofton, Calhoun City 

Anthony Logan, Nesbit 

Edgar Long, Sardis 

Kelly Lott, Coldwater 

Fontaine Loven, Como 

Tony Lowe, Columbus, OH 

Gary Lowery, Southaven 

Joey Lowery, Tunica 

Terry Lowery, Tunica 

Angela Lucas, Holly Springs 

Robert Mabry, Coldwater 

Robert Mabry, Memphis 

Dana Mabus, Charleston 

Robert Maddux, Coldwater 

Rhonda Madison, Crowder 

Alberta Madkins, Crenshaw 

Forstine Madkins, Sledge 

Linda Mahan, Sardis 

Cheryl Malone, Memphis 

Jean Malone, Oxford 



Thomas Malone, Batesville 



James Maness, Hickory Flat 

m 3 

Brenda Manning, Coldwater 


Sheila Manning, Coldwater 



Dana Mansel, Walls 






Korine Marion, Holly Springs 

Bruce Martin, Taylor 

Eric Martin, Batesville 

Tammy Martin, Bruce 

Valerie Martin, Oxford 


Sharon Mason, Lamar 
Yvonne Massey, Holly Springs 
)ane Massie, Water Valley 
Ferlinda Malhis, Oxford 
Michelle Matthews, Byhalia 

Russell Mauk, Byhalia 
Gary May, Senatobia 
)ennifer May, Bruce 
Debertha Mayes, Oxford 
Georgia Mayo, Water Valley 

Laretha Mays, Byhalia 
Harvey McAdory, Tunica 
Robert McArthur, Marks 
Cynthia McCain, Batesville 
Jimmie McCain, Pleasant Grove 

Edith McCarley, Grand (unction, TN 
Virginia McCartney, Hernando 
Mae McClatchey, Senatobia 
Shelia McClellan, Taylor 
Connie McCloud, Batesville 

Crescent McCloud, Holly Springs 
Carla McCollough, Senatobia 
Emily McCrary, Senatobia 
Cheryl McCullar, Batesville 
Brenda McCullough, Coldwater 

Lisa McCullough, Arkabutla 
John McCutchen, Memphis 
Cynthia McDowell, Memphis 
Art McElroy, Senatobia 
William McFadden, Holly Springs 

Mark McGee, Coldwater 
Arlene McGowen, Southaven 
David McGregor, Vardaman 
Anige Mcintosh, West Memphis, AR 
Cynthia Mclntyre, Coldwater 


Ricky McKee, Walls 

Chris McKell, Horn Lake 

Lenita McKelvy, Dyersburg, TN 

Bobbie McKinney, Dundee 

Debra McKinney, Holly Springs 

Ida McKinney, Holly Springs 
Patricia McKinney, Sardis 

Brenda McKnatt, Horn Lake 
Tracey McMaster, Nesbit 
Mona McMillan, Lambert 

Audrey McNeese, Sledge 

David Meadors, Memphis 

Angie Medlin, Waterford 

Jim Medlin, Southaven 

Betty Meeks, Marks 

Mary Meeks, Marks 

Timothy Merriweather, Hernando 

Kim Metzger, Oxford 

Nicole Middleton, Memphis 

lames Milam, Como 

James Miles, Pope 

Charlotte Miller, Senatobia 

Keith Miller, Hernando 

Lititia Miller, Oxford 

Ronnie Miller, Hernando 

Sandy Miller, Michigan City 

Cana Minor, Marshall 

Amanda Mitchell, Vardaman 

Arletha Mitchell, Oxford 

Dawn Mitchell, Oxford 


Gary Mitchell, Taylor 

John Mitchell, Waterford 

Pamela Mitchell, Lambert 

David Mize, Oxford 

David Mock, Senatobia 


Monty Montgomery, Olive Branch 
Mark Mooneyham, Oxford 
Jeff Moore, Southaven 
Kathy Moore, Red Banks 
Linda Moore, Coldwater 

Robert Moore, Charleston 
Kim Moorhead, Paris 
jerry Morgan, Covington, TN 
Kathie Morgan, Batesville 
Kelvin Morgan, Pope 

Daphna Morris, Batesville 
David Morris, Batesville 
Kim Morris, Byhalia 
Ronnie Morris, Coldwater 
Kimberly Morrow, Oxford 

Louise Morrow, Bolivar, TN 
Steve Morrow, Senatobia 
Michelle Morton, Memphis 
Sheila Morton, Coldwater 
Randy Moten, Henderson, TN 

Paula Mothershead, Pleasant Grove 
Thomas Mullane, Southaven 
Curt Mullen, Senatobia 
Albert Mullins, Memphis 
Aletha Murphy, Ashland 

Nancy Myles, Marks 
Lee Nabors, Calhoun City 
Valerie Naramore, Courtland 
Reed Naron, Oxford 
Floyd Neal, Oakland 

i> V 

Jimmy Neal, Newport 
Paula Neal, Bruce 
Donald Neeley, Horn Lake 
Donna Neeley, Horn Lake 
George Nelson, Big Creek 


Johnny Nelson, Olive Branch 

Tommy Nelson, Southaven 

Patricia New, Walls 

Joe Newcomb, Memphis 

Vickie Newman, Enid 

Brian Newsom, Memphis 

Pamela Newsom, Byhalia 

Darryl Newson, Senatobia 

Gregory Newson, Olive Branch 

Terry Neyman, Coldwater 

Keith Nichols, Olive Branch 

Timmy Nickens, Tutwiler 

Gloria Nicks, Abbeville 

Eva Nolen, Ashland 

Florastine Nolen, Coldwater 

Stan Northrip, Duck Hill 

Heather O'Herron, Olive Branch 

Brenda Oliver, Holly Springs 

Mary Lee Oliver, Sardis 

Frank Olson, Hernando 

Shelley Oneal, Senatobia 

Gary Oneel, Coldwater 

Stephanie O'Quinn, Memphis 

R. V. Orange, Senatobia 

James Orr, Horn Lake 

Terry Owen, Southaven 

Curtis Owens, Oxford 

Nell Owens, Holly Springs 

Tish Palmertree, Batesville 

Alan Parker, Oxford 



Catherine Patterson, Tunica 

Gregory Payton, Olive Branch 

Eartha Pegues, Oxford 

Elizabeth Perkins, Holly Springs 

Gary Perkins, Coffeeville 


Rosie Perkins, Holly Springs 
Melody Perry, Oxford 
Sam Perry, West Memphis, AR 
Ted Perry, Charleston 
Misty Person, Newport, AR 

Cardell Phillips, Holly Springs 
Cathy Phillips, Byhalia 
Karen Phillips, Coldwater 
Margaret Phillips, Memphis 
Patricia Phillips, Sarah 

Chris Pickett, Pope 
Caron Pighee, Hernando 
Shawn Pinion, Tuscaloosa, AL 
Jean Pinkston, Lambert 
Bernard Pipkin, Senatobia 

Henry Pipkin, Senatobia 
James Pittman, III, Memphis 
Margaret Pitts, Coldwater 
Paillette Pitts, Coldwater 
Steven Polk, Marks 

Curtis Poole, Holly Springs 
Kimberly Pope, Independence 
Kenneth Portis, Columbus, OH 
Amy Pounders, Batesville 
John Powell, Hernando 

Patrick Powell, Bruce 
Tracy Power, Tunica 
Sharon Price, Abbeville 
L. C. Pride, III, Marks 
William Pruett, Oxford 

Rodney Pruitt, Lake Cormorant 
Connie Pullen, Big Creek 
Peggy Ragon, Batesville 
Mary Ramsey, Coldwater 
Mary Ramsey, Oxford 


Willie Ramsey, Holly Springs 

Isadore Randle, Water Valley 

Mary Ray, Senatobia 

Susan Ray, Coldwater 

Danny Rayford, Sledge 

Bobby Reed, Charleston 

Gloria Reed, Charleston 

Kelvin Reed, Senatobia 

Wanda Reed, Batesville 

Brian Reeder, Batesville 

Diane Reinking, Walls 

Janis Rhea, Tampa, FL 

Lee Rice, Columbus 

Twanna Rice, Crenshaw 

Mark Rice, Germantown, TN 

Velma Richard, Sumner 

Bessie Richardson, Tillatoba 

Marie Richardson, Tillatoba 

Pamela Richardson, Senatobia 

Shirley Richardson, Tunica 

Ruby Richardson, West Memphis, AR 

Annie Richmond, Holly Springs 

Sharon Riem, Hernando 

Mack Riley, Lambert 

Robert Riley, West Memphis, AR 

Maricia Robbins, Byhalia 

Amanda Roberson, Coldwater 

David Roberson, Ashland 

Donald Roberson, Ashland 

James Roberson, Crowder 

ft ft M 9\ 


Jennifer Robertson, Hernando 

Solon Robertson, Charleston 

Amanda Robinson, Holly Springs 

Brooks Robinson, Ashland 

Marvin Roddy, Dundee 




Sharon Rodgers, Memphis 
Velma Rodgers, Crenshaw 
Henrine Rogers, Batesville 
Rose Rogers, Senatobia 
Shirley Rogers, Holly Springs 

Brenda Rooks, Holly Springs 
Cindy Rose, Senatobia 
Betty |o Ross, Senatobia 
Bill Ross, Arkabutla 
Michael Ross, Batesville 

Myra Ross, Coldwater 
Verina Ross, Senatobia 
Vivia Ross, West Memphis, AR 
Michael Rouse, Newton Falls, OH 
Beulah Rowsey, Oxford 

Grace Rowsey, Batesville 
Donald Ruby, Como 
Tyrone Rucker, Holly Springs 
Frances Rudd, Batesville 
Jimmy Russell, Sardis 

Tim Rutherford, Water Valley 
Lora Sacks, Marks 
Angela Sales, Nesbit 
Erma Sales, Nesbit 
Shelia Sambola, Senatobia 

Brenda Sanders, Senatobia 
Floyd Sanders, Courtland 
John Sanders, Cascilla 
Kim Sanders, Askew 
Marilyn Sanders, Senatobia 

Lou Sartin, Lake Cormorant 
Harriet Sartor, Oxford 
Howard Saulsberry, Coldwater 
Ronnie Saulsberry, Independence 
Marc Scales, Holly Springs 


Alan Schell, Senatobia 

Ann Scott, Senatobia 

Charles Scott, Bartlett, TN 

Paula Scott, Senatobia 
Rebecca Scott, Hernando 

Brad Scruggs, Senatobia 

Tina Scruggs, Hernando 

Timothy Sebring, Portland, TN 

Cheryl Self, Crowder 

Shawn Sellers, Abbeville 

Don Seymour, Horn Lake 

Terence Shannon, Tunica 

Tommie Shannon, Tunica 

John Shavers, Greenwood 

Daniel Shaw, Southaven 

Doug Shaw, Southaven 
Lisa Shaw, Charleston 
Phil Shaw, Coffeeville 
Juanita Sheep, Oxford 

Carl Shegog, Courtland 

Jeff rey Shegog, Batesville 

John Shelton, Hernando 

Billie Shepard, Jr., Sardis 

Scott Shipman, Senatobia 

Phillip Shook, Jr., Charleston 

Fred Shorty, Senatobia 

Paul Sills, Southaven 

Sam Simmons, Memphis 

Susie Simmons, Oxford 

Brad Simpson, Byhalia 


Joanna Sisk, Oxford 

M. C. Skillon, Crenshaw 

Michael Sledge, Hattiesburg 

David Slocum, Senatobia 

Jeff Small, Hernando 


Karen Smallwood, Charleston 
Lisa Smart, Senatobia 
Albert Smith, Lambert 
Betty |oe Smith, Lambert 
Bonnie Smith, Sledge 

Charlie Smith, Tunica 
Darrell Smith, Batesville 
Keith Smith, Horn Lake 
Laura Smith, Como 
Neshell Smith, Falcon 

Peggy Smith, Charleston 
Shirley Smith, Lambert 
Wade Smith, Sardis 
Joan Smothers, Senatobia 
luanita Sneed, Oxford 

Patricia Sorrells, Sardis 
Ernest Sowell, Hernando 
Dwight Spearman, Senatobia 
Magnolia Spearman, Eudora 
Scott Spears, Lambert 

Cynthia Spencer, Senatobia 
Lisa Standard, Enid 
Tina Standard, Enid 
Rickey Stanford, Batesville 
Patrick Stafford, Senatobia 

Rebecca Stamps, Byhalia 
Herbert Stanley, Batesville 
Darrell Starks, Oxford 
Curtis Stephen, Bruce 
Patricia Stewart, Marks 

W$&j% fe» 

Sylvia Stewart, Batesville 
Terrence Stocks, Milwaukee, Wl 
Sharon Stockton, Hernando 
Leslie Stokes, Marks 
Faye Stone, Water Valley 


Angelia Story, Hernando 

Brenda Street, Courtland 

Keith Strickland, Ashland 

Shelia Strickland, Sardis 

Terry Stuart, Askew 

Brad Styers, Oxford 

Mae Suggs, Enid 

Lindy Sullivan, Oxford 

Sandra Sullivan, Batesville 

Aline Summers, Byhalia 

Flourine Summers, Byhalia 

Willie Sumner, Webb 

Brett Sutherland, Vardaman 

Clynda Swan, Senatobia 

Cynthia Swanson, Olive Branch 

Michael Swanson, Pittsboro 

Mitzi Swanson, Bruce 

Claire Sweeney, Senatobia 

Grady Tabor, Memphis 

Robert Tanner, Horn Lake 

Ronnie Tatum, Vicksburg 

Betty Taylor, Coldwater 

Carl Taylor, Robinsonville 

Erma Taylor, Charleston 

James Taylor, Water Valley 

Mark Taylor, Coffeeville 

Naomi Taylor, Charleston 

Romie Taylor, Holly Springs 

Cathy Thaggard, Senatobia 

Laura Theobald, Oxford 


Cwendolin Thomas, Sardis 

Monty Thomas, Batesville 

Sharon Thompson, Horn Lake 

Burnadette Thornton, Bruce 

Reda Threatt, Hernando 


Gari Lynn Thurber, Southaven 
Allison Tillman, Bruce 
Andy Tindall, Calhoun City 
Jary Tindall, Batesville 
Sherry Tindall, Batesville 

Daren Todd, Hernando 
Laura Toles, Taylor 
Steve Toney, Senatobia 
Donna Toombs, Grenada 
Richard Towles, Batesville 

Derrell Tribble, Eads 
Tommy Tribble, Senatobia 
Terri Troxler, Coldwater 
Pamela Truddle, Coldwater 
Wade Tubb, Charleston 

Sam Tucker, Southaven 
Renee Tunstall, Hernando 
Shewron Tunstall, Byhalia 
Billy Turnage, Senatobia 
Bobbie Turner, Senatobia 

Gay Turner, Marks 
James Turner, Grenada 
Sheila Turner, Oxford 
Sherman Tyler, Memphis 
Reba Umberger, Olive Branch 

Curtis Vance, Charleston 
Tracey Vance, Charleston 
Phillip Vaughan, Batesville 
David Vaughters, Batesville 
Terry Vick, Oxford 

Gladys Vollbracht, Grenada 
Kimberly Voyles, West Memphis, AR 
Sally Wade, Birdie 
Sandra Wade, Coahoma 
Deborah Wages, Senatobia 


Rick Waldrip, Southaven 
Russell Waldrop, Pontotoc 
Alderick Walker, Hernando 

Charlotte Walker, Marks 
Felicia Walker, Holly Springs 

Franklin Walker, )r., Holly Springs 

Robert Walker, Charleston 

Kanjo Wallace, Coldwater 

Aaron Walls, Southaven 

Howard Wallzer, Senatobia 

Margaret Walthall, Horn Lake 

John Walton, Tunica 

Sally Walton, Tunica 

Sylvia Walton, Batesville 

Barbara Ward, Coldwater 

Charlotte Ward, Abbeville 

Jacqueline Ward, Como 

Martha Ware, Marks 

Kelvin Washington, Memphis 

Sheila Washington, Oxford 

Sheila Washington, Oxford 

Linda Watson, Robinsonville 

Dorothy Watson, Sledge 

Marvin Watson, Sledge 

Terrence Weakley, Detroit, Ml 

Annie Webb, Olive Branch 

Carolyn Webb, Senatobia 

Christine Webb, Ashland 

Simon Weir, Hernando 

Simone Weir, Hernando 


Barbara Wells, Victoria 
George Wells, Olive Branch 

Robert Whalen, |r , Tunica 
George Wheeler, Memphis 

lackie Wheeler, Southaven 


Michael Wheeler, Columbus 
Christine White, Memphis 
Debbie White, Crowder 
Hilburnia White, Batesville 
Kim White, Hernando 

Nina White, Horn Lake 
Derrick Wilborn, Nesbit 
Kim Wiley, Marks 
Jackie Wiley, Lambert 
Anthony Wilkinson, Oxford 

Leigh Ann Wilkinson, Memphis 
Clayton Williams, Olive Branch 
Donell Williams, Tunica 
Donny Williams, Macon, GA 
Herbert Williams, Walls 

James Williams, Jr., Tunica 
Lisa Williams, Sumner 
Orlando Williams, Senatobia 
Pat Williams, Oxford 
Rhonda Williams, Pittsboro 

Shirley Williams, Tunica 
Willie Williams, Oxford 
Patricia Williamson, Grenada 
Sherry Williamson, Olive Branch 
Vicki Williamson, Senatobia 

Sharyn Williford, Oxford 
Evelyn Willingham, Sardis 
Shelia Willingham, Oxford 
Christine Wilson, Oxford 
Darrell Wilson, Memphis 

Eric Wilson, Courtland 
Kenny Wilson, Southaven 
Lakatia Wilson, Tutwiler 
Lenoize Wilson, Hernando 
Reginald Wilson, Memphis 


Ronald Wilson, Hernando 

Anne Winborn, Crenshaw 

Martha Winders, Holly Springs 

Richard Winter, Bruce 

Brian Wolfe, Sardis 

joy Wolfe, Senatobia 

Patsy Womack, Hernando 

Edward Womble, III, Charleston 

Calara Woodard, Water Valley 

Virginia Woodard, Calhoun City 

Machael Woods, Pope 
Mark Woods, Memphis 
Melissa Woods, Oxford 

Scott Woods, Grenada 
|ohn Wooten, Memphis 

Stan Wooten, lackson, TN 

Tammy Wooten, Coldwater 

Elaine Wortham, Abbeville 

lames Wortham, Calhoun City 

Donald Wright, Senatobia 

Melvin Wright, Byhalia 

Jackie Wright, Sardis 

Queen Wright, Marks 

Randy Wright, Bartlett, TN 

Jessie Yancey, Memphis 

Georgia Yarbrough, Victoria 

Joey Yarbrough, Southaven 

Jeff Yeager, Southaven 

Lisa Yon, Senatobia 

Tina York, Southaven 


Ida Young, Tunica 

Lucille Young, Nesbit 

Naomia Young, Holly Springs 

Ozzie Young, Senatobia 

Wanda Young, Batesville 


Paul Youngblood, Olive Branch 

Michele Yount, Sarah 

Theresa Zinn, Oxford 








T ■■ 

■ v 




^^ / * 






- -Mm 












Very popular among students, Charles Moss was 
selected Mr. DeSoto Center. Charles and his wife 
Lisa reside in Covington, TN. 

A former football player at Ole Miss, he is a mor- 
tuary science major with a 3.26 grade point 
average. Charles is a member of Sigma Phi Sigma. 


Dana Renee Doles was elected Miss DeSoto 
Center by popular vote. She is the daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. Thomas E. Doles of Calhoun City. 

A President's Scholar, Dana is a two-year 
member of Delta Epsilon Chi. The 19-year old was 
also named Outstanding Fashion Merchandising 
Student and included in Who's Who Among 
Students in American Junior Colleges. 









Delta Epsilon Chi develops future leaders in marketing and distribution. It serves to develop a respect for 
education in marketing and distribution which will contribute to occupational competence and to promote an 
understanding and an appreciation for the responsibilities of citizenship in our free, competitive enterprise 

Members include: John Mize, Annie Hamer, Jessie Yancey, Mechelle Reliford, Mildred Bartlett, Kelly Buell, 
Debbie Smiltnicks, Leslie McKay, Kay Elam, Dana Doles, Karen Hannah, Willie McNeil, and Eric Johnson. 

Advisors are Bob Koonce, Dennis Fondren, and Derita Williams. 



Sigma Phi Sigma is a club for mortuary science majors. 

Members include: Terrance Jensen, Rodney Barber, Robert Turner, David Watson, David Berryman, John 
Shavers, Karl Oliver, John Wise, Eddie Phifer, Bob Rosson, Joe Shaw, Charles Knight, John Jackson, Charles 
Moss, Larry Parker, Jason Braswell, Robert Shaw, Dan Smith, Sandra Pate, Elnora Burton, Ben Smith, Robin 
Tyler, and George P. Gillespie. 




Elizabeth Britt 
Art History 

JoAnn Bratton 
Nursing I 

Desiree Davidson 


Sharon Davis 
American History 

Harold Davis 
Respiratory Therapy 

Dana Doles 
Fashion Merchandising 

Melissa Elliott 



Ann Honeycutt 

Sharryl Pike 
Hotel-Motel-Food Service Mgmt. 

Brian Sharp 

English Composition 




Linda Sharp 

English Literature 


Joey Smith 
Anatomy and Physiology 

LaRhonda White 
Respiratory Therapy 

loan Wooley 



.1 H » •*> 














Theresa Affuso, Horn Lake 

Othman Al-Jafari, Memphis 

Sandee Barkley, Southaven 

Mildred Bartlett, Nesbit 

David Berryman, Southaven 

Dominic Bianchi, Memphis 

)anice Bogard, Holly Springs 

Cherie Bramlitt, Southaven 

Kathy Bridgeforth, Southaven 

Elizabeth Britt, Southaven 

Mike Brown, Southaven 

Eddie Burke, Charleston 

Marilyn Carlock, Nesbit 

Melanie Cheshier, Southaven 

Tracy Christian, Nesbit 

Sara Clements, Southaven 

Carolyn Cross, Southaven 

Timothy Curtis, Olive Branch 

James Darnell, Southaven 

Byron Davis, Southaven 

Kelly Davis, Nesbit 

Dana Doles, Calhoun City 

Kim Dunn, Oxford 

Sherry Dye, Walls 

Sharon Faulkner, Southaven 

Chip Freeman, Hernando 

George Gillespie, Olive Branch 

)ohn Glenn, Hernando 

Constance Guy, Olive Branch 

Deborah Hall, Nesbit 

• \ w .1 


Melinda Harrison, Southaven 

Tricia Hayes, Southaven 

Tina Herndon, Southaven 

Marilyn Hodges, Memphis 

Mildred Hollins, Memphis 


Jill lames, Walls 
Johanna leans, Olive Branch 
Maxine Jeffers, Memphis 
Terrance lensen, Cermantown, TN 
Cynthia )ones, Hernando 

Viki )ones, Olive Branch 
Eric Johnson, Memphis 
Sue Jolly, Horn Lake 
Peggy Kuehndorf, Southaven 
Derek McDowell, Hernando 

Becky McFall, Memphis 
Vicki McKnight, Southaven 
Denise McOwen, Southaven 
Denise Medlin, Olive Branch 
LeAnn Millwood, Southaven 

Lori Nobles, Memphis 
Charles O'Quin, Southaven 
Larry Parker, Bruce 
Letha Parrish, Walls 
Darin Pilcher, Olive Branch 

Cynthia Piper, Southaven 
Carolyn Powers, Hernando 
Angie Price, Southaven 
Jacquelyn Rand, Memphis 
Mechelle Reliford, Holly Springs 

Melissa Riley, Hernando 

Mary Robb, Southaven 

Mona Roberts, West Memphis, AR 

Chris Scallorn, Independence 

Linda Sharp, Southaven 

Robert Shaw, Oxford 
Dorothy Shifflett, Horn Lake 
Benjamin Smith, Perkin, AR 
Robert Smith, Southaven 
Taryn Sparks, Walls 


Chris Stewart, Southaven 

John Strange, Independence 

Bonnie Tate, Nesbit 

Danny Taylor, Olive Branch 

Columbus Terry, Memphis 

Ed Turner, Southaven 

Debra Walker, Southaven 

Donna Waterbury, Southaven 

Gary Weatherspoon, Memphis 

Cedric Weaver, Memphis 

,■>*•»£ s . 

i •: i 

■ : 

- \^V .PI ■ 


LaRhonda White, Southaven 

ludie Wilson, Southaven 

John Wise, Eupora 

Kelly Wylie, Memphis 

Gina Young, Southaven 



Rita Abernathy, East Prairie, MO 

Jodie Al-)afari, Memphis 

Tracy Andrews, Southaven 

Theresa Baldwin, Olive Branch 

Rodney Barber, Senatobia 

Judy Bata, Southaven 

Becky Baugh, Southaven 

David Bennett, Memphis 

Jody Bratton, Southaven 

Mary Bridgewater, Memphis 

Debbie B r ooks, Southaven 

Daniel Brown, Olive Branch 

Betty Brownlee, Walls 

lames Buchanan, Memphis 

Kecia Buckingham, Southaven 

Kelly Buell, Nesbit 

Lesia Bullard, Nesbit 

Chris Butler, Horn Lake 

Rhonda Caldarera, Lake Cormorant 

Dianne Callahan, Southaven 

Leigh Ann Cannon, Southaven 

Sherry Chipman, Horn Lake 

Judy Chrestman, Walls 

Alicia Churchill, Memphis 

Danny Clark, Southaven 

Cliff Rampy, Southaven 
Sherry Clutter, Southaven 

Robin Coleman, Walls 
Mike Conner, Southaven 

David Cox, Horn Lake 


Evenatina Cox, Memphis 

Desiree Davidson, Southaven 

Cheryl Davis, Olive Branch 

Harold Davis, Bartlett, TN 

Robert Dean, Memphis 


Beverly Doolittle, Southaven 
Darron Dowell, Memphis 
Rose Eaton, Nesbit 
Janice Edwards, Memphis 
Jammie Elkins, Memphis 

Missy Elliott, Horn Lake 
)ohn Erickson, Southaven 
Leonard Fitzgerald, Helena, AR 
Michael Floyd, Southaven 
Pam Gamble, Memphis 

Amy Gibson, Memphis 
Jena Goad, Memphis 
Leah Green, Southaven 
Robin Grubbs, Memphis 
Kelley Gunn, Southaven 

Mary Beth Hamilton, Memphis 
Michelle Hamilton, Calhoun City 
Teresa Hardin, Southaven 
Linda Harris, Memphis 
Michael Harrison, Memphis 

Glenda Head, Memphis 

Tina Holliday, Hernando 

Linda Hollingsworth, West Memphis, AR 

Ann Honeycutt, Southaven 

Cheryl Hooten, Southaven 

Charlotte Hopper, Nesbit 
Barbie Howell, Memphis 
Terri Hudson, Memphis 
Yvette Hutson, Horn Lake 
Tammy Ivy, Southaven 

n fc,^ J 

m \m 

Donna Ivy, Southaven 
|ohn Jackson, Sardis 
Victoria Jackson, Memphis 
Jay Jendras, Southaven 
Denise Johnson, Southaven 


Michelle Johnson, Southaven 

Donya Johnston, Southaven 

Betty Jones, Memphis 

Joe Joyner, Tunica 

Irma Kee, Memphis 

Terri Kelley, Walls 

David Kelly, Horn Lake 

Floyda Kelly, Memphis 

Thomas Kennon, Olive Branch 

Roger Klein, Memphis 

Lynette Kuehndorf , Southaven 

Ryan Landry, Memphis 

Brad Lantrip, Southaven 

Annette Laughter, Hernando 

Susan Ledbetter, Southaven 

Lori Lewelding, Olive Branch 

Warren Liggins, Memphis 

Greg Loftin, Olive Branch 

Terri Loomis, Southaven 

Judy Marrs, Walls 

Judy Martin, Southaven 

Stacy Massey, Southaven 

Peggy Maxwell, Olive Branch 

Rose Maxwell, Olive Branch 

Kevin McClung, Memphis 

Dana McCrady, Southaven 

Cynthia McDowell, Memphis 

Michelle McGarrity, Walls 

Thomas McKee, Memphis 

Carole Miernik, Southaven 


Avril Mitchell, Memphis 

Jim Moore, Southaven 

Corlis Morris, Memphis 

Regina Nichols, Horn Lake 

Sharon Odum, Walls 


Cynthia Palmer, Southaven 
Stephanie Parham, Olive Branch 
Cherie Parker, Southaven 
Mark Penna, Southaven 
Eddie Phifer, Memphis 

Lisa Pickens, Olive Branch 
Gideon Pillow, Helena, AR 
Perry Pounders, Nesbit 
Tolann Powell, Southaven 
Debbie Pruitt, Horn Lake 

Teresa Quails, Blytheville, AR 
Ronnie Reeves, Southaven 
Ashly Rimmer, Horn Lake 
Barbara P. Saulsberry, Olive Branch 
Sandra Saxon, Southaven 

Kimberly Scott, Lamar 
Brian Sharp, Memphis 
John Shavers, Greenwood 
Connie Shaw, Southaven 
Joseph Shaw, Parkin, AR 

Cindy Shiflett, Horn Lake 
Bridget Silvers, Southaven 
Debbie Smiltnicks, Walls 
Brenda Smith, Southaven 
Cheryl Smith, Southaven 

Keith Smith, Memphis 

Robert Somerville, Memphis 

Theodore Sones, Southaven 

Kara Sparks, Walls 

Audrey Starkey, West Memphis, AR 

Phil Sterling, Memphis 
Mary Stribling, Southaven 
Dorothy Sykes, Horn Lake 
Carolyn Sylvester, Olive Branch 
Mary Talley, Horn Lake 


Angela Taylor, Memphis 

Monica Tedford, Southaven 

Todd Thompson, Southaven 

Brian Thweatt, Southaven 

Robert Tucker, Southaven 

Vickie Tucker, Memphis 

Lori Umstattd, Senatobia 

Lance Wallace, Olive Branch 

Rhonda Walters, Southaven 

Tommy Walton, Olive Branch 

Lisa Watkins, Olive Branch 
Mary Watson, Memphis 
Melissa Webb, Memphis 
Clynis West, Southaven 

Dale Whitfield, Southaven 


Laura Whittle, Memphis 
Steve Williams, Southaven 

Dana Woods, Southaven 
)udy Worsham, Southaven 

Susan Young, Southaven 






Although small in 
numbers, the faculty 
and student body at 
Center make up for 
quantity with quality. 

The size of the 
group makes campus 
life more personable, 
and everybody knows 
everybody. Smiles 
aren't an uncommon 
sight either, as 
students and staff alike 
go out of their way to 
be nice to one 

There's always 
work to be done too, 
but even that seems 


and hard- 

Center is 





Gloria Garrett 

David Cochran 
House Construction 





E » 



Sherry King 
Industrial Sewing 




Ellzey Audry 
Industrial Sewing 

Bobby Beard 
Truck Driving Instructor 

Edith Gaillard 

Margie Gray 

Gary McBride 
Asst. Director of Evening School 

Patsy McGill 

Martha Mitchell 

Shirley Ortiz 

Larry Simpson 
Related Studies 


Lockie York 



Sandra Ambrose, Lamar 

Patricia Anderson, Lamar 

Mary Bogard, Holly Springs 

Willie Boga, Ashland 

Debra Britt, Ashland 

Richard Brown, Byhalia 

Willie Brown, Ashland 

Paula Bronson, Byhalia 

Ronald Butler, Senatobia 

Janie Campbell, Holly Springs 

David Cochran, Holly Springs 

Don Daniel, Ashland 

Robert Davis, Holly Springs 

Edith Dees, Myrtle 

Barbara Evans, Ashland 

Gracie Fant, Byhalia 

Margaret Faulkenbery, Michigan City 

Johnny Fitch, Holly Springs 

Orville Fortner, Ashland 

Larry Freeman, Holly Springs 

Gloria Garrett, Hickory Flat 

Rebecca Gatewood, Holly Springs 

Linda Gorman, Holly Springs 

Catherine Gray, Ashland 

Amie Harris, Lamar 

Willie Harris, Ashland 

Susie Hill, Slayden 

Norma Hobson, Ripley 

George Hodges, Ashland 

Margaret Hodges, Ashland 


Solon Hoyle, Ashland 

Lesa Hughes, Byhalia 

Lynn Hursey, Michigan City 

Rita Hutchens, Potts Camp 

Betty Isom, Holly Springs 


Emma Isom, Holly Springs 
Pinkie Isom, Holly Springs 
Carolyn Jeffries, Holly Springs 
Janice Jenkins, Byhalia 
Charisses Jones, Holly Springs 

Mary Jones, Michigan City 
Melvin Jones, Lamar 
Sherry King, Holly Springs 
Dilla Knievel, Hickory Flat 
Sarah Lambert, Ashland 

Tammy Leggett, Hickory Flat 
Delora Liggins, Byhalia 
Estella Liggins, Byhalia 
Rowland Lesure, Holly Springs 
Estella Liggins, Byhalia 

Sadie Long, Ashland 
Wilford Lucas, Holly Springs 
Regina Luellen, Lamar 
Edith Lumpkin, Lamar 
Brenda Martin, Byhalia 

Mae Mask, Myrtle 
Benita Mayse, Byhalia 
James McAfee, Ashland 
Lisa Miller, Ashland 
Darrell Moore, Ashland 

Jamie Morano, Holly Springs 
Margaret Morgan, Ashland 
Joyce Murphy, Lamar 
Bettie Nabors, Holly Springs 
Frances Norman, Byhalia 

Ricky Nunnally, Holly Springs 
Mathis Pegues, Holly Springs 
Neal Render, Holly Springs 
Mary Richmond, Byhalia 
Jeff Roberson, Ashland 


Gloria Rooks, Holly Springs 

Thomas Russell, Holly Springs 

Robert Russom, Holly Springs 

May Frances Scruggs, Ashland 

Shirley Shaw, Ashland 

Lisa Slaton, Ashland 

Debra Smith, Hickory Flat 

Ruby Smith, Holly Springs 

Sandra Stephens, Byhalia 

Tony Stephenson, Holly Springs 

lerlean Strickland, Ashland 

Henry Sullivan, Michigan City 

Delois Sykes, Victoria 

David Taylor, Holly Springs 

Delois Taylor, Ashland 

Elma Tipler, Ashland 

Garry Tipler, Ashland 

Nickey Tuggles, Holly Springs 

Barbara Tunstall, Ashland 

Darlene Tunstall, Victoria 

Mae Tunstall, Victoria 

)oann Tunstall, Victoria 

Christie Turner, Grand junction, TN 

Deborah Washington, Holly Springs 

)oyce Washington, Holly Springs 

Tommie Whiteside, Ashland 

Bertha Woods, Byhalia 

Stanley Woodson, Holly Springs 













If there is one word that can be used to describe the faculty and 
staff at Lafayette Yalobusha Center, it's dedication. 

Always willing to lend a hand or listen to a problem, students 
are able to get to know the staff on a one-to-one basis. Because 
of this good working relationship, "problems" of any type are 
few and far between in Oxford. 

However, the popularity of the center and the staff has led to 
one big problem — parking. The center has experienced a great 
deal of growth, and trying to find a parking place can become 
hazardous to one's health. 






Margie Beck 

Patricia Birdsong 
Medical Clerical 

Kenny Goodwin 
Asst. Director 

Betty Guess 

Louise Honey 
Vocational Director 

Lavonia Treloar 

Jonelle Wells 
Related Studies 

William Young 





lohnnie Ivy 
Office and Business Technology 

Harolyn Merritt 

Betty Myrick 
Word Processing 

Dinna Wilson 
(not pictured) 




Although located in the same city as a major 
senior college, LYC offers students an alternative in 

Twelve-month and the two-year programs are 
offered at the center. Courses of study include 
cosmetology, medical-clerical, nursing assistant, and 
techical business — programs that allow students to 
enter the job market with a quality background, 
and sufficient training to step in immediately. 

The center is quickly becoming a serious con- 
tender for students throughout North Mississippi. 








If one were to walk in LYC without knowing 
what type of facility it was, they might think it 
was a business instead of a college. 

Students are given on-the-job training prac- 
tically, and staff members are always busy with 
paper work or assisting students. 


Basaam Al-|undi, Oxford 

Ronda Al-|undi, Oxford 

Melinda Anderson, Abbeville 

Rebekah Babb, Paris 

Edna Banks, Oxford 

Dale Boatright, Oxford 

Arleaus Bogard, Holly Springs 

Anglea Bolen, Water Valley 

Linda Brown, Taylor 

Rena Brown, Taylor 

Mary Caldwell, Oxford 

Georgia Cohran, Oxford 

Minnie Cooper, Abbeville 

Diane Duke, Water Valley 

Glenna Gromada, Oxford 

Fredoria Hairston, Oxford 

Glenda Hardwick, Como 

Patricia Hill, Oxford 

Shelia Hollowell, Oxford 

Rene Hubbard, Batesville 

Lisa Inman, Sardis 

Johnie Ivy, Oxford 

Valerie )amison, Oxford 

Melissa Kelley, Water Valley 

Barbara Knight, Oxford 

Rhonda Langford, Calhoun City 

Brenda Logan, Randolph 

Sandy Maples, Water Valley 

Patricia Marion, Holly Springs 

Earlean McGlarn, Taylor 


Harolyn Merritt, Oxford 

Annetia Miller, Oxford 

Brian Moorhead, Paris 

Betty Myrick, Oxford 

Murlean Pegues, Oxford 


Peggy Penanion, Oxford 
Lisa Pettit, Bruce 

Belinda Roberts, Ashland 
Diane Starke, Oxford 

Deniese Thweatt, Oxford 
Margaret Turner, Calhoun City 

Jimmie Watts, Oxford 
Velma White, Oxford 

Dinna Wilson, Batesville 
Faye Woodard, Batesville 

Dianne Young, Oxford 


Inevitably, every editor starts a yearbook with the premise of 
representing his school at its best. We, at Northwest, have become 
accustomed to the idea of being the best in the field. We've come a 
long way since 1927, and I feel confident in saying . . . NORTHWEST 

i would like to extend my thanks to my advisors, Mike Robertson 
and Ann Whitten, for the many hours of work, support and great 
ideas. I would also like to thank Terry Douglas for his inspiration, sup- 
port and hard work. 

I hope you enjoy the 1985 Rocketeer, we had a great time putting 
it together. 

Chris House 









Aaron, Thomas Keith 
Abbey, Susan G. 
Abernathy, Rita W. 
Abraham, Elias 
Abram, Bennie Frank, Jr 
Abu, Shanab Ezaldeen 
Acup, Helen Renee 
Adair, Karen Lynn 
Adair, Sherry Louise 
Adams, Brenda Carolyn 
Adams, David Walker 
Adams, Diane 
Adams, )oyce Annette 
Adams, Kent 
Adams, Mattie Bell 
Adams, Paul, III 
Adams, Phyllis Evette 
Adams, Shannon M 
Adams, Virginia Helm 
Adcox, Norman Farrell 
Aden, Doris Rooks 
Adkins, Peggie A. 
Adkins, Ronnie L. 
Adkins, Ruth Shelton 
Aherns, Alisa N. 
Aikens, John William Davis 
Aikens, William Delay 
Al Ejel, Kamel Ali 
Aldridge, Vickie Lynn 
Alexander, Chris C. 
Alexander, Karen Sue Doyle 
Alexander, Lee Ralph 
Alexander, Martha Hardin 
Alexander, Monna E. 
Alexander, Patricia 
Alexander, Thomas 
Alford, Anthony T. 
Alford, Patrick David 
Alford, Phyllis Smith 
Alford, Richard Timothy 
Algee, Marty Wardell 
Algee, Mary Childress 
Al lafari, Jodie Karen 
Al Jafari, Othman Hasan 
Al Jundi, Bassam Sameh 
Al Jundi, Georgia Ronda 
Allen, Brenda Lynn 
Allen, Carl F. 
Allen, David Wayne 
Allen, Deborah Lynn 
Allen, Gracie Elizabeth 
Alien, Inell P. 
Allen, Jacqueline 
Allen, Linda S. 
Allen, Lisa Karen 
Allen, Valerie Beth 
Allen, Valerie M. 
Allgood, Penny Rachelle 
Allison, Deborah J. 
Allison, Teretha 
Allison, William W. Tracy 
Ambrose, Kenneth Vincent 
Ambrose, Sandra L. 
Anderson, James Darren 
Anderson, James Walker 
Anderson, Karen Renee 
Anderson, Melinda 
Anderson, Nakita Valdes 
Anderson, Patricia Ann 
Anderson Thomas Mark 
Andrews, Tracy Renea 
Andry, Mary Judith 
Arbuckle, Anita M. 
Arbuckle, Mike Wayne 
Archer, H. Frenchshella 
Armstead, Claude Edward 
Armstead, Rose Lee 
Armstrong, Dana Louise 
Armstrong, Gloria Jean 
Armstrong, Howard Lewis 
Armstrong, Joseph D. 
Armstrong, Joy Catherine 
Armstrong, Lucinda 
Armstrong, Provy 

Arnold, lames Harold 
Arnold, Michael Harold 
Ash, Beverly Kay 
Ashby, Pamela R. 
Ashford, Charlie, Jr. 
Ausburn, Charlotte 
Aust, Alan Brian 
Austin, Charles Allen 
Austin, Charles F., Jr. 
Austin, Dianne McKie 
Austin, Kimberly Joy 
Austin, Patrick 
Austin, Randy 
Austin, Vance Rice 
Avant, Windolyn 
A vent, Amaryllis F. 
Avent, Charles 
Avent, Martha Stone 
Averett, Lisa H. 
Ayers, Billy Hugh 
Azlin, Linda Evans 
Azor, Alza Lee 


Babb, Dennis Gary, Jr. 
Babb, Rebekah Anne 
Babb, Terry Neal 
Bachelor, Retta Jo 
Baggett, Vera Ellen 
Bailey, Brenda Carole 
Bailey, Daniel 
Bailey, Darron Lane 
Bailey, Deatrice Demetrus 
Bailey, Donald Elmer, Jr. 
Bailey, John David 
Bailey, Linda Marie 
Bailey, Nancy Ann 
Bailey, Terry Allen 
Bain, Alicia Coleen 
Baker, Arline 
Baker, Jeanie Calglazier 
Baker, Murry Allen 
Baker, Randy Lyn 
Baker, Susan D. 
Baker, Thomas Earl 
Bakke, Paul Christopher 
Baldwin, Theresa Gail 
Ball, Tammie Jo 
Ballard, Glenda M. 
Ballentine, Joe Willie 
Bane, Benjaman Stacy 
Banks, Debra Lynn 
Banks, Edna Marie 
Banks, Kerin D. 
Banton, David Shelton 
Banton, Linda Lamb 
Baptist, Cheryl Elaine 
Barbee, Thomas Bradley 
Barber, Monta 
Barber, Rodney J. 
Barber, Shirley Elaine 
Bardwell, Lois Ydell 
Barham, Tillie Hood 
Barker, Michelle Banton 
Barksdale, Alvin Latroy 
Barksdale, Luther Lamar 
Barnes, James Howard, Jr. 
Barnes, Phyllis D 
Barnes, Robert Madison 
Barnett, James Lee 
Barnett, Kerry Lance 
Barnett, Ronald Edward 
Barney, Ricky 
Barr, Connie Garrett 
Barrett, Rickie Bernard 
Barringer, Henry M. 
Barshinger, James Willian 
Bartlett, Garry Lynn 
Bartlett, Mildred L. 
Bass, David Kelly 
Bates, Robert Franklin 
Baucum, Donnna Denise 
Baugh, Jimmy Wayne, Jr. 
Beal, Phillip A. 


■ j|^ Bell 

Beard, lacqueline H. 
Beard, Vickie Lalane 
Beasnett, Patricia Grissom 
Beaver, Christopher 
Bechel, Jeffrey Alan 
Becherer, Thomas Luther 
Beckwith, Earnest Ward 
Belcher, Maria Anne 
Belcher, Suzanne D. 
• Belfour, Teresa Michelle 
Belk, Ronald R. 
'Bell, Annette T. 
Bell, Christopher Alan 
Bell, Doril lleen 
Bell, Dorothy Jean 
Bell, lames Wilburn, Jr. 
Bell, Jean 

Bell, Michael Anthony 
Bell, Patricia Nell 
Bell, Sharon 

Bell, Timothy Dewayne 
lennett, Barbara Jean 
nett, James Staten 
Bennett, John David 
Bennett, Theresa Lorie 
Bennington, James A., Jr 
Benson, Bruce D. H 
Benson, Frances Billett 
Benton, James Steve 
Berry, J. Douglas 
Berry, Robert Vernon 
Berry, Ronald Brent 
Berry, William Michael 
Berryhill, Jimmy Dean 
Berryhill, Johnny A. 
Berryhill, Sheri Letitia 
Berryman, David Michael 
Best, Mark Anthony 
Beverly, Dennis 
Bianchi, Dominic 
Bibbs, Marcia Valeria 
Biggert, Paula Kay 
Billingsley, Leslie Deborah 
Billingsley, Timothy Edwin 
Bills, CallieSpight 
Bills, Teresa Hastings 
Birge, Donald J. 
Bishop, Janet Lee 
Bishop, Leslie Leanne 
Black, Arnetta 
Black, Brenda Renee 
Black, Doris A. 
Black, Julius Christopher 
Black, Pamela Denise 
Black, Sandra Lee 
Blackmon, Suzzette 
Blackwelder, Lorie.Bijouna 
Blackwood, Leonard Wesley 
Blair, David Glynn 
Blair, Dorothy Faye 
Blair, Penny Kaye 
Blake, Loyce Ann 
Blanchard, Norman J., Jr. 
Bland, Linda Sartin 
Bland, Mona C. 
Blankenship, Susan Jones 
Blanton, Susanne Armstrong 
Blaylock, Gina Michelle 
Blevins, Beverly 
Blount, Michael A. 
Blount, Rhonda Lynn 
Bly, lanie Turner 
Boatright, Amanda Hallon 
Boatwright, Renee A. 
Bobo, Cynthia R. 
Bobo, David Lynn 
Bobo, Earlene 
Boddie, Celestine 
Boehm, Virginia Kay 
Boga, Willie T. 
Bogard, Allen Ray 
Bogard, Herman 
Bogard, Janice Deniece 
Bogard, Mary Lee 
Boggan, Sarah Jean 
Bohnstedt, Anna Marie 
Bolden, lames R. 
Bolen, Maruin Quay 

Bolen, Vicki Denise 
Bolton, Hazel F. 
Bond, Tamela J. 
Bonner, Kenneth B. 
Booker, Hattie Bell 
Booker, Sabrina Mae 
Booker, Tanya Gail 
Boone, Cecily A. 
Boothe, Sue Wilson 
Boswell, Katie L. 
Botto, Cynthia Diane 
Bouchillon, Wiley Andrew 
Bowdre, lohn Fitzgerald 
Bowen, Joanne Grier 
Bowen, Kenny Lee 
Bowen, Tammy 
Bowles, Patricia Javer 
Bownes, Dorothy Jean 
Bownes, James, Jr. 
Box, Anita Liles 
Boyd, Evie Brooks 
Boyd, Jeanette 
Boyd, Leemar 
Boyd, Lisa Rena 
Boyd, Mardie 
Boyd, Pattye Marie 
Boyd, Sharon Shuronde 
Boyd, Tammy Denise 
Boyle, Ann Laura Underwood 
Braden, Dorothy Ann 
Bradford, Bunny Ann 
Bradford, Deborah F. 
Bradford, Lisa Cheyvonne 
Bradley, Curtis Daniel 
Bradley, Jon Derek 
Bradley, Wanda N. Lawrence 
Bradshaw, Joe B. 
Bramlett, Tina Lee 
Bramlitt, Kay 
Bramlitt, Tina Cherie 
Brandon, Brenda F. 
Brandon, Catherine Ann 
Brannon, Robert 

ranson, Patrick Dean 
antley, Sonja Renee 
ftasher, Duane Howard 
Brasher, Juna Suzanne 
Brassel, June 
Brassell, Gregory Allen 
Brassfield, Ruby Joyce 
Braswell, William Jason 
Bratton, Debbie Russom 

ration, JoAnn M 
Braxton, Alice Marie 
Brazeal, Rodney Mitchell 
Breckinridge, Phillips 
Brewer, Gunter Scott 
Brewer, Hugh Durward, Jr. 
Brewer, Patricia Lynn 
Briand, Lee Octane 
Bridgemon, Geredine 
Bridgewater, Mary E. 
Briggs, Christine 
Briggs, Virgie L. 
Bright, Rodney Alan 
Bright, William E 
Briscoe, Barry Kevin 
Briscoe, Lisa Mosley 
Brisendine, Arthur Randall 
Brister, Roy Edmond 
Brister, Scottie Clark 
Bristol, Shaul Lynette 
Britt, Charles D. Jr. 
Bfitt, Deborah T. 
Britt, Francis Louise 
Britton, Shirley Kay 
Broadway, Bobby Joe 
Brogdon, lames Christopher 
Bronson, Paula 
Brooker, lanna Lynn 
Brooks, Deborah S. Ferguson 
Brooks, Doris Jean 
Brooks, Patricia C. 
Brooks, Sharon 
Brooks, William Clinton 
Broome, Darren Dewayne 
Broome, Gary J. 
Brower, Angela Gay 

Brown, Anaclare 
Brown, Annette 
Brown, Beverly Martin 
Brown, Billy Joe 
Brown, Bonnie Faye 
Brown, Carl Ennis 
Brown, Connella 
Brown, Donald W. 
Brown, James Earl 
Brown, Joe Louis 
Brown, Julia Lynn 
Brown, Lamar 
Brown, Lartha 
Brown, Linda Cathy 
Brown, Linda lean 
Brown, Margaret Ann 
Brown, Mary A. 
Brown, Mary ). Tina 
Brown, Mickey Lee 
Brown, Pat ). Steward 
Brown, Patricia Ann 
Brown, Paulette Byas 
Brown, Preston Danial 
Brown, Pricilla 
Brown, Reginald 
Brown, Rena Faye 
Brown, Richard 
Brown, Robert 
Brown, Tammie Ree 
Brown, Tommy Lee 
Brown, Virgia Lee 
Brown, Willie Lee 
Browning, Roberta E. 
Brownlee, Betty N. 
Brownlee, Bonnie Renee 
Brownlee, Jeffrey Ray 
Bruce, Mary Alice 
Bruckner, Wendy Gail 
Brumfield, Cynthia Parker 
Brummett, Katie O. 
Brundage, Michael H. 
Brunner, Lawrence Richard 
Brunner, Rita Louise 
Brunson, David P. 
Bryan, Angie Camille 
Bryan, Donna Louise 
Bryan, Jimmy Forrest 
Bryant, Debra Lynn 
Bryant, Eric C 
Bryant, Karen Eliana 
Bryant, Leah K. 
Bryant, Sonya White 
Bryson, Angelia Cassandra 
Bryson, Bessie Denise 
Buchanan, James David 
Buchanan, Karen 
Buchanan, Shelli Linn 
Buchanan, Shirley O. 
Buck, Celestine Renea 
Buck, Keith Andrew 
Buckingham, Kecia Renee 
Buckley, Gwendolyn 
Buell, Kelly Jean 
Buford, Cara Lisa 
Buford, Sherron Diane M. 
Buford, Willie Kay 
Bulimore, Rhonda Kaye 
Bullard, Donna Sue 
Bullard, James Dennis 
Bullard, Judy Althea 
Bullard, Kathryn 
Bullard, Lesia L. 
Bullard, Tara Rene 
Bulliner, David Scott 
Bullock, Cynthia Lavette 
Bullock, George S. 
Bullock, Shirley 
Burdett, Sandra L. 
Burdette, Dorothy Ann 
Burford, Brian Alan 
Burgess, Pamela G. 
Burks, Pamela |o 
Burney, Jerry Michael 
Burney, Robert 
Burns, Linda Ruth 
Burns, Sherry Renee 
Burns, Susan Vira 
Burns, Timothy M. 


Burns, William Jackson 
Burris, James T. 
Bursi, Charlotte A. Jones 
Burt, Forrest Britt 
Burt, Linda Jean 
'Burton, Elnora 
Burwick, Robert Samuel 
Butler, Brenda Ann 
Butler, Chris Marie 
Butler, David Earl 
Butler, Edward Caurthur 
iButler, Edward, Jr. 
Butler, James H., Jr. 
Butler, Kimberly Falease 
'Butler, Rita L. 
Butler, Ronald Ray 
[Butts, Larry Robert 
JByford, Carla Renee 
IBynum, Jean E. 
Bynum, Veronica Lashunta 
IBynum, Wayne Maurice 
Byrd, Angie Sue 
Byrd, Terry 
Byrd, Tim M. 


|Cady, Robin Stantan 
jCain, Marcia Ellen 
Galabro, Doningo 
Caldarera, Rhonda Kaye 
Caldwell, Kelly Wade 
Caldwell, Tammy Cochran 
Callahan, Dianne Trimm 
Calvert, Mary A. 
Calvert, Michael Stephen 
Camp, Donna M. 
Campbell, Christopher Clay 
Campbell, Ernest L. 
Campbell, Janie S. 
Campbell, Joyce R. 
Campbell, Kenneth Wayne 
Campbell, Mattie Clyde 
Campbell, Tracy Glenn 
Camper, Annie Ruth 
Camper, Brenda L. 
i Cannon, Leigh Ann 
i Canon, Alvie W. 
i Canoy, Barbara Ann 
| Cantrell, Charles Wayne 
Caples, Billy Scott 
Capps, Cindy J. 
Cardwell, Glen Alan 
j Carlisle, Diane Taylor 
I Carlisle, Sarah Louise 
Carlock, Marilyn Lee 
Cames, Mark Wendal 
! Carothers, Annie Ruth 
Carothers, Dedura Elese 
Carpenter, Deborah M. 
Carr, Patrick Darnell 
Carr, William T. 
Carroll, Alice Lyle 
Carroll, Angela Jean 
Carroll, Janice 
Carruth, James D. 
Carruthers, Bonnie 
Carson, Pamela M. 
Carter, Barry Adolph 
Carter, David J. 
Carter, Larry D. 
Carter, Mary Frances 
Carter, Nancy G. 
Carter, Shelia Dean 
Cartwright, Brent Marting 
Caruthers, Linda Lou 
Carwile, Laura 
Case, Robert Marion 
Casey, Robbie Gayden 
Cash, Carol Jeanette 
Casoli, Mary S. 
Cassel, William Scott, Jr. 
Cathey, Billy Ray 
Cathey, Erma Jean 
Catron, Jacquelyn Y. 
j Cavett, John Clayton 

Certion, Lillie Marie 
Chaffin, Carolyn Kay 
Chain, Gary Mitchell 
Chain, Tony Steven 
Chalmers, Michael Durrell 
Chamberlin, Bettye Bell 
Chamberlin, Robert Porter 
Champion, Jeffrey S. 
Chandler, Cassie Jean 
Chapman, Brian Eugene 
Chapman, Charlene G. 
Chapman, Eric 
Chapman, Holly Hill 
Charnes, Dianne Jackson 
Charnes, Larry Michael 
Charrier, Cynthia Helen 
Cheney, Jack 
Cheshier, Melanie 
Cheshier, Randall Lee 
Chestney, Ivan C, Jr. 
Childers, Rose Suzanne 
Childress, Jeannette Sneed 
Childress, Rhonda Rene 
Chipman, Sherry Lynn 
Chrestman, Charles Kevin 
Chrestman, Christopher K 
Christal, Lois 
Christian, Cleminstine 
Church, Cynthia J. 
Chruchhill, Alicia Lorrain 
Chruchwell, Robert Earl 
Clanton, Ronald A. 
Clark, Arbdella 
Clark, Billy Glen 
Clark, DaroldW. 
Clark, David Rayburn 
Clark, Donald H. 
Clark, Flossie Harris 
Clark, Janice 
Clark, Jerry Eugene, Jr. 
Clark, John Emtle 
Clark, Joyce Marie 
Clark, Larry 
Clark, Michael Glen 
Clark, St ephanD. 
Clark, Stephanie 
Clark, Teresa E. 
Clark, Terri L. 
Clark, Zina Renee 
Clarke, Edwin Morton 
Clarke, John William 
Clay, Charlotte S. 
Clay, Theresa Sands 
Cleaves, Thelma Johnson 
Clemens, Sheila Smith 
Clements, Lisa Gayle 
Clements, Sara Ellen 
Clemons, Tammy S. 
Clenney, Carla D, 
Clifton, Angie D. 
Clolinger, Johnny Ray 
Clowney, Sondra W. 
Coad, Betty Dacus 
Cobb, Derwin 
Cochran, David 
Cochran, Lisa J. 
Cochran, Terri Gail 
Cochrane, Herbert H. 
Cofer, Jim 
Coke, Pam J. 
Coker, Christopher Ivy 
Coker, Gregory Alan 
Cole, Catherine 
Cole, Danny R 
Cole, Daron Kim 
Cole, Marcieta 
Cole, Robert G. 
Coleman, Alicia Annette 
Coleman, Billy Gene 
Coleman, Craig Alan 
Coleman, Heide Regine 
Coleman, Jacquelyn Kay 
Coleman, Nina Love 
Coleman, Robin Bryant 
Collier, Deborah Anne 
Collier, Robert K 
Collins, Adriane Michelle 
Collins, Andrea 

Collins, Anita C. 
Collins, Beatrice McClain 
Collins, Cynthia 
Collins, Daniel Mason 
Collins, Danny Carl 
Collins, Jacquiline 
Collins, Patrick Gregory 
Combs, Steve L. 
Comer, Braxton B. 
Conley, Evelyn 
Conn, Gregory Michael 
Conner, Cindy K. 
Conner, Wanda Diane 
Conrad, Randy 
Conrad, Sheila Romarne 
Cook, Barry D. 
Cook, Charles Ray 
Cook, James Albert, Jr. 
Cook, Jimmy Lee 
Cook, Loretta J. 
Cook, Martha Johnson 
Cook, Mary Catherine 
Cook, Randy Powell 
Cook, Ronnie Powell 
Cook, Ruth Chambless 
Cooper, David Leland 
Cooper, Jackie Carol 
Cooper, Jacqueline Renee 
Cooper, Minnie Jones 
Cooper, Rose A. 
Cooper, Vanessa 
Copeland, Esker, Jr. 
Copeland, Robin Lee 
Coppage, Ramona Theadora 
Corbett, Teresa Marie 
Corkern, Julia 
Corridon, James 
Corruthers, Thelma B. 
Cosby, Pennie Jo 

Cosby, Perry L. 
Cotter, John L. 

Cotton, Brenda 

Couch, Thomas Jackson, Jr 

Coughran, Lisa Gail 

Countiss, Staci Lynn 

Courtney, Tanya 

Covington, Annette Lori 

Cowan, Sylvester 

Cowens, Thomas Jerry 

Cowgill, Randy B 

Cox, Barbara Armtrong 

Cox, Cam 

Cox, Christopher 

Cox, David Wayne 

Cox, Denisa Marie 

Cox, Eveatina C. 

Cox, Lisa 

Cox, Rubye Golden 
" Cox, Theresa Lynn 

Cox, Wyanda Kay 

Crafton, Carol Nix 

Crafton, Jackie Sue *> 

Craig, Leslie Ann 

Craig, Robert Scott 

Crane, Evelyn Felica 

Crane, Gretchel 

Crawford, Derrick Barnard 

Crawford, Faila Smith 

Crawford, Gerry Wayne 

Crawford, Jennifer Lynn 

Crawford, Mark Alan 

Crawford, Ray Ed A 

Crawford, Richard L 

Creasy, Mary Dolores 

Creachale, Michael John 

Crews, Lynn 

Crider, Arthur D. 

Criss, Mary Helen 

Criswell, Mark Alan 

Crocker, Billy M. 

Crocker, Crystal A. 

Crocker, Ottis Brazel 

Crockett, Barbara Ogle 

Crockett, Ronny Ray 

Crockett, Shelia May 

Croffut, Joan C. 

Croft, Lisa Jane 

Crogan, Teresa Ann 

Crook, Susan Michelle 
Cross, Carolyn Anne 
Cross, Jerald D. 
Cross, Vila Rae 
Crowder, Audrey Gale 
Crowe, Beverly Elizabeth 
Crump, Bertha Lee 
Crump, James Earl 
Crumpton, Kim McAlister 
Crunk, Anthony Eugene 
Crutcher, Debra Denise 
Cummings, Carmell A. 
Curlin, Paige 
Curry, Kevin Bernard 
Curry, Michael Shane 
Curry, Miranda Ora 
Curtis, James Albert 


Dalehite, Sandra L 
Dallas, Amy L. 
Dalton, Jeffrey Scott 
Daniel, Mary Elizabeth 
Daniels, Bernard 
Daniels, Danid Dewayne 
Daniels, Michael Jerome 
Daniels, Ralph Glen 
Daniels, Woodrow Wilson 
Dantzler, Karen Denice 
Darby, Gary Lynn 
Darby, Randy Lee 
Darby, Ronald Lee 
Darnell, Carolyn Keough 
Darnell, James M., Jr. 
Davidson, Desiree 
Davidson, Michael Ray 
Davis, Angela Renee 
Davis, Byron Harold 
Davis, Carol Holt 
Davis, Cheryl Ann 
Davis, Cynthia L. 
Davis, Darvita Renell 
Davis, Deanna Faye 
Davis, Deborah Renee 
Davis, Debra Ann 
Davis, Donald Paul 
Davis, Emily Patricia 
Davis, Hallie Christine V. 
Davis, Harold Lewis 
Davis, Jack K. 
Davis, Janis Lynn 
Davis, Jimmy Anthony 
Davis, Joey L. 
Davis, Kelly Dale 
Davis, Kevin Randall 
Davis, Loretta 
Davis, Marilyn Hodge 
Davis, Marshall Mitch 
Davis, Patrick Tyrone 
Davis, Randy L. 
Davis, Rebecca Miller 
Davis, Rhonda E. 
Davis, Richard Lowell 
Davis, Robert L. 
Davis, Shirley Rena 
Davis, Suzanne Lamb 
Davis, Terry Lee^*^ 
Davis, William Anthony 
Day, Michelle Jean 
Day, Jerry Bruce 
Day, Quinon L., Jr. 
Dean, Angela Marie 
Dean, Felicia 
Dean, Fred, Jr. 
Dean, George 
Dean, Katherine Moore 
Dean, Robert Daniel 
Dean, Sherry Ann 
Dees, Edith 
Defer, Stephanie M. 
Derfires, Robin Allan 
Delbridge, Sandy Faye 
Demo, Mary Anne 
Dendy, Farris E. 
Dennis, Brenda Diane 

Dennis, Leah Diane 
Denton, Cynthia L. 
Dettor, James Robert 
Devazier, Dave A., Jr. 
Devereaux, Cheryl Denise 
Dewberry, Vicky Vaughn 
Dewitt, Eric Alfornea 
Dhority, Patricia 
Dickerson, Letanshia Chalo 
Dickey, Regina 
Dickson, Jennifer Mize 
Dickson, Josephine Ann 
Dickson, Thomas Bradley 
Dillingham, Karen Lynn 
Dillon, Cristina Anne 
Dinolfo, Lisa Michelle 
Distel, Timothy Michael 
Dockery, Mary O. 
Dockery, Renee L. 
Dockery, Shirley Annette 
Dodson, Margaret Callicutt 
Dodson, Sharon Cathey 
Doles, Dana Renee 
Doles, Penny Michelle 
Donahou, Denver Lee 
Donaldson, Kenneth Milton 
Doolittle, Beberly S. 
Dorris, Dewilda Leverna 
Dorris, Tommie L 
Dorse, Berneal Calvin 
Doss, James Christopher 
Douglas, Christy A. 
Douglas, Debrah Ann 
Douglas, George Nia 
Dover, Betty Sue 
Dover, Sherry 
Dowell, Darren 
Dowler, Carol T. 
Downen, Murray Ted 
Dowsing, Lucille M. 
Doyle, Linda Faye 
Drake, lames Bentley 
Drane, Mary Catherine 
Drannon, Bryon D. 
Draper, Neal E. 
Drewrey, Vera Annette 
Duchesne, Cindy Ann 
Duchesne, Connie L 
Duke, Margaret Diane 
Duke, Willa Kay 
Dukes, Brenda Renia 
Dunaway, Robert S. 
Dunaway, William Glenn 
Duncan, Melanie Anne 
Dunlap, Garry Thomas 
Dunlap, Karen Ann 
Dunlap, Kenneth Harold 
Dunlap, Linda 
Dunn, Kimberly Suzanne 
Dunn, Mickell Leon 
Dunn, Robbie 
Dunn, Ronna Gaye 
Dunning, Cynthia Burrow 
Durham, David Royce 
Durrett, Debbie 
Dye, Tamela Denise 


Easley, Billy Jene 
East, Angela Jayne 
East, Melissa Lynn 
Eaton, Rose Luann 
Eavenson, Saundra Faye 
Echols, Cassandra Michelle 
Echols, George 
Echols, Joseph 
Edington, Lawanda Anne 
Edmond, David Lee 
Edmonds, John M. 
Edwards, Allie Burnice 
Edwards, Cynthia E. 
Edwards, Patricia 
Edwards, Pricilla Anne 
Edwards, Pricilla 
Edwards, Rebecca Ann 
Edwards, Sarah Louise 


Edwards, Wendy Machelle 
Edwards, William H. 
Elam, Karole Kaye 
Elion, Darin Karl 
Elkins, Jammie Renae 
Ellenburg, Cynthia Anne 
Ellington, Carolyn O. 
Elliott, Melisa Hope 
Elliot, William G. 
Ellis, Alan Ray 
Ellis, Billy Ray 
Ellis, Eugenia D. 
Ellis, John Robert 
Ellis, Juliette 
Ellis, Martha Ann 
Ellis, W. C. 
Elmore, Reginald V. 
Elmore, Renee Elizabeth 
Eloby, Larry Arelius 
Embrey, James Morris 
Embrey, Thomas Michael 
Enlow, Carol Andrea 
Ennis, Anita 
Ennis, James Rodney 
Erber, Christian Scott 
Edkridge, Shirley 
Estey, Charles T. 
Etchingham, Amy Denise 
Eubanks, Brady L. 
Eubanks, James W., Jr. 
Eubanks,, Jerry Wayne 
Eubanks, Margaret Singleto 
Eubanks, Shan S. 
Evans, Altheia 
Evans, Brenda M. 
Evans, Claire 
Evans, Demetria Lynne 
Evans, Donna Merrill 
Evans, Levonzell A. 
Evans, Percy 

Everett, Barbara Whitworth 
Everton, Walter Allen 
Evins, Dolores M. 
Evins, Faye Colden 
Ezell, Mary E. 


Fair, James A. 
Fair, Karen Marie 
Faltus, Cecilia Irene 
Fancher, Forrest Kelly 
Farese, Sherry Wooldridge 
Farmer, Ann Lavett 
Farmer, Pearline L. 
Farmer, Stephen P. 
Farris, Deborah Lagwin 
Farris, Gary Duane 
Farris, Robert E . l^^ 

Farrow, Connie Turnage 
Faulkner, Calvin 
Faulkner, Jacqueline L. 
Faulkner, Jerry 
Faulkner, Luedella 
Faulkner, Romus 
Faulkner, Sandra K. 
Faulkner, Sharon Lavet 
Faulkner, Sheila Ray 
Faulkner, Van 
Faulkenbery, Margaret A. 
Faust, John D. 
Feezer, Donna Jane 
Fellows, Kenneth Ray 
Ferguson, Darlene 
Ferguson, Don Harold 
Ferguson, James Robert 
Ferguson, Jimmy I. 
Ferguson, Jo Anne Gore 
Ferguson, Julia F. 
Ferguson, Martin W. 
Ferrell, Mark W. 
Fields, Norris Willis, Jr. 
Fili, Deborah Lynn 
Finch, Traci Lynn 
Finley, Danny 
Finley, Lena 

Finley, Pearlie Jean 
Finneran, Cecelia Frances 
Fiore, Angela Michelle 
Fisher, Ghyrane A. 
Gisher, Larry Wayne, Jr. 
Fitch, Jeffrey Lynn 
Fitzgerald, Leonard 
Flaherty, Marie P. 
Fleetwood, Carolyn Roane 
Flinn, Ida M. 
Flinn, Mary Leeann 
Flinn, Tom Bailey 
Flowers, Cecelia Dalynn 
Floyd, Bevery Anne 
Floyd, Billy G. 
Floyd, Donna W. 
Floyd, Kimberly Ruth 
Floyd, Michael Ray 
Floyd, Raymond, jr. 
Folkerts, Cathy Jean 
Fondon, Charles Edward 
Fondon, Tommy Lee 
Fondren, Auther 
Fondren, Buck 
Fondren, Deborah Kaye 
Fondren, Freda Sharon 
Fondren, Johnny Nathanal 
Fondren, Linda Jeane 
Fondren, Russell, Jr. 
Forbes, Georgia Sue 
Ford, Barbara G. 
Ford, Barbara Janine 
Fored, Elizabeth Mae 
Ford, Pamela Lynn 
Forest, Gail Jones 
Fortune, Shelia Ann 
Foster, Clara Batts 
Foster, Cliff 

Fowler, Randall Dewayne 
Fowler, David Lee 
Fox, Loretta S. 
Franklin, Forrest Clay 
Franklin, Heath D. 
Franklin, Ingrid Miranda 
Franklin, Joyce Deloise 
Franklin, Sandra Joyce 
Franklin, Shirley Ann 
Franklin, Suzi Anne 
Frazier, Michael B. 
Freeman, Clifford Ted 
Freeman, Deborah Whitten 
Freeman, George N. 
Freeman, Jacqueline Diane 
Freeman, Larry 
Freeman, Melissa A. 
Frierson, Georgia A. 
Frost, Gracie Lee 
Frush, Joseph Aaron 
Fugler, Dianne Janet 
Fuller, Brenda Kaye 
Fuller, Paulette Pirtle 
Fuller, Tammy Lynn 
Fullerton, Kathy O. 
Fullilove, Dorothy jean 
Futroye, Alan William 
Fyfe, Henry M., Ill 


Gabbert, Terry Lynn 
Gaddy, Randy L. 
Gafford, June Hollowell 
Gaines, Charles Brent 
Gaines, James Grady, Jr. 
Gaines, M. Allen 
Gaines, Sheryl Anne 
Gale, Jerlene S. 
Gale, John R. 
Galliik, Robert G. 
Gamble, Pamela Leigh 
Gandy, Nina Estelle 
Garafa, Joseph Jude 
Gardner, Kenda Yvette 
Gardner, Mark Lyndon 
Gardner, Shawn Malette 
Garrett, Gloria W. 

Garrett, Janet Fay 
Garrett, Joseph 
Garrison, Michael Anthony 
Garrison, Vanessa 
Garrison, Wendy L. 
Gary, Charles William, III 
Gaston, Aneather Ann 
Gaters, Bertha Lee 
Gates, Jackie 
Gates, Juanita Marie 
Gates, Mitchell Lee 
Gatewood, Rebecca 
Gatlin, M. Scott 
Gentry, Michael 
George, Melvin Frederick 
Gearce, Deborah Ann 
Gerard, Jeanette 
Gholson, Denise Davidson 
Gibson, Amy Elise 
Gibson, Susan Michelle 
Giles, Linda Franks 
Gill, Jerald D„ Jr. 
Gillespie, Gwendoh 
Gillespie, Kathleen 
Gilliam, Betty Louanne 
Gipson, James 
Gipson, Reginald R. 
Glass, Cecilia Elred 
Glenn, John Andrew 
Glick, Addie Lou Hayles 
Glover, Alice 
Goad, Jena D. 
Gober, George Marcus 
Godwin, Rebecca Louise « 
Goforth, Angela Kay 
Goggans, Thelma C. 
Goldman, Jennifer Lynn 
Golliday, Timothy Dewayne 
Gonnella, Peter Leroy 
Gooch, Michael E. 
Gooch, Paul Wayne 
Goodall, Barry Durand 
Goodnight, Allison Denise 
Goodwin, Patricia Ann 
Goodwin, Shirlean Bond 
Goodwin, Stephanie Louise 
Goolsby, Carolyn Renea 
Goolsby, Sophia 
Goolsby, Wanda Eushell 
Gordon, A. D. 
Gordon, Gary Duncell 
Gordon, Gregory 
Gordon, Linda Jean 
Goss, Donna Haggard 
Govan, Barbara Deneal 
Gowen, Jeffrey 
Grady, Brenda Hurt 
Grafe, Thomas Carl 
Graham, Bryant Lee 
Graham, Jane Kerr 
Graham, Wanda Annette 
Granbery, Elizabeth A. 
Grant, Dennis Everitt 
Grant, Rejina R. 
Grant, Rosemary C. 
Gray, Angela Gail 
Gray, Bruce T. 
Gray, Catherine Marie 
Gray, Gaylor Luther 
Gray, Richie Crabtree 
Gray, William T. 
Green, Adrant Dramaine 
Green, Caroline Richards 
Green, Danny William 
Green, Eric 
Green, Gloria Ann 
Green, John Robert, IV 
Green, Lavaughn Bonnie 
Green, Leah Nicole f / 
Green, Scott Anthony 
Green, Tammatha Dawnne 
Greer, Cynthia Elaine 
Greer, Delinda 
Greer, Donna Kay 
Gregg, Tonya Lynn 
Gregory, Iva Leona 
Griffey, Donna Arbuckle 
Griffin, Lisa R. 

Griffin, Otis, Jr. 
Griffin, Pamela Ann 
Griffin, Pattie Elise 
Griffin, Sheley Rena 
Griffis, Janice Linn 
Griff is, Jeannette Lynn 
Griffith, Dianne Holbrook 
Griggs, Thomas Earl 
Grilliette, Laura Cowell 
Grillo, Mary Catherine 
Grimm, Charlotte O'Bryant 
Grisham, Cheryle Elizabeth 
Grissom, Kenneth Ray 
Gromada, Glenna M. 
Guckert, Karen Marie 
Guess, Dena M. 
Guest, Beatrice Kay 
Gullett, Emily Virginia 
Gullett, Martha G. 
Gullett, Stephen William 
Gunn, Kelly Dilayne 
Gunter, Paul Edward 
Guthrie, Amy Carolyn 
Guthrie, Tina Marie 
Guy, Constance 
Guy, Daphne 
Guy, Gregory Lee 
Guy, Patrice Rashamiya 
Guy, Sharron Marie 
Gyetvay, Jeanne 
Gyetvay, |udy 


Haberstroh, Chris P. 

Hagel, David John 

Hahn, Carol Kratz 

Haire, Sharleen W. 

Hairston, Barbara L. 

Hairston, Fredonia 

Hale, Wendy L. 

Hale, William Guy 

Haley, Lawrence Radford 

Haley, Michael Allen 

Haley, Tammy Renee 

Hall, Avis J. 

Hall, Cleaster Clayton 

Hall, Corrine Hallum 

Hall, James T. 

Hall, Julia 

Hall, Mary Ann 

Hall, Mary Jo 

Hall, Patsy Lynn 

Hamblin, Shirley F. 

Hamer, Annie Jean 

Hamilton, La Angela 

Hamilton, Mark Benten 

Hamilton, Mary Beth 

Hamilton, Randall Edward 

Hammond, Cynthia P. 

Hammond, Dorothy 

Hammond, Janet Renee 
Hammond, Lyndra J. 
Hammond, Robin Renee 
Hammond, Lyndra J. 
Hammond, Robin Renee 
Hammond, Sandra Darlene 
Hammond, Tamme Ann 
Hammond, Tim 
Hammond, Vivian Jean 
Hanback, Luther E. 
Hancock, Rebecca Moody 
Handal, Shucri Abdola 
Haney, Margaret Alice 
Hankins, Barbara Ann 
Hankins, lames Larry 
Hankins, Maurice Antonio 
Hanna, Susan D 
Hannah, Felicia 
Hannah, Karen 
Hannah, Stephanie Adair 
Hannah, Stephine 
Hannon, Kirk 
Harbour, Lisa Marie 
Hardin, James Terry, Jr. 
Hardin, Katrina 

Harding, Jennifer Anne 
Hardison, Anita Faye 

Hardy, Darrell 

Hardy, Eva M. 

Hare, Pamela Ann 

Hare, Paula Jean 

Hargett, Michael Mathews 

Hargis, James Robert 

Hargrow, Angela 

Hargrow, Donald 

Harmon, John Edmond 

Harmon, Kevin Milton 

Harper, Clyde 

Harper, Eldridge 

Harpole, John C. 

Harrell, Gloria 

Harrell, Michael Prentiss 

Marrell, Sharon A. Kelson 

Harris, Alma Jean 

Harris, Craig Lamar 

Harris, David Payne 

Harris, E. Kenneth 

Harris, Gary Dewayne 

Harris, Harlen, Jr. 

Harris, Herbert Gene 

Harris, James Terell 

Harris, Jerry Lynn 

Harris, John L. 

Harris, Lanell 

Harris, Linda Gail 
Harris, Marvin L. 
Harris, Melvin L. 
Harris, Ronald Wesley 
Harris, Scotty Marvell 
Harris, Stacy Dion 
Harris, Terrie Lynn 
Harris, Thomas Clinton 
Harrison, Annie L. 
Harrison, Deborah Ann 
Harrison, Michael E. 
Hart, Mosella Lorece 
Hartsfield, James Curtis 
Harty, Hervert Vincent, Jr. 
Harville, Kim Edward 
Harwell, Barbara Gail 
Havens, Jean Renee 
Havens, Kathey Lynn 
Havens, Mark 
Hawkes, Barbara Jane 
Hawkins, Edmund Garland 
Hawkins, Katherine 
Hawkins, Patricia 
Hawks, John Thomas 
Hayes, Donna Renia 
Hayes, Elise Marie 
Hayes, Kelly Jean 
Hays, Deborah D. 
Hays, Donna Childress 
Hazlerig, Barbara F. 
Head, Glenda Caroline 
Headley, Matthew L. 
Heard, Randy Ray 
Hearin, lohn O. 
Hearon, Clara Lee 
Hedleston, Edward G. 
Heimbach, Kelly Denise 
Helm, Wanda Carr 
Helmes, Cynthia Renee 
Helms, Bonnie lean 
Helums, Marilisa Valentina 
Henderson, Brenda Lee 
Henderson, Caroline Denice 
Henderson, Jean Ella 
Henderson, Laverne 
Henderson, Lenetha T. 
Henderson, Myra Linda 
Henderson, Rose M. Bradley 
Hendree, Dwight Earl 
Hendricks, Patricia E. 
Hendrix, Jeannie A. 
Hendrix, Mark Edward 
Henley, John Earl 
Henley, Tina Carol 
Henry, Dee Delia C 
Henry, Jo Ann Watson 
Henry, Lisa Brewer 
Hensley, Tony Ray 
Henthome, Mary Ellen 


Hentz, Jeffrey Dale 
Hentz, Kathy Rose 
Hentz, Rodney Glenn 
Herndon, Tina Fay 
Herod, Bobbie J. 
Herod, David Randal 
Herod, Ruby Lois 
Herring, Bruce Ronald 
Herring, Lorin Edward 
Herring, Particia A. 
Herring, Tammy 
Herrington, Cynthia Leigh 
Herron, Carla Dean 
Herron, Debra Carol 
Herron, Sharon Yvonne 
Herron, Shelia lean 
lertz, Richard )ohn 
lervey, Anthony McQuen 
Hester, Timothy Eugene 
Hjbbler, Bobbie 
HJbbler, Tear Yulon 
Hlbler, Calvin 
ikkonbottom, Joyce Y. 
Hjggenbottom, Teresa M. 
Higginbotham, Gary Dean 
Hjggins, Patricia Ubelhor 
Itghfill, Betty J. 
Hjghfill, Marvin C, Jr. 
Iightower, Pamela Louise 
lightower, Willie 
m, Abe, III 
■Jill, Betty Edwards 
, David Mark 
limmy Carl 
Hill, Lendine Nichols* 
Hill, Mary Ann 
Hill, Patricia Ann 

, Rhonda Jeaneen 
, William G. 
I, Winda Lura 
-till, Winford 
Hillhouse, Lisa Michelle 
Hillhouse, Sandra Anthony 
Hinton, Deborah A. 
Hipp, Paul Howard 
Hitt, Eddie W., Ill 
Hobbs, Doris M. 
Hobbs, Jeff Wayne 
Hobdy, Ransom H. 
Hobson, Norma lean 
Hodges, Deborah D. 
lodges, Erik Brandon 
Holcomb, Jeff R. 
Holcomb, Tammy N. 
iolcombe, Bobby Dean, Jr. 
fclden, Angela K. 
Holder, Linda Burk 
Holder, Louie Gail 
Holland, Peggy Ann Alsup 
Holland, Peggy Sue Potts 
Holland, Shirley Ann 
Holley, Janice Kay 
Holley, Rodney )oe 
Holliday, Tina Denise 
Hollie, Shawn W. 
Holtins, Mildred 
Hollis, Marvin Lewis 
Holloman, Chris Scott 
Holloway, Timothy Edward 
Holloway, Vicki Denise 
Hollowell, Shelia Joy 
Holman, Gloria Ann 
Holman, John H. 
Holmes, Bobbie Ann 
Holmes, Lisa 

Holmes, Malcom Edward 
Homes, Patsie Potter 
Holmes, Rogers Lee 
Hojmon, Jerdean 
Holt, Margie Gail 
Horma, William Allen 
Honeycutt, Ann Marie 
Hood, Crystal 
Hood, Edward S^ 
Mood, Linda Ann 
Hood, Lisa Umstattd 
Hood, Livia Marie 

Hopkins, Reginald 
Hopper, Bernice L. 
Hopper, Charlotte 
Hopper, Richard Alan 
Hopper, Ritchie Darden 
Hopper, Walter V., Ill 
Hopson, Sylvester 
Home, Bentley Kevin 
Horton, Betty Martin 
Horton, Jepthania 
Horton, Joanna 
Horton, Ophelia 
Horton, Thomas W. 
Hoskins, Valarie Annette 
Houpt, Michael Glen 
House, Christopher Bryan 
House, Yvonne 
Houston, Arthur Craig 
Houston, Kathy Crawford 
Houston, Kirby 
Houston, Marilyn 
Houston, Ronnie Eugene 
Houston, Walter Stafford 
Howard, Birtha M. 
Howard, Bob Price 
Howard, Linda Carol 
Howard, Walter Lee 
Howe, Paula Jean 
Howell, Augusta L. 
Howell, Betty Eugenia 
Howell, Brodie Lavane 
Howell, Calvet P. 
Howell, Carieann Devern 
Howell, Catherine 
Howell, Ellen Elizabeth 
Howell, Rosie Dietta 
Howell, Tony Bernard 
Howell, William P., Jr. 
Howlett, Suzanne Marie 
Hoyle, Rickey N. 
Hoyle, Sohon 
Hubbard, Linda Ruth 
Hubbard, Wanda Kay 
Hudson, Cynthia Lenease* 
Hudson, John Kevin 
Hudson, Sandra Elaine ;, 
Hudson, Sherry Denice 
Hudson, Terri Lynn 
Hudspeth, Edward Franklin 
Hudspeth, Gerri Lynn 
Huffstatler, Billy Austin 
Huf fstickler, Caren C. 
Hughes, Charles Patrick 
Hughes, David 
Hughes, Denise Annette 
Hughes, John F. 
Hughes, Lesa Ella 
Hughes, Peggy L. 
Hughes, Veanna Deniece 
Hulbert, Linda Ann 
Humbhreys, Barbara 
Humphries, Myra J. 
Hunsuckler, Lisa A. 
Hunt, Bridget Kathleen 
Hunt, Bryan 
Hunt, Dorothy Ann 
Hunt, lames W. 
Hunt, Jeffrey W. 
Hunt, Jeffrey Craig 
Hunt, Ken B. 
Hunt, Sandra Lee White 
Hunter, Verna Lasha 
Hurdle, Louis Lanier 
Hursey, Lynn Lynnettie 
Hurst, Stephanie E^i 
Hurt, Linda 
fe^ Hutchens, Rita A. 

^Hutchison, Kimberly Jane 
* '^Huynh, Shari Leigh 
Hlw Hyde, Martha Alam 

^Tlyneman, William Russell 

IIP'" ■■ " 


Inman, James A. 
Inman, Lisa Odom 
Irby, Mark Steven 
Irby, PHyllis Felecia 
Isabell, Earnest L. 
Izom, Betty M. 
Isom, Emma D. 
Isom, Jimmy Ray 
Ivy, Charles Edward 
Ivy, Donna Doretta 
Ivy, Johnnie 
Ivy, Phillip Wade 
Ivy, Tammy Carol 



Ingram, Neal I. 
Inman, Cliff E. 

Jackson, Betty Jean 
itackson, Christine 
Jackson, Donald 
Jackson, Dwayne Anthony 
Jackson, Gregory 
Jackson, Izolia 
Jackson, Jimmy A. 
Jackson, John Clevelan 
(ackson, John Everei 
Jackson, Luke 
lackson, Marcia Faye 
lackson, Patrice Lashalle 
Jackson, Rita J. 
Jacklbn, Russell R. 
Jackson, Sandra Dee 
Jackson, Sandra Jane 
Jackson, Sherry Lynn 
Jackson; Victoria 
Jackson, Vincent Odell 
Jackson, Virginia Jane 
Jackson, Wendell R. 
Jackson, Willie C. 

James, Anthony Lamar 
James, Edward Lee 

fames, JiJlDruann 

James, Jtldy P. 

James, Kenneth R. 

James, Linda Kaye 

James, Ronald W., Jr 

James, Steve Todd 

Jamison, Christopher D. 

Jamison, Milton Ellis . 

Jamison, Shirley Deloris 

Jansen, Karen Sue 

Jarrell, Eddie Edward 

Jarrell, Gary Lynn 

Jarrett, Sylvia 

laudon, Rhonda Adeline J 

laynes, Thomas Dale 

Jeans, Johnna M. 

Jeff ers, Maxine 

Jefferson, Essie Mae 
Jefferson, Jane 

Jeffress, Sarah Jane 

Jeffries, Bertha 

Jeffries, Daniel Lee 

Jeffries, Earnsetine 

Jeffries, Patricia Ann 

Jeffries, Paul Clinton 

Jendras, Jay Ronald 

Jenkins, Daniel Patrick 

Jenkins, Janice 

Jenkins, Karen Deanice 

Jennings, James L. 

Jennings, Ted W. 

Jensen, Terrance Christopher 

Johnkin, Charles Anthony 

Johnson, Audrey Helen 

Johnson, Barbara Ann 

Johnson, Brenda F. 

Johnson, Carlos Lynnet 

Johnson, Carolyn M. 

Johnson, Carolyn S. 

Johnson, Cherie Lee 

Johnson, Cleveland E. 

Johnson, Cynthia Louise 

Johnson, Debbie Jo 

Johnson, Dorothy 

Johnson, Douglas Neil 

Johnson, Dwain Shelton 


Johnson, Elizabeth 
Johnson, Florence 
Johnson, Frank Howard 
Johnson, Gloria Dianne 
Johnson, James Alvin 
Johnson, Judy Valentine 
Johnson, Lee Oscor, Jr. 
Johnson, Leigh Ann 
Johnson, Linda Jeanette 
Johnson, Michelle R. 
Johnson, Patricia D. 
Johnson, Phyllis Wanda 
Johnson, Rita F. 
Johnson, Rita Jean 
Johnson, Ronald 
Johnson, Sharon J. Poyner 
Johnson, Sherri Annette 

Johnson, Shirley J. 

Johnson, Terence Avery 

Johnston, David G. 

Johnston, Ida Marie 

Johnston, Jeffrey Lee 

Johnston, Jerry Patrick, 

lohnston, Marion Lee 

Joiner, Ada Roean 

Joiner, Bettie Campbell 

Joiner, Jacqueline Yvonne 

Joiner, Mia Farrow 

Joiner, Michael 

Joiner, Pamela Gail 

Jolley, Charles Ronald 

Jones, Alice Tidwell 

Jones, Amy Lou . 

Jones, Andrew David 

Jones, Anita J. 

Jones, Ayd C. 

Jones, Betty Ann 

Jones, Betty J. 

Jones, Chester Ray 

Jones, Christopher C. 

Jones, Cynthia 

Jones, Cynthia 

Jones, Danny 

Jones, Debra Ann 

Jones, Donna Pryor Cole 

Jones, Elton Wayne 

Jones, Ervin Lamar 

Jones, Floretta 

Jones, Floyd Kenneth 

Jones, Foresteen 

Jones, Garrett Lynn 

Jones, Gloria Lavonne ). 

Jones, Guy Christopher 

Jones, Jacoby Gazaar 

Jones, Joyce Ann 

Jones, Judith 

Jones, Julia Carol 
Jones, Kathryn A. Harley 
Jones, Kenneth Ray 
Jones, Lillie Bell 
Jones, Linda 
Jones, Linda Gail 
Jones, Marcellas 
Jones, Mary Jean 
Jones, Mary Joyce 
Jones, Mauline Marie 
Jones, Minnie Louise 
Jones, Nora L. 
Jones, Patricia L. 
Jones, Pearlie Mae 
Jones, Penny Caffey 
Jones, Pernell 
lones, Randale 
lones, Rodney Allen 
Jones, Romania 
Jones, Rose Marie 
Jones, Shari Gail 
lones, Shirley Ann 
lones, Shirley Mae 
Jones, Sibonie Rebecca 
Jones, Stan 
Jones, Viki Lynn 
Jones, Vincent C. 
Jones, Vuanita Faye 
Jones, Walter Lee 
lones, Yolunda 
Jordan, Gayla Murley 
Jordan, Lynda S. 

Jordan, Tina Carole 
Joulwan, Winnie Prewett 
Joy, Bertha S. 
Joyner, Christopher Lynn 
Joyner, Joe Nathan 
Joyner, Melissa Edwards 
Joyner, Rhonda Gayle 
Judson, Johnny L. 


Karr, David Everette 
Kaufman, John Craddock 
Kavyas, Elaine A. 
Kee, Irma Jean 
Keel, |. Keith 
Keeley, Melissa Gail 
Kelley, William M., Jr. 
Kelly, David 
Kelly, David D. 
Kelly, Floyda Minor 
Kelly, Mary Elizabeth 
Kelly, Ronnie Lamar 
Kelly, Terri Ruth 
Kelly, William K. 
Kelser, Gloria Ellen 
Kelso, Charles M. 
Kelso, Kathy McCowen 
Kennell, Caroline Sue 
Kennon, Thomas Kermit 
Keough, Cheri Marie 
Kerney, Efrem Jerome 
Kerney, Patrick 
Kerr, Sandra Haines 
Kerstetter, Donald L. 
Kesler, Mary A. 
Ketchum, Russell Wayne 
Ketchum, Terri La'na 
Key, Bobby J. 
Key, James P. 
Key, Maggie C. 
Key, Sarah Louise 
Keys, Bonanza T. 
Keys, Patricia Ann 

Keys, Patrick 

Keys, Ronnie Darnell 

Kiefer, Patrick Michael 

Kilgore. David Conrad 

Kilgore, Robert Pierce 

Kimbrell, Richard Alan 

Kimbrough, Roger Duke 

King, Stacy Allen 

King, Cathy 

King, David Ray 

King, Edna M. 

King, Elizabeth Ann 

King, Larry Joe 

King, Leslie Lee, )r. 

King, Lori Ann 

King, Odessa L. 

King, Patricia Ann 

King, Robbie Louise 

King, Ruthie Faye 

King, Sherry Annette 

King, Sherry Bland 

King, Sherry Denise 

King, Sherry Lynn 

King, William Ben 

Kinniburgh, Brent Leroy 

Kinsey, Donna Diane 

Kirk, Kenneth H. 

Kirkland, Monnie Athene 

Kirkwood, Savanah 

Kitchens, Ellen Lorraine 

Klenk, Lisa Carol 

Klepzig, Leah 

Klepzig, Peggy Louise 

Klepzig, Suzanne 

Kneeland, Sharon D. 

Knichel, Cynthia ). 

Knight, Charles G. 

Knight, Marcia Karen 

Knight, Mary 

Knighton, Barbara leanes 

Knox, Selena M. 

Kohlheim, Barbara Ann 

Koonce, Bobby G. 


Koonce, Sandra H. 
Kopf, Cheryl B. 
Kopf, Danny 
KouSky, Mary Lou 
Kramer, Fred Karl 
Kuehndorf, Lynette Peggy 
Kuehndorf, Peggy Roth 
Kuykendall, Ceraldine 
Kyles, Anthony Quincy 
Kyser, Douglas Philip 

Lacook, Tony Alexander 
Ladd, lames Anthony 
Lail, David Andrew 
Lake, Alice Fae 
Lamar, Patricia Leslie 
Lambert, Debra Michelle 
Lambert, Sarah 
Landreth, )ames M. 
Lane, Carolyn Faye 
Lane, Kenneth Wayne 
Lane, Linda Carol Beamon 
Lane, Patricia McDaniel 
Laney, Robert E. 
Langford, Michael Shane 
Langford, Rhonda Carol 

nam, Beverly Gail 

am, Tony D. 

5n, Kimberly Kay 
Laster, Frank D. 
Latham, Jerry Dwight 
Lauderdale, Zandra Lee 
Laughter, Clarence E., )r. 
Landre, Alan Trent 
Lawrence, Cassandra Jean 
Lawson, Dorothy Mae 
Lawson, Marilyn Cay 
Layman, Robert James 
Layrock, Angela Renee 
Lea, Clark M., Jr. 
Leak, Lisa P. 
Leake, David Betrand 
Leasure, Carol Flora 
Leatherwood, Roberta Lee 
Ledbetter, Susan Gail 
Lee, lames HB^H^^^ 
Lee, Linda 
Lee, Linda Carolyn 
Lee, O. Yvonne 
Lee, Rachelle Denise 
Lee, Regina Ann 
Leedom, Gary David 
Leeton, James, Jr. 
Legge, Byron C 
Leggett, Tammy F. 
Legette, Belinda Wren 
Lehman, Gina L. 
Lenn, loseph Carl 
Lentz, Mary Godsey 
Lester, Ketrina Yolanda 
Lester, Patricia Ann 
Lester, Timothy Edward 
Lesure, Anthony 
Letson, Paulette 
Leverson, Elaine Johnson 
Levy, Janice Lynn 
Lewelling, Ben Wayne 
Lewelling, Geraldine 
Lewelling, Lori Jeanne 
Lewis, Brenda Joyce 
Lewis, Christine Carroll 
Lewis, Clarence E. 
Lewis, Eva Gail 
Lewis, James Russell 
Lewis, JoeL. 
Lewis, Julia Renae 
Lewis, Kelvin D. 
Lewis, Larry Darnell 
Lewis, Leigh Ann 
Lewis, Leonard Cooper 
Lewis, Lorenda Leigh 
Lewis, Lynn 
Lewis, Melissa Cory 
Lewis, Treesa 

Lewis, Vanessa C. 
Lewis, William Allan 
Lexa, Scott M. 
Liddell, Joe Charles 
Liggins, Lavetta 
Liggins, Linda Fay 
Liggins, Warren Kendrick 
Lincoln, Robin Lynn 
Lindsey, Max Raymond Jr. 
Lipe, Maria Nell 
Lipford, Pamela 
Lipscomb, Rebekah Jane 
Lipsey, John Michael 
Lipsey, William J. 
Lisco, Stephen Scott 
Lisenby, Terry Lee 
Lisenby, Tony Lynn 
Little, David Ernest 
Livingston, Gregg 
Livingston, Keith Ira 
Locke, Aubrey Lee 
Lockett, Michael Dawayne 
Loftin, Gregory Harold 
Lofton, Thomas lerald 
Logan, Anthony 
Logan, Arnita Marie 
Logan, Brenda T. 
Logan, Joyce Laruth 
Logan, Sherry D. 
Logue, Billiel Ann 
Lomax, Patricia Roxanne 
Long, Angeline Christine 
Long, Edgar Gail 
Long, Jef fery Charles 
Long, Jimmy Neal 
Long, Sadie Mae 
Long, Teresa M. 
Lott, Bradley W. 
Lott, Kelly A. 
Love, Anthony Ray 
Love, Billy Wayne 
Love, Eugene 
Lovelady, Lois L. 
Lovelady, Thomas Cyrus 
Loven, Fontaine Elita 
Lowe, Donna Doss 
Lowe, Tony M. 
Lowery, Aubra Jean 
Lowery, Gary L. 
Lowery, Joey 
Lowery, Terry 
Lowrance, James Robert 
Loyd, Patricia A. 
Lucas, Angela Yvette 
Lucas, Lowri Carolyn 
Luellen, Gina 

Luellen, Regina McKinney 
Lumas, Ora Jean 
Lumpkin, Edith W. 
Luster, Jimmy Ray 
Luster, Kenny Leon 
Luther, Beverly 
Luttrell, Michael Shane 
Lynch, Hugh C. 
Lynch, Sandra M. 


Mabry, Robert Earl 
Mabry, Robert Lee 
Mack, Elizabeth C. 
Mack, Lenorris Lynn 
Mackey, Malvin S. 
Mackey, Rufus 
Madden, Jack, Jr. 
Jaddux, Robert Edwards, 
Magee, Pamela 
Magee, Pamela Anne 
Mahan, Linda Faye 
Malone, Angelia Denise 
Malone, Arnold Lee 
Malone, Bobby Allen 
Malone, Cheryl D. 
Malone, Deborah S. 
Malone, Jeal Ella 
Malone, Linda Jean 
Malone, Pauline 

Malone, Thomas Edward 
Mangrum, Sylvia Stewart 
Mann, Elizabeth A 
Manning, Annie Ruth 
Manning, Sheila 
Mansel, Dana Kelly 
Manuel, Theresa M 
Maples, Sandra Sue 
Marchand, Phillip E , Jr. 
Marion, Cecil 
Marion, Noveller 
Marion, Patricia Diann; 
Mark well, Alleliese T 
Marquis, Larry L. 
Mars, Judith Carroll 
Marshall, Betty 
Marshall, Sandra Renee 
Martin, Brenda K. 
Martin, Bruce L. 
Martin, Charles 
Martin, Edith Sue 
Martin, Eric Duvall 
Martin, Judy R. 
Martin, Julie C. 
Martin, Linda Godfrey 
Martin, Lois Leigh 
Martin, Mary C. 
Martin, Mary Louise 
Martin, Melissa S. 
Martin, Morgan Alfred 
Martin, Tammy Jewel 
Martin, Valerie Denise 
Martin, Wanda Brown 
Martindale, Michael Shaun 
Martinez, Delores Kay 
Martinez, Victor Roberto 
Mason, Jackie Hayden 
Mason, James Barry 
Mason, Michael 
Mason, Sharon 
Massey, Bob F. 
Massey, Cara Yvonne Floate 
Massey, Charles Elroy 
Massey, Stacy Wayne 
Massey, Susan Marie 
Massie, Jacquline 
Massie, Jane Burdette 
Massie, Pamela A. 
Mathis, Ferlinda 
Matthews, Cathy Lynn 
Matthews, Dorothy | 
Matthews, James Thomas, Jr. 
Matthews, Janet Singleton 
Matthews, Michelle 
Maughan, Robert E. 
Mauk, Russell Howard 
Mauk, Sammie Walker 
Mauney, Gary Gilbert 
Maxey, Virginia 
Maxwell, Peggy A. 
Maxwell, Rose Marie 
Maxwell, Sylvia Odell 
May, Cinclair 
May, Frances Bourdette 
May, Gary W. 
May, Jennifer 
May, Julie Elizabeth 
Mayes, Debertha Lonell 
Mayo, Angelisa Bullard 
Mayo, Carla Lynette 
Mays, Laretha Dell 
Mayse, Benita R. 
McAdams, Roberta 
McArthur, Joni 
McBride, Deborah B. 
McCain, Cynthia Laverne 
McCain, Jimmie H. 
McCaleb, Janet Leigh 
McCammon, William Vernon 
McCarley, Edith M. 
McCarley, Karen Frances 
McCartney, Virginia Lynn 
McCarver, Lisa Lawtum 
McClanahan, Frances R. 
McClellan, Shelia Ann 
McCloud, Connie Louise 
McCloud, Crescent Denise 
McClung, Kevin 
McCollins, Gloria Yvonne 

McCollins, Lind 
McCollough, Carla 
McCord, Neva Renee 
McCord, Rosemary 
McCoy, James Carl 
McCrary, Emily Ann 
McCray, Shirley Sandra 
McCullar, Amy Renee 
McCullar, Charlotte 
McCullar, Cheryl Lynn 
McCullough, Brenda Nichols 
McCullougb, Ljsa Ann 
McCullough, Mary Green 
McDaniel, Carolyn Kay 
McDaniel, Jacquelyn Kay 
McDaniel, Jacquelyn Leigh 
McDaniel, June Lindsey 
McDaniel, Patricia R. 
McDaniel, TimG. ." 
McDaniel, William H., Jr. 
McDermott, lames B. 
McDonald, Melanie Jean 
McDoniel, Edgar Ray 
McDowell, Derek A. 
McDowell, James Cole 
McElroy, Arthur George 
McEwen, Chester Lee 
McEwen, Ruthie Genel 
McFadden, William Henry 
McFall, Becky Fay 
McFarlin, Greg Scott 
McFerron, John Robert C. 
McGarrity, Stephanie M. 
McGee, Anthony 
McGee, Mark 
McGee, Sandra Hendrix 
McGee, William Allen 
McGinnis, Judy E. 
McGlarn, Earlean 
McGlown, Diane P. 
McGoldrick, Debbie Lynn 
McGoodwin, Faye 
McGowen, Arlene Lafitte 
McGregor, Jeff 
Mcintosh, Angie Marie 
Mclntyre, Christopher R. 
McKay, Carl £** 

McKay, Jill E < ,* M 
McKay, Leslie Susan 
McKay, Melissa 
McKee, James Eric 
McKee, Nell Newcomb 
McKee, Sophia Loran 
McKee, Thomas William 
McKell, William Christopher 
McKelroy, Patricia Ann 
McKnight, Vicki Annett 
McLaughhlin, Anthony Ray 
McLaurin, Walter R 
McLemore, John Scott 
McLendon, Stephen Keith 
McLeod, Detra Deneice 
McMaster. Tracey Lynn 
McMasters, Christopher G. 
McMillan, Fane 
McMinn, Patti Lou 
McMullen, Daniel 
McNail, Angela Renee 
McNelly, Glenn 
McNeese, Audrey Schentina 
McNeil, Eddie 
McNeil, Michael Wayne 
McNeil, Willie E. 
McNeill. Robin Holbrook 
McOwen, Michael F. 
McPhail, Brent Shaw 
McPhail, Jennifer A. 
McRae, David Scott 
McRee, Guy Fulton 
Mea, Karen Lynn 
Meacham, Robert Rhodes, III 
Meadors, David Lynn 
Medford, Gregory Wayne 
Medlin, Angie Marie 
Medlin, James Allen 
Medlin, Liz F. 
Medlin, Tonia Denise 
Meek, Rita B. 
Melton, Benjamen Trent 

anda B 



Merrell, Joe Chandler 
Mernman, Angela Gwen 
Merriweather, Carolyn R 
Metzger, Kim Marie 
Meyers, Shelia Jean 
Meziere, Tammy 
Micou, Arnold Craig 
Middleton, Nicole Marie 
Middleton, Patricia Ann 
Miernik, Carole Susan 
Mikes, Rhonda Kaye 
Milan, Annie Ruth 
Milan, Gwendolyn 
Miles, James K. 
Millbrooks, Ruby Regina 
Miller, Carolyn Hankins 
Miller, Keith Darrell 
Miller, Lisa B. 
Miller, Lititia Lashae 
Miller, Mary Jo 
Miller, Misty Dawn 
Miller, Norma Jean 
Miller, Robert A 
Miller, Ronald Esam 
Miller, Ronnie 
Miller, Sandy 
Miller, William Stanley 
Millon, Velinda Brown 
Mills, Billie M. 
Mills, Dorotha Sue 
Mills, Melanie Renee 
Mills, Rhonda Kim 
Millwood, Charlotte Regina 
Minor, Barry |oe 
Minor, Kimberly Cana 
Minor, Samuel Dubois, Jr. 
Minton, Candy D. 
Mistilis, Stan 
Mitchell, Amanda Hope 
Mitchell, Angela Sophia 
Mitchell, Arletha Mae 
Mitchell, Avnl Hershell I , 
Mitchell, Dawn Renee 
Mitchell, Dedric 
Mitchell, Gary O'Neal 
Mitchell, John Samuel 
Mitchell, Monica Cheryl 
Mitchell, Oliver 
Mitchell, Pamela Renee 
Mitchell, Parthenia 
Mitchell, Robert Gene 
Mitchell, Thomas Lynn 
Mize, David Wayne 
Mize, Helen W. 
Mize, Jerry 
Mize, Linda S. 
Mock, David Herbert 
Monaghan, George Stephen 
Monaghan, Pamela Taylor 
Monger, Barbara 
Montenegro, Zorelia 
Montesi, Kris K. 
Montgomery, Opal Faye 
Montgomery, Raymond F., Ill 
Mooney, Lois Darlene 
Mooneyham, Mark Chandler 
Moore, Becky C. 
Moore, Frances Charlene 
Moore, Frankie L. 
Moore, Gloria 
Moore, James L. 
Moore, Kathy Durelle 
Moore, Lee Herring 
Moore, Linda Kaye 
Moore, Loinel Hampton 
Moore, M. Charisse 
Moore, Mary Carole 
Moore, Mary Lou 
Moore, Michael Keith 
Moore, Pamela Ann 
Moore, Rhonda Kay 
Moore, Rita Cheryl 
Moore, Robert Anthony 
Moore, Robin E. 
Moore, Susanne 
Moore, Tammy Ann 
Moore, Theresa Ann 



Moorehead, Patricia 
Moorhead, Brian S 
Moorhead, Elizabeth C. 
Moorhead, Kim T 
Morano, )amie Cheryl 
Morehead, Steve M. 
Morgan, Dolly Sanford 
Morgan, Edith Atkinson 
Morgan, Helen 
Morgan, Helen Hay 
Morgan, Kelvin Dural 
Morgan, Raymond Steve 
Morgan, Ruan B. 
Morris, Corlis Bertina 
Morris, Dannay Keith 
Morris, Daphna Rochelle 
Morris, David Owens 
Morris, lames L. 
Morris, Norris )ames 
Morris, Phillip H. 
Morris, Ronnie Lamar 
Morris, Shirley 
Morrow, Kimberly Karol 
Morrow, Margaret Denise 
Mosier, Teresa A. 
Mosley, Joann 
Mosley, Larry Lane 
Moss, Charles Allen 
Moss, Charles Edward 
Moss, Teresa Davis 
Moten, Randy L. 
Mothershead, Paula Elaine 
Mothershed, Charles Andrew 
Mouser, Gary C. 
Mullen, Deborah W. 
Mullins, Albert F. 
sMullins, Florence Allene 
Munsey, Donald Joseph 
Murphree, Gregory Benett 
Murphree, Kimberly Ruth 
Murphy, Aleatha Darlene 
Murphy, Carol L. 
Murray, )oel David 
Murray, Sheri Wood 
Myers, Carey C . 
Myers, lenny Christene 
Myers, John Phillip 
Myles, Nancy Ann 
Myrick, Betty Jo 
Myrick, Perry 


Nabors, Lee 
Nabors, Terry 
Nail, Rhonda 
Nails, Debra Diane 
Napier, David Ray 
Napper, Tina Maria 
Naramore, Bylinda Harwell 
Naramore, Valerie lean 
Nash, Gregory Van 
Neal, B. lanet 
Neal, Betty D. 
Neal, Floyd Antion 
Neal, Jimmy 
Neal, Karen Estelle 
Neal, Richard Oliver 
Nease, Angela Lee 
Neeley, Clarence Richard 
Neele.y, Donald F. 
Neeley, Donna Carol 
Neely, Carolyn Ann 
Neergaard, Sarah Lynn 
Nelson, George A. 
Nelson, Jackie Lee 
Nelson, Johnny Albert 
Nelson, Robert A. 
Nelson, Tommy Gene, Jr. 
New, Patricia Ann 
Newcomb, Joe Dean, Jr. 
Newman, Valeria Leigh 
Newman, Vickie S. 
Newsom, Pamela Diane 
Newsom, Travis Glenn 
Newson, Darryl R. 
Newson, Gregory Bernard 

Neson, Marsha A. 
Newton, William Davis 
Neyland, Lacy Darnell 
Niblett, Steve Louis 
Nicholas, Ashley 
Nichols, Barbara J. 
Nichols, Diana S. 
Nichols, Orville Daniel 
Nichols, Phelan Dunn 
Nichols, Regina 
Nichols, Sheri Lynn 
Nichols, Tammy Gullick 
Nichols, William K. 
Nicks, Brenda A. 
Nicks, Gloria Ann 
Nix, Don 

Nobles, Greg Allen 
Nobles, Lori Ann 
Noel, Virginia Massey 
Nolan, Sarah Katharine 
Nold, Dorothy Maupin 
Nolen, Debbie Dunlap 
Nolen, Eva Jane 
Norman, Mary R. 
Northrip, Denver R. 
Northrip, Stanley Ray 
Norton, Deborah Lynn 
Norwood, Sharon L 
Norwood, Susan C. 
Nunnally, Diane 
Nunnery, Carole Gray 


O'Connor, Kevin Patrick 
Odom, Helen Denise 
Ogg, Fred Travis 
O'Halloran, Christopher F. 
O'Herron, Heather Kathleen 
Olivent, Stacey Kim 
Oliver, Brenda M. 
Oliver, Caroline L. 
Oliver, Gloria Jean 
Oliver, Helen R. Bolden 
Oliver, Mary Elizabeth 
Oliver, Mary Lee 
Oliver, Steven Karl 
Olsonrr Frank O. 
Omedeo, Ashley 
O'Neal, Carol D. 
O'Neal, Shelley Alicia 
O'Neel, Gary Eugene 
O'Quin, Charles Cecil 
O'Quinn, Stephanie Diane 
Orange, Barbara Gail 
Orr, James Michael 
Osier, Dean Wes 
Ouellette, Patricia Louise 
Owen, Terry Wade 
Owens, Curtis 
Owens, Juan H. Puilliam 
Owens, Nell Turner 


Pachmayr, Brenda Richards 
Page, Tina 
Paige, Patricia Ann 
PaSie, Kimberly lean 
Palazzolo, John Damian 
Palmer, Wilma Louise 
Parham, Cindy Burns 
Parham, Lana Stephanie 
Park, Bobby George, Jr. 
Parker, Angela M. 
Parker, Brenda Dianne 
Parker, John Mallory 
Parker, Karen Iverson 
Parker, Karen Lynne 
Parker, Larry Keith * 
Parker, Larry Wayne 
Parker, Rhonda Jane 
Parrish, Corinne 
Parrish, Letha 
Parrish, Terry Wayne 


Partridge, Cindy Ann 
Pass, Jeryl Lynn 
Passmore, Michael Wayne 
Pate, Sandra 

Patrick, Timothy Wallace 
Patterson, Charles Bradley 
Patterson, Yancy Daniel 
Patton, Michael Bernard 
Paylor, Gregory C. 
Payne, Andrea Renee 
Payne, Christopher Newbill 
Payton, Gregory 
Payton, Paula Mechelle 
Payton, William Daren 
Peagues, Patricia 
Pearce, Brenda H. 
Pearson, Brian Keith 
Pearson, Bruce Allen 
Pearson, Leetta Louise 
Pearson, Mary C. Nell 
Pease, Stephanye 
Pederson, Sylvia C 
Peeler, Laura Smith 
Peeler, Randy 
Peeples, Penelope P. 
Pegues, Cajewel Anise 
Pegues, Murlean 
Penamon, Peggy Jean 
Pender, Karen Faye 
Pender, Sharon Kaye 
Penix, Patricia Ann 
Pennington, Oliver G. 
Pepper, Marianne W. 
Perkins, Elizabeth 
Perkins, Gary Laynn 
Perkins, Patience Ann 
Perkins, Rosie Lee 
Perry, Carol Ann 
Perry, Melody Gail 
Perry, Milton Samuel 
Perry, Ted Lewis 
Perryman, Edwin Dale 
Person, Linda Aston 
Person, Misty Charles 
Person, Patricia McCullar 
Pettis, Gregory A. 
Pettis, Martha Jean 
Pettit, Lesia Jean 
Peyton, Lois Watkins 
Phelps, Amy Caroline 
Phifer, Eddie Clinton 
Phifer, Tammy Lynne 
Phillips, Belinda Kay 
Phillips, Cardell 
Phillips, Cathy ]o 
Phillips, Karen Elaine 
Phillips, Linda M. 
Phillips, Patricia Dyann 
Phillips, Sandra Kay 
Pickens, Lisa Jean 
Pickering, Donnell Franklin 
Pickering, Mary E. 
Pickett, Christopher E. 
Pickney, Michele C. 
Picucci, Loretta 
Pierce, Melissa Kay 
Pierce, Pamela Fay 
Pierson, Linda K. 
Pighee, Caron Christine 
Pike, Sharrly Ann 
Pilcher, Darin Wade 
Pillow, Faye 
Pillow, Gideon Davidson 
Pinion, Shawn M. 
Pinkston, Erma lean McLean 
Pinkston, Linda G. 
Piotrowski, John P. 
Piotrowski, Toni 
Piper, Cynthia Ann 
Pipkin, Henry L. 
Pipkin, Saldia Bernard 
Pirtle, Kirby Ray 
Pittman, Harrison Victor 
Pittman, James David, 111 
Pittman, Judy J. 
Pittman, Kenneth W. 
Pittman, Randa Lynn 
Pitts, Paulette 
Poag, Frances 

Poe, Kitrina Stembridge 
Poe, Mary 

Poindexter, Pam Walker 
Polk, Steven L. 
Pollan, Angela Michelle 
Pollan, Rodney Curtis 
Pollard, George ^^^^^— 
Pope, Kimberly Joyce 
Poplar, Arthur Lee 
Poppenheimer, Barbara A. 
Poppenheimer, Laurie Ann 
Poppenheimer, Patricia M. 
Poppenheimer, Tracy )o 
Porter, Gussie 
Porter, Ronald Duane 
Portis, Alma R. 
Pounders, Amy Jo 
Pounders, Marian Pat 
Pounders, Perry L. 
Pounders, Sherri Frances 
Pounds, Alan Jay 
Pounds, Frances R. W. 
Powell, John 
Powell, Minor Merritt 
Powell, Pat Wilson 
Powell, Patrick M. 
Powell, Richard Revelle 
Powell, Ronda P. 
Powell, Rose S. 
Powell, Tolann 
Power, lames M., Ill 
Powers, Carolyn 
Powers, Roy Douglas 
Poyner, Billy N. 
Poyner, Stephen Phillip 
Pratt, David Gary 
Presley, Shirley lean 
Prestage, Melany Shutes 
Prewett, Anita Suzanne 
Prewett, William Bruce 
Price, Alice 

Price, Bonnie Jo Hayes 
Price, Frankie Mae 
Price, Sharon Denise 
Price, Toni Renee 
Price, Vickie Denise 
Pride, Donald 
Pride, Larry Wayne 
Pride, L. C, III 
Pride, Renita Yvette 
Pride, Thelma lean 
Pride, Willie Lee Lawson 
Proctor, Tracy Elizabeth 
Proctor, William T. 
Prudhomme, Jimmy Gerald 
Pruett, William Joseph 
Pryor, Gwendolyn Woods 
Pryor, Shirley Faye 
Pryor, Teresa Wells 
Pullen, Connie Virginia 
Pulliam, Paul Alan 


alah Badawi 
uinn, Sandra Lynn 

HP" 1 

Raburn, Alice Elizabeth 
Rabi, Eyad Saleem 
Ragon, Peggy 
Raiteri, Kurt Edward 
Rampy, Clifford C, Jr. 
Ramsey, Daisy M. 
Ramsey, Irma Lee 
Ramsey, Mary Louise 
Ramsey, Robyn Louise 
Ramsey, Shannon 
Ramsey, Sherry 
Rand, Jacquelyn 
Randle, Isadore 
Rather, Allison Wells 
Ray, Anglea Kay 

Ray, Barry Joseph 
Ray, Billy C. 
Ray, Chuck 
Ray, Dana Alanne 
Ray, lohn Albert 
Ray, Mary F ^^ m 

Ray, Mary Louise 
Ray, Sandra J. 
Ray, Susan Elizabeth 
Rayborn, Casey Andrew 
Rayford, Danny 
Reaves, Van Vanesta 
Redmon, Alisha D. 
Reed, Bobby Louis 
Reed, Gloria lean 
Reed, Holli A. 
Reed, Jerry Lee 
Reed, Kelvin Eugene 
Reed, Mildred 
Reed, Suzanne Taylor 
Reed, Wanda Nell 
Reese, Douglas Payne 
Reese, Dwanh Enita 
Reeves, Ronald Lee 
Reibel, Robert J. 
Reid, Stephen W. 
Reinking, Diane Elizabeth 
Reinking, Paul Arthur 
Reliford, Mechelle Denise 
Reynolds, Mary Ann 
Rhea, Sherry Lynn 
Rhines, Gwendolyn Louise 
Rhodes, Donna Carol Smith 
Rhodes, Mary lane 
Rice, Lee Morris 
Rice, Twanna Kaye 
Rich, Mark Steven 
Rich, Wallace E. 
Richard, Juliet 
Richards, Linda L 
Richardson, Bessie 
Richardson, Joyce Ann 
Richardson, Marie A. 
Richardson, Pamela 
Richardson, Patricia Gail 
Richardson, Shirley Ann 
Richmond, )ohn C. 
Rickman, Glenn L. 
Rickman, Pamela Renee 
Ridgway, lames Michael 
Riem, Sharon Kay 
Riender, Neal V. 
Riggins, Teresa lennette 
Rikard, Samuel P. 
Riley, Barbara A. 
Riley, Earl Leon 
Riley, Mack A. 
Riley, Melissa 
Riley, Michael 
Riley, Robert Wayne 
Rimmer, Ashly Ann 
Rinehart, Crystal 
Rines, Gretchen M. 
Rines, William Franklin 
Rizzo, Phillip Michael 
Roach, Deborah Suzanne 
Robb, Bill M. 
Robb, Ian Carole 
Robbins, Maricia A. 
Robbins, Patricia Irene 
Roberds, Darryel Lee |r. 
Roberson, Amanda Maxine 
Roberson, Donald G. 
Roberson, Glenda Stewart 
Roberson, James Michael 
Roberson, Jeff Dale 
Roberson, Vanessa 
Roberson, Venail 
Roberts, Gary Lee 
Roberts, Glen Keith 
Roberts, Mary 
Roberts, Mona 
Roberts, Yvonne Woods 
Robertson, Anise 
Robertson, Dorothy Jean 
Robertson, Jacqueline 
Robertson, lennifer 
Robertson, )erry Dolphus 
Robertson, Robin 



■ ■/, 


Robertson, Valeria B. 
Robertson, Zelmer M. 
Robinette, Linda Taylor 
Robinson, Amanda Felerit 
Robinson, Brooks Wayne 
Robinson, Debbie Elaine 
Robinson, Debra Ann 
Robinson, Ethel 
Robinson, Frances Demp: 
Robinson, Janice J. 
Robinson, Jeanette 
Robinson, Jeffrey Alan 
Robinson, Leslie C. 
Robinson, Pamela Dawn 
Robinson, Ruth Ann 
Robrinzme, Ivetta M. 
Roby, James..£. 
Rockhokd, Debbie Davis 1 
Rockwood, Paul Earl 
Roddy, Marvir\ v 
Rodgers, Glenda S. 
Rodgers, Velma 
Roelke, MaryTynn 
Rogers, Andrew L. 
Rogers, Tammy .* 
Roland, Wanda K. 
Rolland, Shirjey Peck 

Rollins, Donna Jo* 
Rollins, Olene M. 
Rooker, Lois ; Madewell 
Rooks, Brenda Faye 
Rooks, Gloria Jean 
Rose, Cynthia Ann 
Rose, Pamela Phillips 
Rose, Thomas Aaron 
Ross, Anne Dorris 
Rqss, Befty Jo Matthews* 
Ross, David Mooney i; 
Ross, Melvin 
Rdss, Michael Todd 
Ross, Myra Denisel 
Ross, Verjna Ann 
Ross, Vi via Latrese 
Ross, William E., Jr. 
Ross, William Miller 
Rossetti, Karen Beoise 
Rounds, Carrie Mae 
Rouse, Michael Lamar 
Rowsey, BeulaKFay 
Rowsey, Grace Brasel 
Rowsey, Hdzelda 
Roy, Elizabeth 
Ruby, Donald Eugene 
Rudd, Cathey Laven 
Rudd; Mary France? 
Rudd, Wanda Carol 

sh, Karen 
Ruffin, Wanda Joyce 
Rush, Brian Eugene 
Rush, Gary T 
Rushing, Norma Dye 
Rushing, Sarah Ann 
Russell, Cynthia Dawn 
Russell, Doris Lane 
Russell, Thomas W. 
Russom, Betty Johnson 






Sackson, David 
Sadler, Suzanne Robinson 
Sails, James L. 
Sales, Angela D. 
Sales, Erma Mershell 
Sanders, Azalea 
Sanders, Brenda Kay 
Sanders, David Alexander 
Sanders, Deosha D. 
Sanders, Fred Alvis, jr. 
Sanders, John Michael 
Sanders, Kimberly 
Sanders, Marilyn 
Sanders, Queen Elizabeth 
Sanders, Stephanie 
Sanders, Steven Lynn 
Sandridge, Tony McGail 

, Demple Jean 
om, Gary Lynn 
Melinda Sue 
.ou Ella 
t< Hlizabeth S. 
itorBprriet Frances 
Sauls! g&'- Barbara Mechel 
':,<• ili^My, Howard Alexander 
erry, Ronnie Eric 
;e, Deborah Williams 
age, Rhonda Lea 
'awaya, Tracye 
Sawyer, Danny Wayne 
Sayton, Belinda Smith 
Scales, Marc Anthony 
callorn, Christopher S. 

Horn, Roy Lynn 
PJjHorn, Sandra Ely 
Scallorn, Ursula Marie 
ichell, Alan Glenn 
Schetl, Eula V. 

hmitz, Meri W. 
Schneider, Sandra Chtistel 
Schove, Margaret 
Sjeott, Annie Ruth White 
Scott, Bobbie Ruth 
Scott, Charles David 
Scott, June Henley 
Scott, Kimberly Kay 
Scott, Mary EJoise 
Scott, Patricia Ann 
Scott, Rebecca Lee 
Scott, William Cliff 
Scott, William Deloyd 
Scroggins, Barbara Ruth 
Scruggs, Brad J. 
Scruggs, Doug Gene 
Scruggs, Steven Kenneth 
Scruggs, Tina Lynette 
Scullark, Patricia 
ieckt, Mary Theresa 
Pamela D, 

ers, wn 
as, Steve C. 
n, William N 
Seymour, Donald G egory 
Seymour, Patsy B. 
Shacklefore, Cammie Floyd 
Shackleford, Jerry W 
Shankle, John Lee 
Shannon, Terence 
Shannon, TV>in/Wtex 
Sharbono, Mark Allen 
Sharp, Brian Lee 
Sharp, Linda Pj;; 
Sharpe, Sherr 
Shavers, Joh Kgerald 
Shaw, ConrilH'nn 

haw, Daniel Rubel 
Shaw, Douglas Edward 

haw, JAj^V Maurice 
Shaw, Kim A 
Shav ; sa Diane 
Shaw, Martha lean 
Shaw, Phyllis 
Shaw, Rita 

Shaw.Fobert Alonzo 
Shaw, Robert Howard 
Shaw, Terry Earl 

•i Is, Rob M. 

Hog, Carl 

Hog, Jeanette 

Hog, Jeffrey Kendell 

hegog, Len Franklin 
Sheilds, Mary Louise 

heley, Riley Christopher 
Shelley, hmceM, 
Shelton, Eriine S. 
Shelton, Hugh Lawrence 
Shelton, John M 
Shelton, Linda Goo 
Shelton, Marian Oates 
Shelton, Teresa E 
Shepard, Billie E , Jr. 
Bpbert S. 
■i tot I, Ann Poppenheimer 
Hbry KenriSl 


Shield, Debbie 
Shifflett, Cynthia Jane 
Shifflett, Dorothy Raley 
Shipman, Scott Allen 
Shipp, Cynthia Marie 
Shipp, Karen Alisa 
Shirley, Sharon L. 
Shorter, Leasa K. 
Shorty, Fred Lavone 
Shuffield, Steven Allen 
Sides, Sheila K. 
Siegfreid, James Charles 
Sills, William B. 
Sills, William Paul 
Silvers, Bridget Michele 
Simelton, Vance Edward 
Simmerman, Bonnie Lynelle 
Simmons, Fredrick Earl 
Simmons, Jeannine R. 
Simmons, Kimberly Ann 
Simmons, Samuel Jefferson 
Simmons, Teresa D. 
Simpkins, Susan Rebecca 
Simpson, Carlton Bradley 
Simpson, Deborah S. 
Simpson, James 
Simpson, Sharon 
Sims, Karen J. 
Singuef ield, Lisa Ann 
Sisk, Joanna 
Skelton, Paul Mitchell 
Skelton, Susan Renee 
Skelton, Thomas Michael 
Skillon, M. C. 
Sledge, Michael Scott 
Sliepcevic, Keith G. 
Sloop, Linda J. 
Small, Jeffrey Edgerly 
Smallwood, Karen Jean 
Smart, Garry Lloyd 
Smart, Wanda 
Smiltnieks, Debbie 
Smith, Albert Mai 
Smith, Alesia Joi 
Smith, Anita Ga 
Smith, Benjami 
Smith, Berry 
Smith, Betty Joe 
Smith, Brenda 
Smith, Charlie 
Smith, Cheryl Ai 
Smith, Clara Paulii 
Smith, Daniel Elliott 
Smith, Darrell Lee 
Smith, Donna Faye 
Smith, Donna Lynn 
Smith, Ess(e Louisi 
Smith, Jerry Boy ' 
Smith, Jerry Wayn< 
Smith, Jo Anne 
Smith, Joey Net 
Smith, John Randall 
Smith, Johnnie Sue 
Smith, Keith Andrew 
Smith, Keith Andrew 
Smith, Lisa Rente 
Smith, Lora Ann 
Smith, Louie I 
Smith, MichaeiRichard 
Smith, Muruy William 
Smith, NesWI Sarfaith 
Smith, Pamela kimbrell 
Smith, Pamela Rena 
Smith, Pacltoaflel* * 
Smith, Peggy.A 
Smith, Rene D. 
Smith, Robert £» *" 

h, Robert feoaKJ 

h, RogerH ! 
Smith, Russell Lt - 
Smith, Sharon Cassant) 
Smith, Shirley F. 
jth, Teresa Durley 
ajr en 
S mill on, Sheliu I 
Snead, Mary Jo 
Sneed, luanita V. Pugh 
Snow, Glenda D. Stanford 
Snow, Janice Jones 

Somerville, Robert E. 
Sones, Theodore Robert 
Sowell, Ernest 
Sowell, Lynda Gayle 
Sowell, Marsha Rafferty 
Sowell, Michael David 
Sowell, Tamera Carter 
Sparkman, Mary Malinda 
Sparkman, Steven Travis 
Sparks, Kara Michelle 
Spearman, Dwight 
Spearman, Magnolia 
Spears, Scott Lesley 
Spelta, David Wayne 
Speltz, Greg 
Spoon, Patricia Diane 
St. John, Vickie Lee 
St. Pierre, Robert S. 
Stafford, Jon 
Stahle, Tracy M. 
Stallings, James M. 
Stamps, Rebecca Marie 
Standard, Kelly Wayne 
Standard, Lisa Jean 
Standard, Randy Arnold 
Standard, Tina Jo 
Stanford, Bradly Clay 
Stanford, Marlin Coker, Jr. 
Stanford, Rickey Dewayne 
Stanford, Shirley Lorance 
Stanley, Janice B. 
Stanley, Paul Herbert, Jr. 
Stark, Pamela 
Starke, Diane Gridley 
Starkey, Audrey Mae 
Starks, Darrell D. 
Staten, Edwina C. 
Steakley, Randy D. 
Steele, James H. 
fel, Barbara Jean 

Donna D. Baxter 
Stetj:»-^Curtis Lamont 
Step! :kpuglas Lee 
Stepp, Angela Michelle 
Stessney.^kgaret Anne 
Stevens, S^Ha S. 

eward, Dennis 
Steward, Mark Anthony 
Stewart, Anita D 

ewart, Joan 
Stewart, "Mresa Elizabeth 
Still, TrinaLeann 
Stinson, Antione 
Stocks, Tetrence Latitus 
Stockton, Karla A. Iverson 
Stockton, Sharon E 
Stokes, Leslie Mae 
Stokes, Wanda jean 
Stone, Charles l«ith 
Stone* Jimmy Mai 
Shelia HouS 
Shirlie Faye ] 
Patricia Gale 
ngelia G. 
gina Caroll 
paries |. 
shley Paige 
Stovall, Dayne Lawerence 
Strange, John Ronald 
Street, Brenda Jean 
Strickland, Chester Earl 
Strickland, Jerlean 
Strickland, Joseph Keith 
Strickland, Shirley Sherrel 
Stringer, Shirley D. 
Strode, Robert Garrard 
Stubblefield, Parnell 
Sturdivant, Ca 
Styers, BradleJ 
Suggs, Mae Li| 
Sullivan, Lindy 
■in, Mart^ 

Sumner, Willie Earl 
Susalla, Angela Mary 
Sutton, Cathy Lynn 
Sutton, James Charles 
Swan, Glynda Dale 

Swan, Kenneth Wayne 
Swanson, Cynthia Irene 
Swanson, Michael Keith 
Swanson, Mitzi 
Swanson, Vicki Davis 
Sweatt, Joel Reed 
Swords, Tammy Lynn 
Sydnor, John Robert 
Sykes, Dorothy Edwards 
Sykes, Sally F. 


Tabor, Grady C. 
Tackett, Robert L. 
Talley, Mary E.Hill 
Tallie, Earline 
Tallie, Ollie Mae 
Tamke, Elizabeth Jones 
Taras, William M. 
Tash, Eva Michelle 
Tate, Julius L. 
Tate, Lena Raye 
Tate, Willie Ruth 
Tatum, Mary Brite 
Tatum, Ronald Vane 

Taylor, Angela Marie 

Taylor, Betty Howell 

Taylor, Bobbie S. 

Taylor, Burna K. 

Taylor, Carl L. 

Taylor, Cathy 

Taylor, Daniel Lloyd 

Taylor, David C. 

Taylor, David Kenith 

Taylor, Debra Jean 

Taylor, Elizabeth Johnette 

Taylor, Herbert A. 

Taylor, James Edward 

Taylor, John Christopher 

Taylor, Joyce Rodgers 

Taylor, Mark Anthony 

Taylor, Naomi 

Taylor, Patricia L. 

Taylor, Phyllis Reed 

Taylor, Richard W. 

Taylor, Romie 

Taylor, Ronald Earl 

Taylor, Rosie 

Taylor, Stephen Allen 

Taylor, Terry Allen 

Tedford, Mary Linda 

Tedford, Richard Russell 

Terry, Columbus 

Terry, Rubysteen 

Tettleton, Nancy Jo 

Thaggard, Frances P. 

Thaggard, Mary Catherine 

Theobald, Laura Elaine 

Theodore, Sandy L. 

Thomas, Angela C. 

Thomas, Bernice Yvette 

Thomas, Bettie Mae 

Thomas, Cynthia Rena 

Thomas, Donnie Sue 

Thomas, Doris A. 

Thomas, Essell, )r. 

Thomas, Gerald Bernard 

Thomas, Gwendlin Faye 

Thomas, Kasia L. 

Thoma?; Kellye Renee 

Thomas, Linda Virginia 

Thomas, Monty Mobley 
Thomas, Rodney Dale 
Thomas, Ronnie Lane 
Thomas, Sherrie Renee 
Thomas, Stacilyn Harrison 
Thompson, Carie Lynn 
Thompson, Charles Edwarc 
Thomp [ sor^Gu^^M 

i, Monique Rer 
son, OribLee Adar 
ThompsTiB . Sharon Ray 
Thompson, Todd Edward 
Thornton, Burnadette 
Thornton, Charles Dan 
Thornton, Lacey Watts 


Threatt, Reda Kay 
Thurber, Gari Lynn 
Thweatt, Brian K. 
Thweatt, Michael C. 
Tibbs, Dianne Harris 
Tice, Aaron Christopher 
Tidwell, Sandy Leann 
Till, Florence Ann 
Tillman, Allison Roshell 
Tillman, Sandy 
Tindall, James Anthony 
Tindall, Jary Edward 
Tindall, Sherry Dinise 
Tindall, Wyn W. 
Tippitt, John W. 
Tipton, Jack Andrew 
Todd, Annette Sawyer 
Todd, Billy R. 
Tolbert, Ronie Rydall 
Tomlinson, Carolyn 
Tomlinson, Lucille 
Toney, George Adrian 
Toombs, Donna Lynn 
Towles, Carlton, Jr. 
Towles, Carolyn Hamblin 
Towles, Richard Allen 
Towns, Mark A. 
Townsend, Walter C, III 
Trahan, Jerome Dennis 
Travis, Angela Denise 
Traylor, Bonnie Watkins 
Treadway, Tina Elizabeth 
Treece, Kenneth Wayne 
Tribble, Tommy J. 
Trotter, Blythe Scott 
Troutt, Kathleen G. 
Troxler, Terri Lynn 
Truddle, Pamela Degail 
Trusty, Rochelle Roberts 
Tubb, Bethany Leigh 
Tubb, Doyle Macwade 
Tubbs, Melissa Marie 
Tubbs, Susie 

Tucker, Delores Diane 

Tucker, Keith E. 

Tucker, Samuel Wayne 

Tucker, Valeria 

Tucker, Vickie Lynn 

Tucker, Vivian Sowell 

Tuggle, Annette 

Tuggle, Shelia Ann 

Tuggles, Casey Anthony 

Tunstall, Mae Helen 

Tunstall, Phyllis Renee 

Tunstall, Shewron 

Turley, Clay well 

Turner, Betty S. 

Turner, Bobbie 

Turner, Christie Lee 

Turner, Dorothy 

Turner, Edward James 

Turner, Gay Sheree B. 

Turner, James Earl 

Turner, Janice Morgan 

Turner, Linda Denise 

Turner, Melissa Dawn 

Turner, Randall K. 

Turner, Robert Glenn 

Turner, Sarah Hughes 

Turner, Sheila Booker 

Turner, Stacy Jo 

Turner, Telise Elaine 

Tyler, Sherman 


Uhlhorn, Ann Porter 
Umberger, Reba Antionette 
Umstattd, Lori Sue 
Ungurait, John Bentley 
Usher, Annie Marie 


Van, Dusen Randall James 

Vance, Bobby Taylor 
Vance, Curtis Lynell 
Vance, Tracy A. 
Vanderford, Darrell Wade 
Vanderford, David E. 
Vanderford, Martha Traylor 
Vanderford, Russell E. 
Varner, Angela Faye 
Varner, Lisa Renee 
Vaughan, Phillip Alan 
Vaughn, Karen C. 
Vaughn, Terry Lee 
Vaughters, David L. 
Veazey, Thomas 
Vick, Cynthia McPhail 
Vick, David Thomas 
Vick, Terry Jo 
Vickers, Thomas E. 
Vinson, Donna Kay 
Vollbracht, Gladys Smith 
Volmer, Joseph Kenneth 


Wade, Hiram D. 
Wade, Sally Ann 
Wade, Sandra A. 
Wadley, Barbara Ann 
Wadley, Johnny L. 
Wadley, Patricia 
Wages, Deborah F. 
Wages, Hazel H. 
Wages, O. David 
Waldrip, Shelly Jenise 
Walker, Alvin 
Walker, Barbara J. 
Walker, Bobbie J. 
Walker, C. Felton, III 
Walker, Charles Harry 
Walker, Charlotte Denise 
Walker, Debra Ellen 
Walker, Delores 
Walker, Doris H. 
Walker, Franklin, Jr. 
Walker, Howard 
Walker, Jimmie N. 
Walker, Joe Baxter 
Walker, Mary Anne 
Walker, Patricia Gail 
Walker, Randy Lee 
Walker, Rhonda Yvette 
Walker, Robert Lee 
Wallace, Betty 
Wallace, Debra Ann 
Wallace, Janice L. 
Wallace, Kanjo D. 
Wallace, Lance Wayne 
Wallace, Mona Lisa 
Wallace, Roosena 
Waller, Stepanie Renee 
Walls, Aaron Jay 
Walters, David Russell 
Walters, Jerry Ray 
Walters, Nadine Brewster 
Walters, Rhonda 
Walthall, Margaret Mae 
Walton, Delois Hardin 
Walton, Jerita L. 
Walton, John Fitzgerald 
Walton, Mary M. 
Walton, Melvin Charles 
Walton, Paul Thomas 
Walton, Sally 
Walton, Shelia 
Walton, Sylvia B. 
Walton, Thomas Earl 
Ward, Betty 
Ward, Larry Donell 
Ware, Hiram Vincent 
Ware, Robin A. 
Warmath, Stacey Elaine 
Warner, Melanie Faye 
Washington, Bennie Lee 
Washington, Deborah 
Washington, Jacquelyn M. 
Washington, Joyce Lavern 
Washington, Kelvin Tyrone 

Washington, Oliver 

Washington, Sheila B. 

Washington, Sherrye R. 

Washington, William Earl 

Watkins, Doris J. 

Watkins, Lisa Ann 

Watson, Debbie Lajune 

Watson, Dorothy Ann 

Watson, William T. 

Watts, Babette Denise 

Watts, Jimmie C. 

Watts, Michael Wayne 

Weakley, Terrence Lincoln 
Weathersby, Paul 
Weatherspoon, Gary 
Weaver, Eddie Ray 
Weaver, Henry H. 
Weaver, Linda Jean 
Weaver, Regina Frances 
Webb, Annie Pearl 
Webb, Brenda Kay 
Webb, Carolyn 
Webb, Kelly Gene 
Webb, Linda Faye 
Webb, Lucille 
Webb, Melissa Carol 
Webb, William Terry 
Webster, Felicia Renee 
Weeks, Margie Lynn 
Weir, Simon Finger 
Weir, Windala Simone 
Welch, Brandi 
Welch, J. Michelle 
Welch, Linda Vernicee 
Welch, Nina Tompkins 
Welch, Patsy 
Welch, Sharta Elaine 
Welch, William Doyle 
Wells, Barbara 
Wells, Fred P., Ill 
Wells, Jaden M. 
Wells, Juanita Sue 
Wells, Lenora 
West, Beverly Ann 
West, Glenda Murl 
West, Glynis June 
Westbrook, Jerry Lee 
Westmoreland, Darlene 
Weston, Robbie Jean 

'-IHlillai We 

Wever, Gene 

Whaley, Doris Elaine 

Wheeler, Amy 

Wheeler, George E. 

Wheeler, Jacqueline Dawn 

Wheeler, Michael Gerard 

Wheeler, Richard Paul 

White, Brenda Lemieux 

White, Christine 

White, Daniel A. 

White, Deborah Warner 

White, Evonne 

White, Hiburnia Lee 

White, Jacqueline Ann 

White, James Austin 

White, Janice Michelle 

White, Jimmie Lee 

White, Kathy Renee 

White, Kenneth Leon 

White, Kimberly Anne 

White, Larhonda L. Justice 

White, Maggie A. 

White, Marsha Lynn 

White, Meta Jan 

White, Missy Mary 

White, Robert J. 

White, Savannah A. 

White, Susan D. 

White, Teresa Dianne 

White, Timothy O'Neal 

White, Velma Ree 

Whitehead, Hilda A. 

Whitener, Jon Patrick 

Whiteside, Mary 

Whiting, James Lee 

Whitsell, Angela Dale 

Whittle, Claude Echols 

Whittle, Laura Marie 

Whitworth, Teresa Faye 

Wiggs, Melody Joy 

Wilbanks, Susan S. 
Wilborn, Derrick L 
Wilbourn, Betty Jo 
Wilburn, Cheryl L. 
Wilburn, Christopher T. 
Wildmon, Terry Lee 
Wiley, Kimyana 
Wiley, Roaslind Michell 
Wiley, Shari Dianne 
Wilkerson, Don 
Wilkie, Barry Stephen 
Wilkinson, Leigh Anne 
Willett, Robbie Lee 
Willey, David Franklin 
Willey, Leanita J. 
Williams, Bobbie Lynn 
Williams, Callia Mae 
Williams, Debra Davis 
Williams, Diane 
Williams, Douglas M. 
Williams, Emma Jean 
Williams, Eunice Verlene 
Williams, Gloria Jean 
Williams, Herbert Leon, Jr. 
Williams, James, Jr. 
Williams, Jeanette 
Williams, John David 
Williams, John Pat 
Williams, Judith Jane 
Williams, Lee Gibson 
Williams, Linda D. 
Williams, Lisa Spencer 
Williams, Louise Marie 
Williams, Mary L. 

'illiams, Nila Quails 
Williams, Orlando 
Williams, Pamela Kay 
Williams, Patsy Marie 
Williams, Rachel 
Williams, Ralph 
Williams, Rhonda Lynn 
Williams, Shielder Arielia 
Williams, Shirley Ann 
Williams, Shirley Jean 
Williams, Sybil Carolyn 
Williams, Walter L. 
Williams, Willie Andrew 
Williamson, Cynthia Ruth 
Williamson, Julia F. 
Williamson, Linda Sue 
Williamson, Patricia Ann 
Williamson, Paul John 
Williamson, Sherry Lynn 
Williford, Sharyn Wright 
Willingham, Evelyn Joy 
Willingham, Shelia Ann 
Willis, Harriet 
Willis, Johnny Wayne 
Willis, Shirley Lane 
Wilson, Bedeliah 
Wilson, Darrell 
Wilson, Eric 
Wilson, Jon Watson 
Wilson, Judie Tucker 
Wilson, Lakatia M. 
Wilson, Lenoize, Jr. 
Wilson, Linda 
Wilson, Linda Bernice 
Wilson, Mabel 
Wilson, Mary Hart 
Wilson, Michael Ray 
Wilson, Paul D. 
Wilson, Reginald Maurice 
Wilson, Shirley Page 
Wilson, William Kenneth 
Winter, Richard Wayne 
Winters, Janice R. 
Winters, Jerry Dean 
Wirhousky, Stephanie Ann 
Wise, John Dorrough 
Witham, Jonnie Lynn 
Wolfe, Janice Marie 
Wolfe, Marcia Joy 
Wolfgram, Elizabeth J. 
Womack, Ricky Lee 
Womble, Edward T., Ill 
Wood, Lewis Herbert 
Wood, Susan Turner 

Woodard, Calara Faye 
Woodard, Darell Ward 
Woodard, Linda Faye 
Woodard, Virginia Ree 
Woods, Billy Scott 
Woods, Dana Baker 
Woods, Doris 
Woods, Mark Haven 
Woods, Melissa Ann 
Woods, Vera Mae 
Woodson, Robert Louis 
Woodson, Stanley 
Woody, Jeannie T. 
Wooley, Connie Joan 
Woolfolk, Billy J. 
Woolfolk, Cliff Randail 
Woolfolk, Donna 
Wooten, James Michael 
Wooten, Tammy Yvonne 
Word, Sandra Leigh 
Work, Jennifer Lynn 
Worsham, Judy 
Wortham, Elaine 
Wortham, James Mike 
Wortham, Romie D. 
Wright, B. Lee 
Wright, Betty Gay 
Wright, David Lee 
Wright, Ethel Buford 
Wright, Gwen Joanne 
Wright, Gwendolyn 
Wright, John Wallace, Jr. 
Wright, Kelley Lynne 
Wright, Kennedy Dewayne 
Wright, Queen Ester 
Wright, Reuben Clay 
Wright, Stanley Davis, Jr. 
Wright, Susan E. 
Wuerdeman, Cindy Buckley 
Wylie, Robert Kelly 
Wynn, Thaddeus Kinmen, III 


Yancey, Claudia Ette 
Yancey, Jessie James 
Yancy, Jimmy T 
Yarbrough, Antionette 
Yarbrough, Georgia Ann 
Yarbrough, John David 
Yates, Leah Ann 
Yeager, Jeff Neal 
Yon, Lisa Ann 
Yopp, Sharon L. 
York, Tina Kay 
York, Virginia W. 
Young, Alice Marie 
Young, Brenda Diane 
Young, Charol Renee 
Young, Cheryl Elise 
Young, Cliff Ryan 
Young, Gerlinda Dianne 
Young, Gina Renee 
Young, Jacqueline 

Young, Jimmy L. 

Young, Karen Lynn 

Young, Naomi 

Young, Ozzie 

Young, Robert Joseph 

Young, Susan Anita 

Young, Winfred 

Zampella, Martha Teresa 
Zettergren, Ann Marie 
Zlotyk, Margaret Hines 
Zorzoli, Mary Suzanne 




The hearts of all Northwest employees were sadder 
on January 28 with the loss of one of our family membi 
Lisa Williams, a clerk for the Personnel Office, ended a sh 
battle with cancer. 

We will all remember Lisa for the cheerful smile 
always wore and her warm personality that toucf 
everyone in a special way. Never one to fuss, she alw 
had a kind word to say. Her demeanor was one of sine 
benevolence, and she had a special trait that enabled hei 
bring out the best in everyone. 

Lisa is gone, but her memory will be felt forever. Abe 
all, she taught us the importance of making one feel lovec 


■■ II